Burglary emergency

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An interesting business synergy between Officine Locati and Reale Mutua: an insurance against burglary designed specifically included in the purchase price of the security locks.

Burglary emergency
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Increased burglary

In Italy, in recent years, there has been a progressive burglary, so that their impact is almost doubled compared to the past.

For example, analyzing the statistics relating to the years between 2009 and 2013 and in particular concerning the trend of thefts committed in the Centre - North of the Beautiful Country, you notice that there are four offenses with greatest increase:

  • robberies at home (90%)
  • the street (75%)
  • the burglary (69%)
  • pick-pocketing (48%).

Emergenza furti in casa e garage: inferriate

The Lombardia Region appears to be the most affected, with an alarming trend: a hit scored every 2 minutes, 720 homes looted every day, 5040 in a week.

But the data that seems most striking is the growth of theft in the garage, testifying that not only the house itself shall be adequately protected.

Emergenza furti in casa e garage: persiane

In light of these data, it seems understandable the fear that winds among the population, fairly worried.

A synergy to defend against burglary

It is precisely from the territory of Monza, one of the areas most affected by this emergency, that comes an interesting corporate synergy, where two important realities like Officine Locati and Reale Mutua Assicurazioni, have committed to work together to give additional protection to consumers.

It is the initiative called Sicuri e Assicurati (safe and insured), thanks to which all customers of the historical Officine Brianza who have purchased one of its safety devices (such as shutters, railings or pivot), receive a free insurance policy designed specifically to protect from burglary or garage, lasting one year.

Emergenza furti in casa e garage: basculante

In fact, among the systems that can be put in place to defend against theft, in addition to the active protection systems (alarms and burglar alarm), much importance have the so-called passive protection devices: armored doors, security shutters, railings.
The presence of these elements is in itself a great deterrent to criminals, but the choice of products of high quality and durability becomes crucial if they prove then also actually valid to protect the house from unwanted intrusions.

The spread of theft scares, but those who choose to defend themselves with iron bars and armored shutters, for example, is often confused by the information that receives - says Guido Locati, CEO of Officine Locati - and it is difficult to understand the effectiveness of the products and recognize the true producers. For these reasons we have developed a very detailed website with useful information to guide the selection, from the security door to the garage door, with pictures, books and tutorials on Youtube.

Therefore Officine Locati was not limited solely to the development of its products for passive protection against theft, the result of more than nine decades of business experience, but has worked with Reale Mutua Assicurazioni to develop this policy specific to the needs of its customers.

Assured of the quality and effectiveness of our protective closures, we offer our customers the insurance against theft included in the price, with the formula Safe and sure - continues Dr. Locati - Despite the growth of the risk of theft, Reale Mutua Assicurazioni recognized the reliability of our production, so as to develop for us a special protective policy. A security is real and concrete, as the products we make in Monza for three generations. The policy is applied to the fastenings of Officine Locati sold not only in Monza and Milan, but on the whole national territory, also installed with DIY, like the extensible gates; on our site indicating the conditions and limitations of the Promotion.

Emergenza furti in casa e garage: estensibili

On the other hand, the Agent Monza Ruggero Zecca said: Reale Mutua Assicurazioni has welcomed the proposal of Officine Locati! A company that since 1925 is a guarantee of safety, reliability and quality. It is a pleasure to share this agreement with a reality of this type: the agreement is a source of pride.

And the policy becomes, for those who choose to defend their homes with fixtures produced by Brianza, a further guarantee to safeguard its tranquility.

Where to go?

Ninety years of experience, thousands of customers, tens of thousands of locks, fences and trellises produced and sold in Italy and worldwide: this is the business card of Officine Locati.

Emergency theft in the house and garage: Officine Locati Officine Locati

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