Decorated tiles

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The common single-fired ceramic tiles white satin, can be decorated using different techniques, even when you do it yourself.

Decorated tiles
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

Decorating pottery with DIY

piastrella pitturata Among the diy works, the decoration of ceramics is certainly one of the most widespread and, although the painting on ceramics made in a professional way requires baking at high temperatures, in recent years some cold ceramic colors have been put on the market and they require a long baking at low temperatures.

In this case, to fix the colors you can use your oven at home and get results almost professional.

Decorating ceramics

This kind of colors are available in shops of fine arts and creativity. Colors are water vitrifiable.

colori per piastrelle To decorate tiles you'll need to get the common type in white ceramic. The tiles better suited for this job are single-fired satin.
With polished tiles, you may not have a good grip of the color to the surface.

piastrelle blu The coloring of ceramic tiles must be done correctly to get resistant decorations. Before proceeding with the decoration, it is important to clean the ceramic surface with a cloth soaked in alcohol.

Mattonelle decorate Be careful not to use for this operation, cleaning products containing silicone, because they form a film on the treated surface, which does not help the grip of color.

piastrelle numero civico To realize a drawing to color, on the surface of the tile, you can use a common pencil.

The colors are mixable and can be opaque or semi-opaque.
There are also colors in relief, which are applied directly from the container with a spout.
The colors can be superposed, but you need to wait a few minutes between layers, to dry and not to get mixed.

Painting tiles

To paint tiles you can use different processing techniques: the decoration freehand with a brush, stencil, the sponge, etc..
If the design had mistakes during the performance, you can remove the color with a cotton swab dipped in warm water. The tools used to paint should be washed with soap and water.

When you have finished decorating you'll have to let it sit for at least 24 hours, after that you can bake it in the oven.

The ceramic must be put in the when this is oven still cold.
When the oven temperature reaches 150 degrees cook the tile for another 35 minutes.
After baking, leave the tile in the oven until this has completely cooled down.
Removing the tile before the total cooling could jeopardize its decoration.

Playing with different patterns and colors can give more space to your imagination and create fun and useful items such as potholders, mosaics for table tops, picture frames and many other objects.

Quality artistic ceramics

If you appreciate hand painted tiles, but you do not have the time or desire to take up this delicate work, you can find many on the market of excellent workmanship.
In particular, even today, is alive in the Campania region, the tradition of fine ceramics in Vietri sul Mare.

Ceramica Pinto For example, Ceramica Pinto manufactures tiles processed and painted by hand with great passion and skill. Each piece is unique and original in its execution.

The tiles are made with different types of processing and finishing. They can be
glazed, unglazed, polished, semipolished, with blur, lapped with satin and lived effect and painted in colors of various shades and patterns.

To meet the needs of clients, the company offers great choice of shades that are best suited to the context in which the tiles are to be laid.

Ceramiche Cevi The hand-painted tiles are also the excellence of the company Ceramiche Cevi, which from 1962 to the present, in his large workshop, repeated every day the ancient typical gestures of this process.

Its mission is to research mixtures of glazes, try the right density of color to create always new styles and decors.

The instruments used daily to offer a still completely handmade result, are brushes, sea sponges, spatulas.
Among the subjects represented, there are glimpses of the coast, views of Mount Vesuvius and reproductions of old prints Neapolitan of the 8th century.

Creta Rossa: numero civico Creta Rossa is a company from Abruzzo (Vasto, in the province of Chieti), which produces panels and hand-painted ceramic tiles, which can be used for house numbers or signs.

The company has at its disposal a vast catalog of designs and patterns that can be customized, to adapt to all shapes and sizes.
Thanks to the craftsmanship, so you can diversify each other and make sure that all of it can not find another exact replica.

The timing could vary from 10 to 60 working days, depending on the work required.

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