Grinder and milling machine

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The grinder and sander allow you to perform finishing work even on the most resistant materials, such as iron or steel, eliminating rust.

Grinder and milling machine
Paolo Fertig
Paolo Fertig

Angle Grinder

The home lab can be enriched a little more with specialized tools but that give you great possibilities. One of them is the angle grinder, which allows you to work easily if shaping metals. Another is the router. This tool allows you to perform fine decorations, geometric or free-hand, on wood. The grinder is potentially dangerous and should be handled with care while the router needs a certain skill to be properly utilized.

Smerigliatrice Angolare It is a tool equipped with a disc that is rotated rapidly by the electric motor. The disc is capable of grinding, planing, shaping and cutting iron and other metals. The disc can be grinding (most often) or cutting (thinner). Other types of discs allow you to work and also cut stone and brick.

In the market there are grinders of two different sizes: 115 mm disc and 230 mm disc. The first is easier to use, while the second is more difficult and heavy but has a higher power and allows you to perform bigger works.

The grinder should be used always using gloves, goggles and working carefully. The grinder is essential to level the stringcourses that are formed during arc welding. The metal cutting is fast and precise with the cutting blade.

The disks for grinder are of three types: 1) metal cutting; 2) by grinding, for metals; 3) cutting and grinding for stone and brick. There are also special discs for different uses.

To perform beautiful bas-relief you shoul make a precise drawing on a wooden floor, and then follow it with the router, lowering the cutter so that it penetrates into the wood and along the entire track. For regular and geometric designs use parallel guides, or compass.

Vertical Milling Machine

Fresatrice verticale Another useful tool for the processing of metal and wood that you can buy for your lab's DIY is the router: a powerful engine put in rapid rotation (10,000 rev / min!) That a cutter, brought to contact with the wood or other materials, is able to realize moldings, grooves and profiles with various development and design.

There is the freehand model and the counter one (called spindle moulder). The freehand model is more versatile, as it can be mounted on a special table with the cutter facing upwards and thus become spindle moulder. The mode of use may therefore vary, from time to time, depending on the type of job that you want to perform.

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Buy a grinder

The grinder allows you to create metal shapes and valuable decorations with very little effort: to be able to make the best use of it, you need a little practice, but the difference in the quality of the result is also given by the choice of a handy and efficient tool. The grinder can also be useful to Smerigliatrice Fein give new life to old objects and metal parts, eliminating the rust that can accumulate over the years.

In this regard, Fein proposes several solutions designed for all uses, from small jobs to finish cutting of stainless steel, thanks to the range of products WSG: it starts from small compact tools, portable and ideal for small work as the grinder WSG 12-125 FP (pictured) 1200 W and 115 mm, suitable for cutting and grinding, until professional product WSG 15-70 Stainless Steel 125 mm, specially designed to deal with the cutting and the processing of stainless steel.

If you plan on using the grinder often, it is recommended to have two products: one, more manageable for small touch-ups, and one intended instead to a more professional use and characterized by a higher power. In choosing the grinder, it is important to assess the presence of an appropriate security system that can prevent accidents.

Among the latest innovations, Bosch offers the grinder PWS 1000 - 125 CE to 125 mm, equipped with a security system against accidental starting and ergonomic anti-vibration. The Constant Electronic system allows the grinder to rely on dispensing constant energy, even with the increase of the load, for a job always accurate.

The grinder KG901KAC3 is proposed instead by Black & Decker in the practical case, which also contains three Smerigliatrice Black and Decker deburring discs. With discs 115 mm and 900 W of power, this tool allows you to work efficiently and safely while providing easy handling and comfort. The grinder is equipped with a security system for easy adjustment, with three-position side handle for ease of use and shaft lock for a safe and convenient change of the accessories.

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