Country bench

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To make the garden comfortable and suitable to be lived, you can place a wooden DIY bench or select pieces of design furniture.

Country bench
Paolo Fertig
Paolo Fertig

Country bench

With a few steps and having available planks of wood, you can create a country bench for the garden.

Panchina Fai da Te The bench shown here is made of plywood with a 20 mm thickness for the legs and the upper top, while for the reinforcement under the seat we use a batten 70x70 mm in spruce.

Finally, the longitudinal member that joins the legs is a copper rod of 40 mm in diameter.

The assembly is made with self-tapping screws and glue that stabilizes unions. It is important to connect the seat not only to the legs but also to the support which is in turn attached to the legs with two large screws head. The wood should be treated with a protective primer and satin finish. You should not exceed the dimensions indicated. Smooth with sandpaper the top edges of the seat.

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Bench design

For those who want to have a customized bench, without being a lover of DIY, there are many possible solutions. On the market you can find a nearly infinite variety of models with which you can customize your own green space and make it cozy. You just have to choose the style, and leave room to play and imagination, even subverting the rules.

The moment you choose a bench for your green space, you should be careful to create a homogeneous environment and find a common thread in the forms, materials or concepts behind the design.

If the points of relaxation will be more than one, it is preferable to use the same model of the bench or different structures that can however offer a sense of harmony and balance between the elements, in keeping with the style of the other furnishings present.

Lovers of wood and originality can not help but fall in love with the model Soft Wood Sofa, manufactured by Moroso. This piece of furniture can be placed in porches and terraces, or placed under the gazebo to protect the soft structure by rain and weather. The forms are solid and the structure appears composed of essential modules.

Panchina design Moroso

This particular bench, in fact, is designed as a traditional wooden bench characterized by veining in view, yet it can accommodate people with all the softness of its large pillows. Ideal for the lovers of natural materials, but that do not like to give up comfort.

Creativity is the watchword for Petalo, created by Gibillero. The bench is well suited to the gardens with essential and cared for pieces of furniture, but also to the green spots characterized by bursts of color. The shape is extremely essential, the bright colors and comfort are guaranteed.

Panchina Gibillero

The structure is designed to convey a sense of lightness and delicacy, drawing shapes from those of a delicate petal folded back on itself. But do not let it fool you: a steel core of 15 mm thickness is sufficient to ensure a maximum stability and resistance to the bench Petalo. Buying more modules, it is possible to create a colorful flower to host fun moments in company to spend within the green space.

If, however, the water is the main theme of the garden, with artificial ponds or fountains, even the bench can stay in theme, thanks to the propose by Arco Arco Bench. The bench turns into a canoe, with which to navigate the waters of fantasy and relax immersed in a garden and exotic ethnic flavor. Solid construction and tapered shape characterize the wooden bench with a large seat, ideal for practical size gardens.

Panchina Arco

The simplicity of form however, is the main feature of the garden bench Volo, by Metalco. Made of pure steel sheet, Volo comes as a pure form, without frills: a single sheet spread, between lines erect and short sinuous curves, resulting in a comfortable chair with a solid and rigorous shape. A second sheet between the forms. Seat and back are assembled with screws and spacers cylindrical in stainless steel, while each of the parts is made as a single block.

Panchina Metalco

With Volo, the bench blends with the outside while maintaining a strong link with the urban environment and creating a contrast to attract the view of an element of great impact. It contribute to the balance of the visual structure of the two comfortable armrests made of cast aluminum, for a further iridescent touch.

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