Decorate with strings: original furnishings

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If you like the charm of the sea, an idea to test your creativity is to decorate the house using the rope, versatile and ductile material

Decorate with strings: original furnishings
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Decorate with strings

The beauty of the DIY can be enclosed in two aspects: know how to create new objects by yourself or reinvent those we already have using creativity.

Who patience and dexterity, may in fact be able to recycle unused objects, turning them into original decorative features and impressive.

The rope made of natural twisted fiber, for example, poor material traditionally used by fishermen, can be used to coat or embellish objects and furnishings that assume so a totally new and original retro charm, chic and seaside style.

With a low economic investment, good desire and the necessary kit for DIY consisting of scissors, glue, etc., your beach house, but also the one in the citiy, will acquire a new charm.

But before we test ourselves with the DIY proposals, talking about ropes and furnishings we must mention the wall or ceiling hangers in pleated nautical rope La Cima 3 by Opinion Ciatti, design by Lapo Ciatti, a hanging rope to be used in the various rooms of the house, from the hall to the bathroom.

Ricoprire The Top 3 di Opinion Ciatti
Cima has metal accessories for wall mounting.
Its length is 350 cm, 6 cm in diameter, and is available in white or black, with accessories in black nickel and new accessories in gold chrome polished 24 karat and black nickel finish.

Decorate with ropes in a nautical theme: solutions for beginners

Let's start with some simple projects, suitable even for those who never experimented with decorations DIY for the house. With the rope we can for example make original and beautify our curtains, using it to create original loops that join the metal rings of the curtains with the stick.

Decorare le tende di casa con la corda
Instead of passing the loops with a strong metal edge, that are already on the curtains, directly along the courtain stick, you can think of creating knots with the rope that will embellish the top of the curtains, in a nautical theme, making the curtains even longer.

Staying on the subject of curtains, on the web you can find tutorials that detail step by step how to create, for example, the curtains stops to use when you want to keep it open, stopping at the sides to let in as much light as possible.

The realization of this object does not seem to present particular difficulties.

Fermatende fatti di corda
As illustrated by the blog, it is essential to obtain the rope most suitable to the environment and the color of the fabric, then measure the length of the curtain stop ring and cut to measure with the help of a cutter.

Now you just need to follow the steps to secure to the two ends the tape (which will be covered and will be invisible) and attach the rope to its wall hook.

To get back the effect of the closed and straight curtains, just untie the rope and the sheer fabric will fall on the floor.

This can be a first use, very easy to achieve with the rope.

But the rope, for its aesthetic characteristics, of strength and ductility, can also become the material suitable for coating furniture complements such as stools and tables.

The result is pleasant, fresh and suitable for the furniture for indoor and outdoor terrace, porch and garden.

Just choose a thick rope and pass it all around the object chosen, fixing it with the glue in order for it to remain firm and do not form spaces between one ring and the other.

But the rope, wrapped on itself in a circular shape, can also be used to create a round wall clock, at which to add only the numbers that mark the hours and the gear of the hands at the center (the kit is commercially ready and can be mounted on different supports, that can be in rope or vinyl, a panel, a canvas, etc ...).

Decorato con corde e conchiglie
The rope, which as mentioned above can be shaped easily by following the form that interests us, can also be the right material to create decorative style lettering, a fashion in vogue for the furnishing of the house that is to arrange on pieces of furniture and house walls, meaningful words.

Scritta con corda Pinteret
For example you can write with a pencil, on a canvas, the italicized word that you want, that is the name of a child, the husband, a date or a short text and then run over the rope.

The word in question will be then written with the rope and its natural sinuous movement.
Just stick it to the base and you're done!

Another very original idea, explained step by step from blog, is to cover with the rope old consumed tires that cannot be used on the road anymore.

Filling the central void, will be created attractive and durable supports for the home or the outdoor, to be used as a pouf or coffee tables for relaxation.

Corda per coprire maniglie
Thinner twines and ropes can also be used to coat the handles of drawers, trunks, with an aesthetic purpose and maybe even decisive, if the original is damaged by use and time, but also to hold large white candles tied together that will create a composition, to be placed on the floor or on a shelf, flower vases, jars or bottles that in this way become containers.

Transparent ones can contain flowers, but also sand, pebbles and seashells, memories of summers at the beach.

Moreover, with the strings you can indulge in the classic sailors nodes, which once accomplished, we could expose proudly perhaps even in the beach house.

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