Install a sliding door

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Method to insert a sliding door without having to call a mason.

Install a sliding door

sliding door Anyone who has ever bought a house or is about to do it know matter how expensive purchase.

The cost of a square meter is a pang in my heart.

The work that we propose to do definitely has the advantage of making us gain the living space and then, from a certain point of view, let us save you some money.

Will recover a few square meters to use as we wish.

We are talking to modify a classic door in a sliding door .

Not necessarily this intervention has the only objective to extend the usable area of ??the house. Some might think it a matter of aesthetics, because the sliding doors have always liked. Propose a method to achieve this result without having to call a mason. In fact, we slide the door along the wall without making it into the wall. We will avoid this way of spending a lot of money.

sliding door part

In fact, we will not have to buy a sliding door and will save a substantial figure on the work of a bricklayer.

Not having to damage the wall will be exempt from having to spend the day tidying everything. We should not cover only to find the furniture, vacuum the dust inexhaustible as the shadow that accompanies any masonry work.

This is a fairly simple job.
The aspects of greatest importance are patience and precision. Then begin. Will raise the door to remove it from the hinges that bind to 'frame. Taking it by the handle will be easier to lift it.

Once removed put aside.
First we change the window frame. 'll Remove the hinges.
They are usually screwed it suffices therefore a suitable screwdriver. It may be that the male cardinal was himself screwed to the frame.
With a gripper him we will turn in on itself like a vine until its release.
There will liberate the same way of the hinges of the door.

Will buy a wooden long at least two and a half times the width of our door. The thickness of the axis will be two centimeters to two and a half inches are fine. For the width we have to take steps at the top of the fixture original.
Once on the extent to add four centimeters. Remember to always buy the wood properly seasoned and free from knots as possible. Hours will measure the width of the door that had supported. For two multiply this measure. This will be the measure which will cut our board.

sliding door

With sandpaper or sanding the lisceremo with care. Then will paint the same color as the casing or, if you will, will buy the paint color that we like and will paint.
In this case we color the end of the work also the frame.

Before you start with the paint tapperemo any holes or grooves of the window and the frames on which were mounted on hinges with pulp wood. In any center for DIY or hardware provided by a buy you a cart.

The cart is nothing more than a small metal structure where the flow inside hooks. It sounds complicated but still is not for nothing.

Ask for help sales clerk and you will find the simplicity of a shopping cart.
It will buy not exceeding in width the thickness of the door. This is a relevant factor but not forgotten. Its height would have a greater choice, two or three inches is good. The length will be clapboard that has already been cut, and then twice the width of the door.

We'll get two hooks to attach to your shopping cart. At this point attack the hooks to the upper part of the door. It will put one near one side of the door and the other Far Spent sliding door or the other side. Typically the hooks most common are designed to be screwed.

To avoid problems would be ideal to prepare an invitation for the hooks. With a wood bit thin, at least thinner than a couple of millimeters from the thread of the hook, we will prepare the invitation.

Once set the hooks them will flow into the shopping cart. Will position the port as if it were already arranged in its place. Put under the door something that takes the raised half a centimeter above the floor.

They are good pieces of wood, cardboard or other. In this way, the work is finished, you will be able to flow freely without touching the floor. At this point we will fix the carriage to the frame. Already, the door should stand alone. Will apply to cart a lock that prevents the door off its hinges and slide too. A screw is sufficient.

Of course I put only one on the side where the door goes when you open it. On the other side there is no need to stop it because there will be the original vertical frame. At this point in order to cover the view of the trolley will apply the lath prepared above. We have almost finished.
sliding door Now smonteremo the lock. The'll remove removing the screws that are on the face of the door, on the side of the handle. At this point, we will see that it will be made ??visible holes. With stucco wood tapperemo the space that was allocated to the lock.

We will do the same with the first hole where the key was located.

With regard to the hole of the handle we can cover it also with a closed handle, as for example, one of the drawers.

Or with a knob.

In any case, something that allows us to open and close the sliding door we will need for our strength.

A good result!

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