How to make seats in polystyrene

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With some high-density polystyrene and some cuttings of carpet, you can make the seats for the house extremely functional and rich in design.

How to make seats in polystyrene
Paolo Fertig
Paolo Fertig

Seats in polystyrene

The cubes of high-density polystyrene lend themselves well to being transformed into nice seats, very light and with a thousand uses. The construction is extremely simple. Get yourself some prisms of high-density polystyrene (such as to support the weight of a person sitting without breaking or deforming it).

sedili in polistirolo fai da te Buy also a piece of carpet sufficient to coat all the faces of the prism. The suitable carpet is the one without substrate in rubber, it is easy to apply.

Cut the carpet with the cutter according to the exact dimensions of the faces. Then glue the scraps of carpet.

You have to use a glue that does not corrode polystyrene. There are various types of glues and vinyl pastes that are suitable. The setting time will be long because the foam does not absorb.

The editorial staff recommends:

Furnish the house with polystyrene seats

The seats in polystyrene are an easy item to make, with which you can bring something truly original to the house, enriching it with colors and making an environment with a thousand facets. The cubes of polystyrene can become additional comfortable seating in the living room, perhaps to accommodate guests, or to be positioned as simple decorative elements.

sedili in polistirolo In any case, the simplicity of the shapes fit perfectly to environments of modern taste, but a clever use of the color coating will make them even more versatile and adapt to rooms with rustic or ethnic flavor.

The seats in polystyrene, in fact, can be coated with colored fabrics that recall distant countries and find a place within exotic and informal environments for relaxation.

The prisms of polystyrene can be cut to obtain more rounded lines, to soften the environment and create contrast with furniture with square shapes, or they can be kept in cubic form, for a more uniform and homogeneous result.

Also a space with modern taste can greatly benefit from the inclusion of polystyrene cubes arranged for decorative purposes. With bright colors that attract and create contrasts with the colors that already characterize the environments, the seats of polystyrene allow you to play with shapes and volumes.

sedili in polistirolo The arrangement of the polystyrene seats of various heights and sizes, characterized by contrasting shades block, can give rise to interesting structures to enrich with personality the domestic space and turn it into a place somewhere between the exhibition area and an environment for daily living.

The main advantage offered by the seats in polystyrene lies in their versatility: they are structures that can easily be stacked to create decorative compositions that take up little space but that offer much to the design of the room, to remain always ready in case of necessity.

Seats in polystyrene for outdoor

The seats in polystyrene can be exploited also for furnishing the garden and outdoor spaces, such as porches, terraces or other covered areas in which to create relaxing areas. Again, the seats in polystyrene are an excellent solution, functional and space saving, which allows you to have everything you need to welcome guests in a setting focused on design.

As for the choice of polystyrene seat covers designed for indoor environments, also the seats to be placed outdoors will be made taking into account the furniture already present, as well as the style and character of the surrounding area.

The seats in polystyrene can be decorated with neutral colors that recall the green and brown of garden plants, softened by more colorful tones, perhaps in line with the predominant colors of floral elements present all around.

On the surfaces of the seats you can have fun with the decorations: flowers, animals, references of any kind of the natural world will help create the perfect fusion of natural elements and artificial elements.

Very useful for creating surfaces constantly changing, the seats in polystyrene can be joined to create outdoor sofas, or to create tables that can accommodate drinks or a snacks outdoors. Given the characteristics of the material, however, it is important to remember to never leave the seats exposed to the elements: a stable place you should look for areas that are always protected.

The seats in polystyrene can be exploited for the construction of a relaxation area that, in a small space, can accommodate adults and kids: the various measures of the individual seats offer to each the most appropriate seat for an area decorated in a cheerful and uniform way.

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