Decorative panels for interior DIY

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And is possible to decorate the house with panels in three-dimensional mode, do it yourself, because the installation is really easy and affordable for everyone.

Decorative panels for interior DIY
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

3D decorative panels

The three-dimensional decorative panels are a new type of decoration for the walls which is earning a considerable success in recent times because it represents an effective alternative to ordinary painting, tiled surfaces, or the use of wallpaper, of which the panels are a modern evolution.

The reliefs on the surface make it possible to play with the light, creating different visual effects and thus representing one more tool in the hands of architects and interior designers, but also for simple users to customize in an original and creative way the spaces of the house, and in addition, to give motion to the walls.

Pannelli decorativi per interni fai da te

The use of these decorative elements for covering one or more walls of the house makes these not only the simple boundary that delimits a room but also a real piece of furniture.

3D decorative panels are made, in general, with plastic material - resin on a wooden base, but are also very popular those made in environmentally friendly materials based on derivatives of bamboo cane, sugar cane and bagasse (a residue from the processing of sugar cane).

They can be applied to the wall with glue, screws or nails, in short, all the systems of the laying of rigid panels. Equally simple is their removal, if it is necessary.

Decorative panels DIY

Now you can decorate the house with the panels in three-dimensional mode, do it yourself, because the installation is really easy and affordable for everyone.

On the website you can buy 3D coatings Threedimension Design by Bagattini, 100% natural that can be placed with glue, as well as all the accessories to get the job done.
The panels are available with various refined design, of geometric or organic inspiration that are sold in size from 50 x 50 cm.

Pannelli decorativi per interni fai da te: Parete

The range includes the following designs: Boomerang, Virtual, Cascade, Space, Rose, Kiss, Target, Lotus, Piano, Pipe, Snake, Star, Wall, Egg, River and Snow.
The various proposals textures lend themselves to be used in any kind of environment.

The main feature of these panels is that they are composed of a natural material, environmentally friendly, recyclable and biodegradable because it is made of bamboo and sugar cane.
In addition, the panels are sound absorbing and lightweight, but also very resistant to impact.
It is also possible to paint them with a color or a technical choice once glued to the walls.

Installation of decorative panels DIY

As we said the three-dimensional panels Bagattini require the use of glue that you can make easily in a short time.

In addition to the panels you need the following accessories for sale on the site always
- BAGA primer Primer
- Glue gun BAGA 3D Fix
- Fix 3D glue BAGA
- Cogwheel for installation BAGA Skin.

Before starting the job, you should make sure that the walls are smooth, with no holes, clean and dry.
Here are the instructions to perform the installation:

1. Unpack and leave for at least 24 hours in the room where the 3D panels will be installed.
2. Bridging any uneven sections of the walls by appropriate smoothing. Prepare the paper making sure to remove oil, grease, dirt, etc. .. The surface must be flat, clean and dry.
3. Apply with brush two coats of primer Baga Primer and leave to dry.

Pannelli decorativi per interni fai da te: posa

Insert the cartridge of glue into the applicator Fix 3D and cut the nozzle, leaving a gap of about 2 mm.
5. Spread the 3D Fix glue on the back of the 3D panels along the edges and in areas of contact with the wall.
6. Paste the wall product by applying a constant pressure on the areas covered with glue if necessary with the help of a suitable cogwheel.

Pannelli decorativi per interni fai da te: posa

Proceed to fill any irregularities by the use of the product 3d Fiix if needed help with a spatula.
8. Painting the wall with a brush or spray paint in the desired color with washable acrylic or the like.

Where to go?

Decorative panels for interior DIY: Onlywood is not, therefore, only wood, but also many other products based on natural materials.
On the website it is possible to buy the panels Threedimension Design by Bagattini, available in a wide range of decorations, as well as all the tools and accessories in order to make their DIY installation.

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