Renewing the doors of the house

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Sometimes it takes little to renew a door and adapting it to different environments: if the structure is in good condition, the paint may be enough to give excellent results.

Renewing the doors of the house
Paolo Fertig
Paolo Fertig

Renewing the doors of the house

The doors of the house are very important for the aesthetics and functionality of a dwelling. For this reason, when their structure is deteriorated or damaged we must intervene to restore their original look. Before any intervention, it is good to remove the door from its housing, remove the hardware that is attached and place it horizontally on a tripod.

1) sand the flat surfaces of the door using a chock, ie a piece of wood around which is wrapped a sheet of sandpaper.

2) If the door will be painted, apply with a small spatula, putty for wood in the cracks and crevices making it penetrate thoroughly.

Carta vetrare una porta di legno
3) Make a smooth and uniform surface of the door with an orbital sander with automatic suction of dust so as not to spread it everywhere in the house.

4) Dilute the paint to be applied appropriately. Use water-based paints, which allow you to get a great result.

Carta vetrare la porta
5) The door should be placed horizontally to prevent trickling. For this purpose, it is good to use two stands. Paint the first face and turn the door on the other side to paint the second one only after the paint is completely dry.

6) Any edgings or frames will be finished with a brush which allows to work with precision.

Dipingere la porta

7) In order not to overflow the painting, place a piece of cardboard contact with the wood, in order to stop any dripping.

8) With a brush paint around the holes from which you previously removed the handles.

9) To renew or change the appearance of the doors of the house is a good idea to replace the handles. Think about it before replacing the old ones!

Rifinire la porta

The editors recommend:

Repair minor damage to the doors of the house

The passage of time and the frequent use of the doors can cause damage that can affect not only the aesthetics, but also the structure. Sometimes, to give new life to a wooden door is enough to intervene on its surface, spreading a new layer of paint. In other cases, however, this is not sufficient to solve more complex problems, which, however, can be successfully addressed through some small attention DIY works.

The old wooden doors, especially if untreated, can be attacked by an enemy very common for objects made of this material, or the woodworms. Their presence does not only creates small unsightly holes, but weakens deeply and progressive the structure, facilitating the rupture in the course of time. For this reason, do not just close the holes with putty to fix the problem, but it is necessary to intervene with specific products.
Once you have sprayed the product most suited to woodworm in wooden object, using a syringe for smaller holes, you can treat the wood by painting the door and giving it a new look.

If, however, the problem is not the presence of bugs but the exposure to humidity and temperature changes, which can cause breakage or deformation of the door, you will have to intervene in another way, in order to restore the correct shape without having to change the door. If the deformation is slight, to straighten the door you will put a wooden wedge between the door and the jamb, at the point where the wood is deformed, and then leave the door closed for a few days. The transaction is expected to be sufficient to restore the proper aspect.

Instead, if the door is crooked and for this reason does not close well, the possible interventions are various. If the problem is minor, you can use the sandpaper to smooth the door and make sure that you come close easily, while if the deformation is obvious you may have to intervene planing the defective part.

In case of problems with the closing of the door, however, it is good to make some more in control before working on wood: sometimes the problem is hidden in the malfunction of the key or in the lock and handle all these parts may be replaced in a simple way, by restoring the correct operation of the door and taking advantage of the substitution to improve the aesthetics of the door itself.

Even small details such as a handle or a lock can make a difference and help to integrate the door in environments. Periodically lubricate the hinges, then, is a good habit that allows them to avoid the accumulation of dust and other small particles, responsible for squeaking and difficult operation of the hinge itself.

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