Cover adhesive for interior doors

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To liven up the home environment, an idea is to personalize the interior doors cover applying adhesive, easy to apply decorations that give color.

Cover adhesive for interior doors
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Adhesive films for doors

A solution easy and inexpensive, that allows to renew the look of the home, it is to resort to adhesives, designed precisely to be attached on different types of surfaces.

There are mural, which give color and decorate the walls, as if they were great frescoes, the ones to stick on the windows and even the ones that are produced according to the same measures that the customer provides, together with a proper subject to be reproduced on film.

In addition, the craze of the cover adhesive has spread to the kitchen.
There are in fact on the market colored covers, or geometric themes designed to cover the front of refrigerators, dishwashers and other appliances.

The stickers are colored panels that apply with a few moves: adhere and long-lasting, or at least until you want to change the subject.

adesivi per porte
With this simple intervention you can achieve great results, thanks to the range of subjects and motifs to suit any environment and style. An interesting field of application of the adhesive is to cover the interior doors of the house.

This allows you to really change the look of the house, giving freshness and depth in many cases, depending on the subject chosen, as in the case of landscapes that create a nice trompe l'oeil.

The films, which can also be purchased online, have the standard dimensions of the most common doors, or you can choose the size and the finish that suit yours.

The adhesive cover also serves to those who find themselves in front of old doors, maybe streaked with dark colors or damaged: no need to change them, you can opt for the application of the adhesive panel chosen.

Cover adhesive for the doors

The door cover by are maxi adhesive posters, made in 83x210 cm format, perfect to cover and decorate any door in a few minutes. Deko Idea realizes his films adhesive vinyl with microchannels that avoid, thanks to the unique adhesive technology called bubble free, the formation of air bubbles during application.

For the application it does not need special preparation and glues: the door covers are both simple to apply and to remove without damaging the doors on which they are applied.

Applicable on any smooth, clean surface, the adhesive cover can be cleaned simply with a damp cloth.

adesivi per porte Deko Idea Collection Art
Each cover can also be made to measure, providing size and design on request.

A wide choice of subjects: there are the art collection, which features famous paintings, Made in Italy (with glimpses of Puglia, Procida, Rome, Lipari, Florence, Milan), landscapes (moon, waterfall, field of lavender), All over the world (views of cities like Lisbon, Barcelona, Amsterdam and New York), subjects on the theme of football, floral patterns and animals.

adesivi per porte paesaggi DekoIdea
Once you've chosen the model, the product is delivered rolled with the instructions for use.
You can then trim the decoration to conform to the size of the door to decorate.

adesivi per porte Adesivifollia The website allows the customer to select and order the size that suits your doors, including the four proposals in the order.

The adhesives for doors have excellent resistance in time, because they are made with a matte vinyl of high quality and with a high-definition printing.

Even the site allows to buy a favorite subject with the measurements provided.

The customization does not end there, because the door also allows you to order a cover sticker unique and special that reproduces an image or a photograph sent by the purchaser.

The adhesive films, printed in HD with lamination deluxe, are washable.
The solution to cover the door with a cover adhesive is ideal on flat surfaces and offers excellent resistance to heat and cold.

The film also can be applied on wood, aluminum, plastic, marble, glass.
The adhesive can be easily removed even at a distance of time from the laying safely, without damaging the paint of the door.

If you love comic books, you appreciate the particular collection Diabolik proposal from, an innovation that goes to join the range of proposals such as the series Memories, Mood and Young.

adesivi MyCollection serie Diabolik
These decals transform both the interior doors and the cabinet doors in something special and imaginative. With the line Diabolik noir mixes in a timeless myth.

Drawings and graphics by pop-art style make room for the protagonist and the beautiful Eva Kant.
The finishes of the highest adhesive panels measuring 130 x 300 cm.

adesivi per porte serie Diabolik MyCollection
When you order on the web site just set the size of the door or the cabinet, position the graphics (which depicts a preview of the image) with the central cursor and select the desired effect, which can be set to mirror, rotate, gray or sepia .

This procedure applies to all subjects available for sale on the site.

Cover stickers for children's rooms

adesivi per porte mycollection
There are many subjects that depict images suitable to the nursery.
You can choose between the Disney Princesses, Winnie The Pooh, or different colorful patterns.

Even in this case that of the cover confirms an easy, cheap and fun, ideal to transform and define the children's room. When they are older do not have to do is remove it or replace it with another figure.

You can choose the adhesive door cover preferred by your children searching out for example in the proposals of the collection of Young's room or section of

adesivi per porte camera da letto

Adhesives for glass doors

adesivi da vetro Decat There are also commercially available adhesive films effect frosted glass, sandblasted and frosted, tinted films, adhesive letters for glass suited to the interior doors in glass like those of

Often, you may need a frosted glass to preserve privacy in areas of the house such as the bathroom, for dividers or glass doors that must be dulled for aesthetic reasons or confidentiality as in the studio.

The effect frosted glass or frosted can be achieved with the application of a vinyl film, used as a kind of stencil onto the glass surface.

adesivi da vetro Leroy Merlin There are also adhesive films that can be carved through plotter blade, offering the ability to customize the sticker to suit your needs, for example you can choose a pattern, a frame, a design or an inscription.

Other adhesive films for windows are also sold by Leroy Merlin, available in different patterns, for example, to recreate the effect of stained glass.

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