High performance sliding systems

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The sliding systems with high degree of insulation, sealing and security allows you to enjoy the view and at the same time ensures high performance.

High performance sliding systems
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Sliding systems for your home

The choice of fixtures for your home is essentially dictated by the needs of space and taste: we are talking about the kind of opening and of finishes.

For the opening, doors and windows are divided into two subcategories: the more classical, the hinged one, and the sliding one.
The windows, in particular, have many other types of openings (bottom hung, hovering, etc.) and the selection is conducted according to the positioning of the same and the space that it has available for the opening of the shutter.
Finally, you must choose the materials for the structure: The classic wood in its various essences, or the PVC or aluminum endless finishes.

For large windows, the most used system is definitely the sliding one which, through a binary, allows, in fact, the sliding of one or more doors.

Sistema scorrevole AELLE-S 190 STH Metra

The sliding systems have numerous advantages: the full vision of the landscape, practicality in the opening and the absence of obstacles thanks to the sliding of the shutters on the track; the weak points, however, reside in the wear of the opening systems and in the possible low level of isolation, which would make the interior not so comfortable from a thermohygrometer point of view.

These problems, however, were not recorded in the products Metra we're going to describe: on the contrary, the company ensures the production of sliding systems, not only carefully designed, but high performance in terms of energy, security and sealing in time.

High performance sliding systems

Metra, a leader in the field of windows, offers a wide range of sliding systems, it provides a perfectly direct contact with the external environment, with nature, with light, all combined with high levels of comfort, energy savings and security: door and window frames have laminated glass shatterproof extremely resistant and that can reach 44 mm of thickness.

The sliding window frames in aluminum by Metra are also distinguished by the mechanics of opening/ closing and for the ease of sliding, with inside the predisposition for the anti-theft alarm and the possibility of integration with home automation systems.

As for the thermal performance, the windows fixtures far exceed the minimum limits of the law that allow access to the tax deduction of 65% for energy upgrading of buildings.

In short, choosing a fixture within the range of solutions offered by Metra means to have a product characterized by high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation, anti-theft system, as well as ease of maintenance, lack of architectural barriers, optimization of space and durability and longevity time.

Different types of high performance sliding systems

Within the range of sliding systems offered by Metra, we will speak of four solutions that are characterized by certain characteristics.

The first is AELLE-S 190 STH, the system in aluminum/ wood that enables the realization of sliding fixtures of large dimensions, through the use of assembled frames: the external part, consisting of aluminum profiles, ensures the reduction of maintenance interventions and storage performance over time, while the inside, composed of solid natural wood, gives a hint of warmth.

It allows five types of opening, from a fixed panel and a sliding one up to four shutters on two tracks.

Sistema scorrevole NC 120 Slim STH Metra
NC-S 120 STH SLIM is characterized, however, by its design: great lights, ultra-thin profile, high levels of performance and aesthetics, safety, durability and comfort. It is an aluminum system, which, despite the thinness of the profiles, ensures a perfect tightness to water and air.

Profilo di sistema scorrevole NC-S 150 STH Metra HES
The last two are the new products of 2015: the first is NC-S 150 STH HES, the latest generation sliding system designed for large glass surfaces, which gives to the space the highest brightness and transparency.

It can be used for windows up to six doors, suited, then, to overcome any limitation on their size. NC-S 150 STH HES offers excellent performance of thermal and acoustic insulation, resulting in greater energy savings and a better living comfort for your home.
The solution provides for the possibility of adopting anti-tripping with binary threshold lowered to enjoy the space in complete tranquility, in the absence of architectural barriers.

Sistema scorrevole NC-S 170 STH Metra HES
Finally, the innovative sliding-lift NC-S 170 STH HES, which seems to totally eliminate the boundaries between inside and outside: the interiors are perfectly integrated with the surrounding nature ensuring, however, at the same time, the necessary thermal barrier for comfort in the inside.

All the presented solutions, can be purchased in different finishes, so as to fit perfectly into any living environment.

High performance sliding systems: where to go

Choosing the right fixtures for your home means ensuring a comfortable environment, without heat dissipation and thermal bridges and, therefore, with savings in the bill.

Metra systems Buying products by Metra gives certainty to adopt solutions with excellent performance and durability: the systems were certified by the most important European laboratories, reaching results at the highest levels of performance, and are the hallmark of consumer protection.

Metra offers a hotline that can support the ideas of the buyer, suggesting the best solution and moving towards the nearest stores.
Service before and after sales can accompany you at every stage, from choosing to installation, advice on cleaning up the historic traceability of the window.

For information call:
the toll free number 800562929
or visit www.metra.it

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