Hygienic handles

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The busy areas are those where it is more difficult to ensure hygiene and health but with hygienic handles we can prevent the bacterial growth.

Hygienic handles
Arch. Silvio Indaco
Arch. Silvio Indaco

Hygienical handles

Mani contaminate da batteri In the spaces with great attendance, public and private, the elements and objects used by many people become, in fact, the vehicles of contamination, because through the touch of hands we transmit and receive constantly microbes and various microorganisms.
This is a serious and important matter, which is constantly faced, in particular, in health facilities, but also in schools, large recreational settings and in all those buildings whose functions are designed to accommodate many people.

Given that the primary prevention activities is the hygiene of the hands, to which all are required for personal safety, first and foremost, not being able to control or manage this aspect to all users of a very busy place, then it is necessary to use specific products , designed to reduce, or eliminate, the bacterial load that is deposited on the surfaces constantly touched by many people.

The door handles in spaces and environments with great attendance, in particular, are a receptacle of microbes in large quantities, especially those of the doors of the rest rooms, that must be equipped with special hygienic handles, to avoid bacterial contamination to spread, exponentially, to all individuals who will use those certain premises. This happens, of course, in all sorts of public places, but also in private houses with children, whose health must be even more accurate than that of adults. Let's see some kind of toilet handles and which operating principle guarantees the antibacterial characteristics.

Hygienic handles against bacterial contamination

Starting with an estimated data according to which a very high percentage of the attenders of public bathrooms (it is estimated around 30%) do not wash their hands before leaving the toilet, Purleve has designed and patented a technology called ASD (automatic dosing hose), which distributes to each use in an automatic way on the handle a special antimicrobial product which covers entirely the same and sanitizes it, eliminating the risk of contagion, however, would certainly occur following the first contact with a hand carrier of microbes.

Replacing, in fact, the activity of sanitation of the hands that everyone should do at each entrance and exit points from potentially contaminating places, the handle sanitizing Purleve contributes actively to the cycle of prevention which, at the level of personal hygiene, somebody casually forget to carry out.
All this improves the quality of hygiene and livability of the public spaces and related to very low levels because it reduces the possibility of so-called cross-contamination, with great consequences on general health, in particular in the winter months, when the seasonal influences reap victims for months and months.

Purleve: maniglia per bagno Enclosed in a functional design and by deliberately intuitive aspect, that scheme to attract the users to use the handle in the best way in which it was conceived, for its features such as opening command and its self-sanitizing with patented technology ASD, the handle sanitizing Purleve proposes itself as a great anti contaminant prevention for all places with high attendance, which need to be clean and safe, and also, understandably, for the houses in which the presence of children is plentiful and, consequently, attention to hand hygiene is necessary.

Facing the same problem of hygiene in crowded places, public places and private houses, and how the spread of viral influenza is highly related to the theme of the cleanliness of the same places and the parts that we touch more often and repeatedly, also Hoppe, industrial worldwide reality in the production of handles for furniture and for a wide range of functions, has devoted resources of their own field of research and development to design a range of products specifically dedicated to solving the problems of hygiene to the touch.

The new range of handles and window handles DK is called SecuSan and bears a special active surface, with a patented technology that constantly contrasts the proliferation of microorganisms, consisting of a ceramic support containing silver ions, which are recognized as active components able to fight and reduce the multiplication of bacteria, fungi and algae potentially pathogenic.

Hoppe: maniglie igienizzanti Secusan Substantially not in need of maintenance, the handles Hoppe Secusan maintain a clean and sanitized surface because the action of the silver ions, that they contain, destroys the cell membranes of bacteria, disrupting cell division, and thus the resulting proliferation, because they stop breathing and need nourishment.

Always maintaining the high standard of aesthetic quality typical of all products by Hoppe, handles Secusan, as described above, are proposed, of course, for intensive use in environments with a destination in health and welfare, in schools, pharmacies and in all places high presence of visitors.

The safety of the product and the quality of its design, moreover, allow and encourage the use also in private homes, where the promiscuous presence of so many people, and more in particular of children, suggests their use, to ensure greater hygiene in the house.

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