Decorative stucco for interior

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Thanks to a recent revision, stucco is no longer a monotonous and baroque enrichment, but a moment of contrast between classic and modern style.

Decorative stucco for interior
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

Decorative stucco for interior

Who among us does not want to customize his apartment, to make it unique and beautiful, so that it is suitable not only to your practical needs but also compliant with your personal taste?

Stucchi decorativi: esempio It is a goal not easy to achieve, partly because of the buildings of the last decades that are, in fact, more often attentive to the economic and commercial needs rather than to the architectural ones.

Identical suburbs,  very similar buildings, almost indistinguishable prospects from each other, apartments completely alike: it is under everybody's eyes the result and the legacy of the years of great speculation.

And to the side of a construction industry that was often heedless of the architectural principles, especially in the last two decades, has joined the standardization of design furniture that, if on one side has made accessible to everybody the furnishings that were once used only for few, on the other has flattened the diversity.

To make personal what would otherwise be impersonal, then we have here architects and designers that today are rediscovering techniques and decorative elements of the past.

In this sense, we can understand the return of the stucco and of the decorative frames, the use of which is not more baroque and repetitive such as it was in the 60's, but functional customization of domestic spaces, a moment of contrast between classic and modern, between the color of the walls and the white trim.

Stucchi decorativi: esempio Straight lines and then, a few decorations (except in extreme contrast with ultramodern furniture), for sober places where the frame, the canopy, the column and decorum become a moment of contrast with linear walls, modern colors and paints.

The stucco plaster can be, for example, of the frames to be applied along the edges between the walls and the ceiling, or of the modern (and rather cheap) light diffusers along the perimeter of the environments.

As light diffusors, they are suitable especially in areas where you want a diffused light rather than direct.

Decorative stucco in plaster?

A leading manufacturer of decorative plaster is Stucchitalia.

In their catalog there are models of various types and sizes, there is plenty of choice.

The real choice that actually has to do a concerned person is not about the model, but the materials these decorative elements are made of.

The tradition wants them in plaster, but in recent years, several companies has been offering an equally wide range of polystyrene, polyurethane and polystyrene.

The stucco plaster have the advantage of being true, although in most cases it can be admired from afar (they are usually applied in the upper part of the walls) and not touching.

They are guaranteed in time but are more difficult to transport and to assemble.

First of all because they are heavier, and then because to anchor them to the walls is not fast and much less practical.

The adhesives are not fast setting and you must wait 24 hours.
In the majority of cases they are not suitable for do-it-yourselfer.

Stucchi decorativi: esempio The stucco made of lighter materials, such as polystyrene, are more easily transportable, the assembly is quicker and easier, thanks to fast setting adhesives that almost all are able to use.

On the other hand, however, they may deteriorate over time (the polystyrene tends to turn yellow), and sometimes one can become aware that they are not of true chalk.

In the latter case they are absolutely inadvisable.

Finally, there is a third version, a sort of hybrid between the first two: it is made of stucco styrofoam white pinstripe.

Covered in plaster, but with a core of polystyrene, it offers the advantages of the first two in one product.

They are proposed, for example, by the firm Decorget.

For the latter, the catalog offers maximum freedom leaving plenty of room to personal creativity.

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