Decorate with stickers

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Colorful, ornamental and practical, decorations stickers are a great way to personalize the room in a very convenient and fast way, proof of thoughts.

Decorate with stickers
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

Lavagna adesiva A blooming of sunflowers on the light wall of the living room. The silhouette of a dog, a cat or an elephant to animate the child's bedroom. A home-slate on which to jot down things to remember, or even a mirror shaped to move again and again.

These are the subjects required for stickers decoration, which is the growing trend to decorate walls and household surfaces with the use of self-adhesive vinyl, sold in packages ready for use.

Distant relatives of the stencil, but more dynamic and versatile on the surfaces, decorations stickers are ideal to personalize a space with great effect and little expense. Easy to apply, it can be positioned as desired on a wall to create compositions of considerable size, or on the tiles of the kitchen, on the refrigerator, on the headboard of a bed, a cabinet, etc..

The most amazing thing about these revolutionary adhesive to secure them is that you do not need glue, because the important thing is the surface to be smooth and clean. And just a simple gesture to remove it without leaving any traces.

The stickers, once known as stick-off, are in biodegradable vinyl nontoxic adhesive, safe for both people and environment.

Companies that produce stickers to decorate the house

Sticasa: Skyline Parigi On the site of STICASA you can purchase directly online hundreds of types of wall stickers to decorate your house.

Among the collections available, we can recommend Urban, inspired by the most famous skyline of the main cities, such as New York, Paris, London, Milan and Rome.
Within the collection you can also find windows overlooking picturesque spots, such as the lagoon of Venice, the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Sticky Fashion, characterized by a particular touch of style, the collection is dedicated to the most irreducible fashion lovers.
Sticky Motor, on the other hand, is addressed in particular to the fans of engines.

But much more is available on the company website.

Deluxe CreaArreda, an Italian company specializing in house decor, provides a world of creative ideas to enhance with ease the spaces of your own home.
On there is a solution for everyone: for those who like renewing the spaces where they live, for those who follow fashion and for those who prefer to stay true to their personal taste, for those who love a simple decor and for those who always seeks something new and delicious.

The Deluxe series of Home Decor Line, consists of decorations made of special materials, such as jute, satin, velvet or cork, available in multiple sizes. Elephants, zebras and cats, but also motorcycles and style icons are the subjects they are used for.

But even shaped mirrors are amazing: made of unbreakable acrylic material, they are available in different sizes. Easy to apply, decorate and expand any environment, but the amazing thing is that they really reflect.

Cameretta Even for the bedroom the solutions are many: Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh are just a few of the characters to decorate walls, furniture, glass, or to use as a nice piece of furniture. All this in a fast, friendly and affordable way.

As already mentioned, the stickers do not require the use of paint, but only of some precaution during the laying down, if you do not want the trees to look like weeping willows and the objects miraculously still on a slope!

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