Glass doors

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Leaf, sliding, with or without frame, transparent or lacquered: these are glass doors, which alone, sometimes, solve the characterization of an interior decoration.

Glass doors
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Casali. Curve Solutions With folding, leaf or sliding doors, with or without frame, in line with the wall, transparent or lacquered: these are the glass doors, which, alone, sometimes solve the characterization of an interior decoration as would do a piece of design furniture or a painting. Modern technology allows creation of products that were once unthinkable as concerns  function and aesthetics.

One only glass door is enough, in the whole house,  to become the protagonist, to all intents and purposes, of house's  decor. Indeed, it is sometimes important to calibrate presences of that kind, so as to avoid, for example, to weigh down the rest of the wall with other supplements or accessories having same impact.

Especially in the case of doors with worked glass, in fact, it is easy to fall into the trap of bad taste, by combining various elements that are very challenging from the visual point of view, so as to cause, in reality, a final result of a bazaar of colors, shapes, effects of light, beautiful when taken individually, but that obscure each other when they are placed in a single room, or worse, on a single wall. Casali. Bi-Color Horizontal system zero.Casali. Bi-Color Vertical system zero.

(...)  Glass is a structural element that defines the spaces making them individual without separate, leaving the light to become surface and to refine and amplify the space through reflection. (...) It is the way used by CASALI company to give a definition of glass, with which for years it makes products that combine aesthetics and functionality, thanks to ongoing research in the field of technology and the collaboration with architects and designers.

From the initial idea to the prototype, then to the final product, the whole procedure will be followed in detail to provide an industrial product with features of craftsmanlike type. Every product eventually becomes unique, personalized, thanks to the extreme flexibility  of all the materials involved, in accordance with the best standards in terms of safety.

Casali. I Miti. Audrey. Soluzioni Piane (Plane solutions), Soluzioni Curve (Curve solutions), Colorate (stained) and  horizontal and vertical Bi-color, I MIti (Myths). There are many proposals, all of them are very refined  choices, as concerns surface finishing and colors. The range of structural solutions goes  from  single to double doors, leaf or sliding doors or exterior wall system.  There is wide choice, therefore, also as regards the accessories for the closure, with various kinds of lock.

In particular, very original is the collection Myths, where subjects Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and James Dean, are made with engraved lines and sandblasted design on glass background. These doors are made with  System Zero system, where door sliding system is outside the wall, and door itself is made of float tempered glass. The sliding system is made of stainless steel, as well as the big handles. Also noteworthy are the doors of the Soluzioni Curve series, both leaf and sliding types, foldaway or external wall doors. Movi. Thira.

Tailor made system, too,  for the series Sign, by MOVI: leaf doors, sliding panels and doors for wall rolling-shutter boxes. The frame is made of aluminum, while the panels are of tempered, double-sided glass.  Several finishes are available.

Elegant and essential in their formal rigour are the sliding doors  of the Series Thira: tempered glass,  transparent or sandblasted colored glass, in many finishes. Formal purity also for the series Extra: tempered crystal doors, transparent or sandblasted finishes. The door jamb is made of anodized aluminum, the handle has the lock.

arch. Raffaella Pierri

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