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The stencil is a decorative technique that uses fairly simple sheets from which it was carved out a shape that will guide us to reproduce the desired design.

Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Decorate the house with the stencil

The stencil is a decorative technique that uses sheets of paper from which it is carved out a shape that will guide us to reproduce the desired design.
The sheet adhere to the surface to be decorated and then we pass on it the color. The color will remain on the surface only in the part corresponding to the one that was carved out from the stencil, so that, by removing it, we can see the drawing.
So, this is a very simple technique to implement, which allows anyone to decorate their homes with imagination.

Stencil: decorazione StenDecor Litokol designed StenDecor, the stencil thought to decorate interiors already shaved with Starlike®Decor (Starlike® + additive Decor), the sealant which becomes skim coat decorative and makes possible to coat the walls with the same material and the same color of the grout.

With the stencil StenDecor you get relief decorations that are inspired by the stucco technique, in the tradition of decorative interior typically Italian. We can find examples of what is defined plastic filler in the imperial palaces of the ancient Rome and in the spa buildings in Pompeii.

Behind the creation of this new line of stencils by Litokol, there has been an extensive research on the best plastic material, carried out together with the FabLab in Reggio Emilia and specialized suppliers, which have enabled us to find simple solutions in the use of applicators and that at the same time could enhance the materiality of a typical product as Starlike®.

As a result we found two different materials to be used depending on the thickness chosen, to exploit the particular consistency of the skim coat Decor not comparable with the water-based paint.
The result of this research are the sheets StenDecor, resilient and resistant, water-washable and reusable many times, always perfectly flat.

Collections of stencils for the house

StenDecor was thought to decorate in a creative and personal to any room in the house: bathroom, kitchen, living and sleeping areas.

There are six different collections each consisting of an edge (size 42x15 cm) with three individual patterns (21x15 cm) thickness 1 mm and three individual patterns (21x15 cm) thickness 0.20 mm.

Stencil: decorazione StenDecor The subjects are: glasses, pots and fruits for the kitchen environment, shells and leaves for the bathroom or living area and hangers for the sleeping area.
The collection Animals intended for the kids bedroom, is instead composed of 4 individual decorations in two sizes (21x15 cm and 29,7x21 cm) only in 1 mm thick.

All six collections allow you to create custom decorative solutions and always different, because the individual or the Greek fret stencil can be used, combined and shaved in a thousand different ways.

You can make decorations with stencils by StenDecor only on walls with shaved smooth finish with Starlike smoothing version (Starlike + Starlike Decor).
Then, with the help of special plastic sheets StenDecor, you can decorate with the stencil technique using Starlike®, sealant version.

Decorating with sheets Stendecor can be performed after 24 h from the end of the plastering of the wall with Starlike + Starlike Decor and whenever the wall is completely dry.
The wall should not be treated with wax matte or glossy Litolux Litolux Extra Litokol before the execution of the decoration.

Special papers StenDecor are designed to enhance the plastic consistency of the Starlike® stucco , and realize extremely suggestive decorations in relief.
So, we suggest to study the decor in advance and consider carefully the various stages of processing, especially if you use multiple colors.
It is possible to emphasize the material effect of the decoration in relief before by using first the thin StenDecor and then, after 24 h, the thicker one with overlapping effects.

How to decorate the walls with stencils

Preparation of the StenDecor sheet

Verify that the shapes of the designs are all empty, otherwise remove the plastic in excess with a slight pressure of the fingers.

Remove the protective film from the white sheets with a thickness of 1 mm.

Keep the cardboard envelope to store the sheets at the end of work.

Once you have studied the decoration, fix the sheet on the wall in the initial position with a common adhesive gummed paper.
The particular consistency of the plastic material, maintains the perfect flatness of the sheet while minimizing the necessary anchoring points.

Use Starlike® and StenDecor to decorate

Having prepared Starlike® (component A + component B + possible addition of glitter as per instructions), put a small amount of product on a large steel shaving spatula about 10-15 cm, using a smaller spatula.

Stencil: applicazione StenDecor

Spread Starlike® hands crossed, first from bottom to top and then horizontally, but always in the same direction to avoid the risk of lifting the flaps doing the opposite motion with the spatula.

Remove StenDecor sheet

Once you have filled in the drawing and you have got the desired effect, remove the tape: while with one hand you hold the sheet StenDecor on one side, with the other one, gently remove the tape from the other side.

Stencil: applicazione StenDecor

Do not use too long or extended pieces of tape to prevent excessive movement at the time of removal.

After removing the tape, gently peel off a corner of the sheet from the wall and grab the edge of the StenDecor without sudden movements and complete the detachment from the wall.

Wash the StenDecor sheet

Proceed with immediate washing of the sheet under running water with the help of your hands or a soft sponge, before the product dries.

To remove from the sheets possible halos of hardened resin, use cleaners LITONET and LITONET gel by Litokol.

Dry the sheet with a soft cloth or paper with movements in the same direction to avoid the risk of causing folds with the opposite movement.

Continuation of decoration

Once it is dry, place the sheet of StenDecor and secure it with gummed paper in the desired position to continue the decoration, being careful not to damage the decoration previously carried out, still fresh.

Stencil: decorazione StenDecor Once you have completed the decoration, after 24h, when fully hardened, possibly apply to the entire wall the protective wax finish or Litolux Litolux Extra by Litokol if you prefer a glossy effect.

Warning: remember that Starlike® has a working time of about 1 h, which can vary according to the temperature and ventilation of the place of application.
For any overlapping decoration, continue after 24 hours, or when the previous decor is totally hardened.

Where to go?

Litokol is a company from Reggio Emilia specialized in products for the installation of building materials. In its production stands out the exclusive range Starlike®.

Stencil: Litokol Litokol Spa
Via G. Falcone, 13/1 42048 Rubiera (Reggio Emilia)
Tel: +39 0522622811 - Fax: +39 0522620150

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