Decorate the table with fruit and flowers

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Give to your table a touch of originality that distinguishes it as an important element in the everyday life, and in some particular occasions.

Decorate the table with fruit and flowers
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

Importance of decoration

At the table, more than in any other place, the decoration is significantly important, it varies from occasion to occasion, it changes if we are organizing a lunch or a dinner, or even change
by virtue of the seasons.
decorare la tavola This happens because you are always looking for the best and most original to best present your dishes to the table.

In the table decorations, a fundamental role is assumed by fruits and flowers, which by virtue of the season of the year when we are able to give that something special to our events.

How to Decorate

Each season can be interpreted in different ways, it all depends on the climate and time, but especially on the colors you want to use. The fruit for example can be used to decorate the house, the kitchen and why not, also the table. Choose decorations made with fruit, generally the season is always a beautiful rustic effect and warm, giving the room that you are decorating an extra touch of extravagance.

centrotavola con frutta The possible solutions are varied to obtain, just use a little fantasy, even for the most original compositions and perfumed fruit can be combined with flowers and other objects.

One of the simplest solutions, we have one of the basket, where we usually keep the fruit.
This element apparently so simple, can quickly become a centerpiece that can be defined as disengagement, ie always present on the table, when it is not set for lunch or dinner.

The container to make this center table, can be a wicker basket, if you want to make the environment more rustic, or a glass jar, if you want to give a touch of sobriety to the table. In conjunction with the wicker basket you can use a combination of fruit, ears of wheat, or leaves, however, all elements that recall the warmth of the kitchen.

If you want to create a table centerpiece most scenic, you can follow the chromatic notes that decorate the room, for example if you are in a space furnished with dark wood furnitures that recall the colors of the forest, you can use the leaves and twigs of timber to evoke the atmosphere.

In the decorations, fruit can be alternated with a few flowers, trying to use the same amount, so as not to unbalance the tone of the decoration you made.

carrellata It takes the name of centrepiece, is that type of decoration made with fruit and flowers arranged according to a precise drawing, which is a long strip which usually is put as a centerpiece along the entire length of the table. Making a decoration like this is definitely something very challenging, but it produces a great visual effect.

The centrepiece in fact turns out to be the perfect decoration for a special occasion, then if you want to give a more elegant touch to the entire table, you can use an apple placeholder with candle.

The small flame that will stand just to indicate the position of each diner, will give a touch of elegance to the decoration made, at the same time illuminating the entire table.

During the fall season the centerpiece can be made with grapes, berries and a lot of synthetic grass bush to decorate, this again trying to recall the colors and smells of the time of year that we are in fact considering.

centrotavola frutta e fiori If you want to use flowers, you can choose between various types, sunflowers or all those flowers that are characteristic for their great flowering.

When you choose the glass jar or at least a transparent container, whatever its form usually opt for decorations that use washers oranges and lemons, which are soaked in water along with a lot of colorful flowers with long stem, such examples are tulips. The effect that this centerpiece will be able to give, is very glam, and your table will have that touch more of fancyness.

Of course, to create the centerpiece you can usually use either fresh fruit or dried. In case you decide for centerpieces made of fresh fruit then it is important that these are eaten, otherwise there would be an unnecessary waste of food.

centrotavola in vetro Among the centerpieces achieved with a long glass vase filled with flowers completely submerged in water is a very elegant solution to adopt.
If you want to achieve instead of centerpieces for special occasions such as parties or dinners in general, you can use the frosted fruit or flowers.

Achieving this type of decoration to create our centerpiece is not hard just take a egg whites, whisk and brush the fruit or the petals of your choice to create the decoration. Once this is done the various elements must be covered with sugar so as to obtain after a few hours, the frosted effect.

Usually when you choose to use the frost decorations is always better to choose a completely white tablecloth, without any kind of color, the maximum you can opt for is a tablecloth that present some relief but always color on color, so as not to detract from the elegance of the frost decorations you made.

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