Minor adjustments in the house

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At home can often arise the need of small and repairs that can be carried out independently, so here is how to solve common problems.

Minor adjustments in the house
Paolo Fertig
Paolo Fertig

Minor adjustments in the house

Not always the home requires major works: more often it will require minor serving to keep in good form coatings, windows and any other element that makes up the visible structure of the house itself.
If, from time to time, we proceed to an examination of the various situations of damage or incipient decay and performing necessary repairs, the house will be always nice and friendly and the saving that follows will be relevant.
On the following pages we examine some typical maintenance.

Paint the radiator

ritocco al radiatore The painting of the radiator must always be carried out in summer or, however, in a period during which the heating system is turned off, because the metal must be perfectly free from dilations.

It is convenient to use water-based enamel. For the work use two brushes: one plate, 40 mm wide and one flat-angled of 30 mm width. Begin by painting the interior surfaces of the radiator, if these are reachable.

Start with the highest parts and go down to the bottom, making sure to get the most hidden parts, using the angled brush.
Pass, then, to the outer surface using the flat brush. Let the paint dry for at least 24 hours and then apply a second coat, a little thicker than the first.
With a small brush you can make some changes in the points that you missed.

Touch up the bathroom fixtures

After years of use the sink, the bathtub and other bathroom fixtures can have small but unsightly chipping.
One can easily overcome this problem by applying a pair of hands ceramic enamel of the same color of the health fixture.

If the chips are small you can apply only points of nail polish, but if the damage is greater and if the entire surface round the edges or spots, you can proceed to a general painting.

Renew shelves

Different types of shelves in marble, stone, or wood can be restored from marks, scratches and other damage with different treatment. The shelves of marble can be cleaned with specific liquids sold in paint; the wooden shelves can receive a coat of liquid wax. The shelves of stone are treated with dilute solutions that eliminate any film of mineral salts leaked from the stone itself.

Eliminate cracking

The expansion of the brick walls, especially along the conjunctions with reinforced concrete columns, cause fractures thin but visible in the plaster wall. It is very easy to overcome this drawback preparing a fluid mixture of grout powder diluted with water. The stucco is applied with a spatula on cracks larger or with the brush in the thinner ones.

Coat lockers

Coat lockers The cupboards are potential containers of moisture and condensation in the humidity of the walls does not find the necessary air circulation (then peel off, exhibit unsightly mildew stains, etc.).

To remedy the situation applies on the wall a coat of resin moisture and let to dry. Any mildew are removed with specific preparations or brushing over them water and bleach. It leaves the cabinet to the open wall and, when the wall is completely dry, it can be coated with wallpaper waterproofed which contributes to seal.

Renew stone

In many situations (the presence of frost, extreme temperature) finishes in stone deteriorate and stone crumbles. It is done by wiping the surface with a stiff bristle brush and applying appropriate wetting liquid (take advice on the different qualities) that make the stone less absorbent and defend the surface.

Protect brick and clay

tocchi alle piastrelle The old brick walls, as well as many flooring in terracotta, even if they are made of materials of very long duration, may degrade with time.

On the market there are special sealants and nutrients, oil-based or silicone and other special substances, which help to revive the look and make the surface more resistant to the action of external agents or foot traffic. In general, it proceeds to repeated applications interspersed with an adequate period of drying.

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