Drill vacuum for handiwork clenaer

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The vacuum cleaner is very useful tool for those who use the drill and do not want to loose the powder around.

Drill vacuum for handiwork clenaer
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Useful accessories for DIY

operazioni di foratura When performing the chores of the house it is often necessary to drill a wall.
often the operation generates a huge confusion especially, in terms of dust, which ends up everywhere and that is in some cases difficult to clean.

In this sense over time various techniques have developed to try to limit this problem.
The most common is to take a hand aide on duty who will be provided with a special vacuum cleaner to keep up and running while performing the drilling operation.

The weight and the difficulty of positioning at a suitable point, however, at times, makes it complicated and often also unnecessary, with dust everywhere even in this case. Especially if the drilling operations are in high points of the house, as in the case of a pole of a tent or to the glass of the shower.

trapanare un muro Most are unable to stay close to the hole with the mouth of the vacuum cleaner the lower the dispersion of material. However this system, however simple and effective, has two major limitations: the first consists in the necessary presence of two persons, the second in the need to have available sufficient space to allow two operators to approach the place of the hole.

On the market are popping up several interesting features to ensure that those who work alone and in inaccessible places, it is possible to directly suck the dust caused by the use of the drill, limiting to a minimum the possible side effects.
Are spreading, in fact, several vacuum cleaners for drills also offered via the Internet at prices more than reasonable.

Professional drill vacuums

aspiratore Karcher The first innovative product is the German brand Karcher.
The brand offers within the catalog its DDC50, ie a practical manageable and effective aspirator for drill which fits around the tip and leans against the wall. The maximum diameter of the tip can reach 10 mm and the capacity of the tank is 23 cm cubes.

The perfect adhesion to any type of surface, together with the convenient location, make this tool an indivisible accessory for the drill that makes drilling operations much more practical.

The model DDC50 Karcher is easily purchased online, for example on the site of DIY Bricabu at 21.90 euro.

Another possible solution is to use drills that have already incorporated the aspirator. Happens for example with products Heinell , the brand that specializes in products for hobby evolved even at the domestic level and beyond.

A catalog of the brand offers a range of products including drills and percussion with built-in vacuum cleaner, that fishing pressure from a separate area, so as to leave the total engine power at the disposal of drilling.

Aspiratore per trapano bosch Moreover, in this way, if it is not necessary the suction function, you can place a bit holder inside of the auxiliary. The kit hammer drill is the best affordable home improvement centers and even online on HSE24 .

Along the lines of products of Heinell, also the brand Bosch , offers a range of drills for the do-it-yourself and professional, including a model in particular, the GSB 19-2 REA Professional, characterized not only by a series of accessories very also advanced by an aspirator specific, able to be removed if necessary. For sale Toolshop to 176 euro.

sacchetto makita per aspiratore trapano Bag for drill

Finally, Makita has a number of accessories for the DIY and make it possible to 'dust extraction and greatly reduce the inconvenience to the dispersion in the workplace.
The support for the suction to the drill is equipped with a bag of medium-sized exterior, which must be connected to the tool and which can be emptied or changed if necessary.

Post: Drill vacuum for handiwork clenaer
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