How to use otherwise the carpet

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An elegant carpet is not only useful for covering the floors: it can be used for walls, stairs and even furnishings, giving them new life.

How to use otherwise the carpet
Paolo Fertig
Paolo Fertig

Non-traditional uses of the carpet

The carpet can be used to coat in very different ways, in addition to the normal use on the floor. Very pleasant and stylish use in on the stairs instead of the traditional runner.

Moquette per coprire le scale You use the needle-punched that is slim and fits well to the edges of the steps and can easily be cut into desired width without making lint.

The mounting on the stairs is carried out by placing the rods suitable for runner (brass or steel) between the tread and the height of the steps, while the top and the bottom of the carpet are blocked with the appropriate laminae sill. On the steps, for added security, the carpet can be stabilized with some stretches of double-sided tape.

On the walls

Some types of carpet, like some velor needled and some thin, are suitable to cover the walls. You get warm and welcoming places, remarkably soundproofed.

Moquette per coprire le pareti This type of coating, much used in Northern Europe has also establishing itself in Italy, thanks to new and practical materials. The application is carried out by cutting the sheets (the width of a meter) with the profiles necessary to fit the doorways and windows.

On the wall is applied contact adhesive with a notched trowel, on a vertical strip one meter wide. So, starting from the top, apply the cloth by pressing with the brush for upholstery.


The scraps of carpet which remain after a coating should not be thrown: first they may serve to make repairs and replacements in the event of damage, in the second place, they can be used to coat parts of furniture, soundproof doors, crop mats, also for cars. The application is made by using the contact glue that is used to coat the floors.

The editorial staff recommends:

Carpet for covering polystyrene seats

For lovers of DIY, the furniture for homes may be the result of imagination and a little elbow grease is the case of polystyrene seats, easily achievable yet visually striking and with a big decorative potential.

The seats in polystyrene are made with materials in sufficient density to support the weight of the people seated. To go beyond the features and give them a look of furniture at home, the coating is essential. Here comes in the carpet, allowing to confer softness to the structure and to enrich it from the aesthetic point of view.

Coating the cubes of polystyrene is very simple: you just need to have a sufficiently powerful glue and some scraps of carpet of the right size. The seats in polystyrene can be coated with the same carpet already applied to the wall or floor: in this way will help to create unity and harmony within the room.

On the contrary, with carpeting and bright tones in contrast to the carpet already present in the room you can add liveliness and dynamism to the environment. More scraps of carpet allow you to create different polystyrene polychrome cubes, they can become prominent elements within the furnishing.

Carpet to cover trunks and containers

The carpet can also be used to give new life to worn trunks, crates and containers. With the ability to choose between colors and motifs extremely current, the carpet can become a tool to transform an old container stained or ruined, or just looking old, in an elegant carrier by vivid polychromies.

Moquette per rivestire contenitori A further touch of style is that, once again, to take advantage of the carpet to create continuity: if the carpet is the same already used in other parts of the home, the return will be obvious and will give the impression of a uniform style of the furnishing, in which nothing is left to chance.
Even the simple containers, in this case, can become protagonists and examples of good taste.

The carpet can be used floodcoats, only to give new life to the walls of the container more worn or to interact with it. If the colors available to allow it and if the container has a coating material in good condition and pleasing to the eye, the carpet can be applied only as a center pane within individual walls of the structure.

The original cover of the container, in this way, will serve as the setting for a splash of color to help promoting the integration of the piece of furniture inside the room that houses it.

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