Wireless security systems

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A wireless alarm system (wireless) can be easily and quickly installed at a cost of the order of one hundred euro, can be handled by phone.

Wireless security systems
Ing. Vincenzo Granato
Ing. Vincenzo Granato

A wireless alarm system (wireless) can be easily and quickly installed at a cost of the order of one hundred euro. The wireless security systems, once installed in the home, can be managed completely via phone and are able to send notifications via SMS.

The elements that cstituiscono the system are: the system control unit with its keyboard, a siren of allame to be placed outside of the house. In general, there is a warning siren contained in the controller.

Materials and tools for wireless security

The typical tools for DIY jobs at home are more than enough to install an alarm system or wireless security and its accessories, they are: a drill, a screwdriver, a set of caccaiviti shear and cross, pliers, screws and various supports, for fixing accessories to the walls. The latter are generally orniti with the same alarm system. It 'should take all necessary measures for the security, as a mask for eye protection and gloves eg hand protection.

sensore di posizione The fundamental elements of a common wireless alarm system, easily commercially available, are: the alarm control unit with its telephone dialer (it can be installed also not next to central), one or more detectors or sensors of various types (any other can be purchased separately) one or more remote controls according to requirements and a trasformatere, to provide an electrical voltage dc power supply system

It 'also need to have a phone card dedicated exclusively to the alarm system in question.

Before inserting the card in the control unit teleonica wireless system you must enter it in the phone, what to store on it the number or set of numbers that will be contacted in case of alarm. The same numbers will also receive text messages to the various communications.
The phone card must be inserted in the control panel wireless still not powered.

Wireless alarm activations and inspections

The control panel can therefore be connected to its own backup battery, similarly we can insert the battery to the external siren with its connections. When inserting the battery in the siren outside, it is important not to forget to inseire support anti-tampering.

The latter will generate an alarm signal, with the activation of the siren, in cases of attempted forcing by third parties. Typically at this point, following the instructions to activate the system, you must send one or more SMS to the alarm center. The central activated, will thus its function of self-programming.

fissaggio centrale allarme At this point remains that the central possizionare in the most suitable position, for which we have verified the coverage of the radio signal and the communication with the sensors, before fixing it to the wall.

Similarly, prior to the placement of the sensors should be activating them, to verify proper communication with the control panel. The sensors can be of various nature categorized according to the requirements.
The sensosri to conatatti (usually magnetic) allow you to detect the opening of doors and windows.

The most common sensors are those of detection of displacements (infrared) commonly identified, also, as volumetric sensors.

Complete the checks, even with transmitters, the panel can be fisstata to the wall using drill, screws and screwdrivers suitable for the metal of this plant that may, therefore, can be electrically powered.

They can, therefore, be fixed in a definitive way the volumetric sensors, contact, or perimeter of another type and verify the correct operation of the alarm system through the activation of the siren (which is also fixed to the outside of the house) and the communication via mobile phone. About the placement of motion sensors, it is necessary to check the distance from heat sources and any phenomena or systems that can cause improper activation (false alarms).

Post: Wireless security systems
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