Shabby chic Christmas tree

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If the decor of the house follows the shabby chic style, the tree will be decorated accordingly, respecting suggestions, colors, materials and the atmosphere.

Shabby chic Christmas tree
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Shabby Chic Christmas: how to choose and decorate the tree

Christmas approaches also for those who love shabby chic style.

The anniversary gives us an opportunity to talk about how you can decorate the house and specifically the Christmas tree following the shabby chic mood.

First you need to have in mind what style is in question and likewise stay well away from everything that instead clashes with the colors, the romance, the country chic influence apparently poor and sloppy that made it a very appreciated way of furnishing and living the home.

Albero shabby dal sito There are basically two currents that we can choose to take in decorating the Christmas tree and as a result the rest of the house, that should not be in contrast with the tree.
The decorations must be coordinated and in fact match in the style you chose.

Who loves simplicity and harmony of the shabby style, can opt for an unpretentious tree that we can embellish with memories from the past, simple decor and some light.

In this case the tree may be true, preferable choice, or synthetic, decorated with no frills and excesses, where the best will have the choice of fabrics and light colors.

The inspiration is nearly Nordic, very intimate with objects from recycling or home made.

Another version of the shabby Christmas is more rich and redundant: the tree decorated in this way must not miss the variety of elements, hanging in amounts almost to represent an installation of family memories and the joy of sharing the days of celebration.

Albero di Natale shabby chic all white So, will then be welcome small frames with pictures, objects maybe in pickled wood, fabric bows and monochrome lights very present to create the atmosphere at night.

Finally, it is important not to overlook the details, such as the base that houses the fir.

If the plant is true, then the vase may be contained inside a pot-holder very simple but bright, for example made of tin.

If your tree is rather artificial, it is preferable not to leave visible the structure that supports it, but cover the base with fabrics, pillows or special mats that recall the colors of the decorations that you hung.

Thereby, let give space to a number of suggestions for a tree that represents the triumph of shabby in Christmas decoration can find an outlet, always respecting the style and refinement of the decorations throughout the house.

Decorations recovery: dried fruit, cinnamon and pine cones

If you love simplicity, will be perfect decorations for your fir branches a number of natural objects such as twigs of wood, pine cones and nuts (plain or colored for example in gold or black), biscuits of various shapes such as hearts, stars , etc ...

Albero in stile shabby, chic
Will do fine also the strips of fabric that you can make by yourself and hang; the same goes for bags like raffia, maybe reusing those that contained the sugar almonds that you received, that you can fill with rice to keep them fit and perfuming sprinkling a few drops of essential oils.

Other decorations in perfect shabby chic style are balls wood effect and wooden letters, which could be hung on the tree to form the greetings or Merry Christmas or even spread around the branches the initials of the family members.
We can order what we need on the web site where you can choose the size and character that you prefer.

Albero in stile shabby,
The same site also sells themed Christmas decorations made of wood, such as snowflake, gingerbread, the tree and the star.

Other ideas are easy to accomplish with DIY, are scented small pieces of chalck, for example in the form of angel or cinnamon sticks that release the scent throughout the house typical of Christmas cakes.

Wooden Christmas trees

Wood is one of the prince materials of the shabby style.

For this reason you might think of setting up at home a tree different from the traditional: a wooden structure that can accommodate balls and decorations, helping to make innovative and in a perfect shabby style our tree.

Albero di Natale in legno Casashop
The wooden saplings by for example, are perfect if flat on a shelf or on a dresser, and contribute to decorate various corners of the house.

Different models are available:
changing from those inspired to Scandinavian furniture, made entirely of wood branches that rotate around the central axis, to the romantic wooden proposals with inlays or inserts typically shabby, with the presence of hearts.

These trees are perfect for display as they are, or they can be beautified and embellished using lights or hanging to their branches balls and decorations.

White Christmas Tree

Albero shabby in total white, All those who love the house in shabby style, must know that the color of this type of furniture is white. So why not opt for a Christmas tree totally white?

It will look like you have at home a snowy tree, which will also have the advantage of being very impressive by day and at night when it is illuminated artificially giving off a great atmosphere of candor.
Some example are found for example in the blog

Considering the particularity of the white tree, you can try to decorate it with a few simple objects.
We recall in this regard that the shabby decor that are all the rage are often padded fabric, coated fantasies with floral theme or striped or checkered.

Perfect are also the trinkets that recall childhood as mini music box and rag dolls, new or even better experienced and recovered from the trunks of memories.

Decorazioni natalizie in stile shabby Casashop
If you already have a green artificial fir tree in the house, but you also want the effect of polar white, you can buy a snow effect spray that will coat the branches with a more or less heavy blancket of artificial sleet.
It will be like taking into the walls of the house the magic of the falling snow!

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