Water vacuum cleaner

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The water vacuum cleaner offers accurate sucking which combines the function of the water, which keeps dust and impurities, releasing sanitized air.

Water vacuum cleaner
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

The benefits of water vaccum cleaners

When we talk about water vacuum cleaner, not to be confused with floor cleaners which work with steam, we refer to those devices that are used for the cleaning of the house and have a water filter.

As the normal vacuum cleaner models, these are effective allies to suck all household surfaces. It's just the water filter that guarantees optimum results because the dust sucked and swallowed up remains imprisoned and is not wasted anymore.

The device releases clean air and free of impurities that have been collected by the presence of water. The advantages are, therefore, the speed, the power of the vacuum cleaner, freedom from the continual replacement of the bags for dust and the additional function of releasing clean air in the house.

Models of water vacuum cleaner for a clean and sanitized house

In the market there are different models of water vacuum cleaner.

G420 by Gioel sucks the dust and purifies the air simultaneously, using only water, without resorting to awkward bags.

Water vacuum cleaner G 420 Gioel
The G420 not only removes dust and dirt from every surface, but it can dramatically reduce the indoor pollution due to the function of cleaning the air, which can be activated without the need of additional accessories.

This is how it works: the sucked air enters the molecular separator where there is the washing of the air and it is then returned to the environment clean and sanitized by bacteria, viruses, powders.

G420, unlike traditional vacuum cleaner, does not provide for the use of bags and the dirt caught is retained in the water container.

Thanks to the appropriate accessories it is also possible to clean floors, carpets, remove dust from furniture, but also mattresses, sofas and armchairs.

This vacuum cleaner is capable of sucking also liquids: the air follows a different path comparing to traditional devices, since it undergoes a filtering process based on the molecular separator, which has the special task to filter the air sucked in, holding back the micro dust and harmful components, that often cause allergies.

At this point the molecular separator, turning to 22,000 rev/ min, mechanically separates any dirt particles from the air, causing them to be absorbed by the water.

The air comes out so completely sanitized and the water that caught the dirt is thrown away at the end of the cleaning. The result is excellent and comprehensive and you obtained automatically with the normal time it would take with a traditional vacuum cleaner.

The brush or the cleaning equipment desired are connected directly on the handle or to the appropriate extension tubes. There are three suction levels to choose from.

Water vacuum cleaner Polti AS 850 Lecologico Forzaspira The water vacuum cleaner by Polti is called instead Forzaspira Lecologico AS 850.

This model has a water filter Eco-Active, a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) to collect the finest dust, reducing the risk for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, and a four-stage filtration system.

Lecologico sucks dry dirt, wet and liquid and its effectiveness is certified and suitable for people with allergies and who want to get a thorough cleaning of the house can make them breathe better.

The vacuum cleaner Forzaspira Lecologico Polti works thanks to the water filter that allows you to capture the dust avoiding the recycling in the environment.

At the end of the work, to remove dust and dirt without loss of any kind, just pull out the handy container with water filter and thow the dirty water away, which has retained all particles sucked.

Further advantages of the machine are the weight and the reduced forms in addition to innovative design. The vacuum measures 51x32x32 cm and weighs 6.7 kg, includes automatic rewind and parking system. The power is 1500 watts.

Vacuum Thomas Bravo 20 on Amazon Also on Amazon there are different models of water vacuum cleaner as for example Thomas Bravo 20, a vacuum cleaner for cleaning a toilet and deep, but also for the removal of stains.

The unit, 1400 watts, has an internal tank for clean water of 3.6 liters, a practical ergonomic handle for easy transport from room to room and a place to store the accessories (nozzle for carpets, nozzle for upholstery, joints nozzle, with floor adapter).

The package also includes 500 ml of detergent concentrate for carpets, paper filter and foam filter.

The transparent nozzle allows you to see the operation: when the machine is on, sucks the surfaces and water traps dust and dirt, avoiding the release to the ground.

Finally TZS First Austria proposes the 2200W wet and dry vacuum cleaner, with 6 liters water filter 6 without bag.

Vacuum cleaner water to TZS First Austria
This vacuum cleaner is able to suck wet or dry residual, the filter at the end of the operation is extracted and washed, to be ready for next use.

The buttons to control the power supply, turning on and off, are on the handle. There are also accessories to brush (nozzle and brush to vacuum the sofa) to reach the most difficult and the tank has a capacity of 6 liters.

Very good, and synonymous with high performance, it is the power of the vacuum cleaner 2200 watts, for a weight of 7 kg and a footprint of about 55 x 37 x 36 cm

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