Locks for armored doors

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The armored doors of our homes, in recent years, have undergone a remarkable transformation, especially as regards the locks.

Locks for armored doors
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Safeguard the security of their homes from the incursions of the usual unknown is crucial to protect its contents in terms of goods and values ??held that the lives of people who live there.

Due to the constant search for security in the home, the doors of our homes, in recent years, have undergone a remarkable transformation, especially with regard to locks, which today responding to new cutting-edge solutions that enable every citizen to feel more comfortable and secure in their home.

The lock of a reinforced door can be mechanical or electronic type.
That of the mechanical type has an internal structure in steel and can be double-bitted or cylinder and European profile, or both.

The term dual map shows a lock levers operated by key long shank end with two symmetrical rectangles with tiny teeth.
It uses as a mechanism of the combination, a series of metal plates etched appropriately to mate with the key, which for lifting, drag the sends (rpm key) in the opening or closing of the same lock.
The key passes for lifting, through a path between these plates, the pin which permits the advancement or retraction of the bolts of the lock.

The cylinder is instead a lock, invented in 1857 by Linus Yale, of reduced dimensions, which is suitable for all types of doors.
More in detail the so-called European cylinder is a milled brass body, having a characteristic mushroom shape (which is the European profile defined by convention and unification), and transmits to lock the movements required for opening and closing the same.
Inside there are pins and springs, of different lengths, which characterize the corresponding encryption key.
The newer models have steel reinforcements to avoid the breakage, drowned in the cylinder body, and pins encryption steel anti drill.

The double-bitted locks latest encompass a space for the cylinder acting directly on the bolt.
In this way the two systems interact and greatly increases the security level of the lock.

In particular if using the European cylinder there is a greater security, because this is able to resist attempts of burglary with picks, tear and drilling with the drill.

It must be said also that the double bit key locks are easy to copy, and in any case it is recommended that the European cylinder because in case of loss of keys, it is not necessary to replace the entire lock but just replace the single cylinder.

The cylinder locks are sold with a special card that must be presented in case of duplication.
Sure it's a small annoyance, why make the copy takes a few days, but if he gains in safety, because if the key falls into the wrong hands can not be duplicated.

If you buy a new security door, the advice is to choose one with the type of lock combination: even if the price will go up a bit ', you will have a greater guarantee of safety.

The best locks combined always associated, also a defender, which is a sort of boss-shaped half-shell which has a body formed from manganese steel and hardened steel and is thought to protect the cylinder from any type of external attack.

The defender offers maximum safety if it is fixed, through the through screws, to the inner sheets, if present, or to the inside panels of the door, thus forming a single body between lock cylinder and fixed structures of the door.

Recall also that there are keys that allow ricifrabili to replace the stolen or lost with another key, which the first insertion in the lock of the door, re-encodes the entire system. In this way you have the advantage of not incurring any costs.

The locks of the electronic type instead, may be controlled by key, remote control, magnetic card reader with transponder, through an alphanumeric keypad for the code to lean on the door.

But for the maniacs of technology, it must be said that there are even access systems of biometric type that do not need keys and passwords.
In practice, these locks are fitted with a thermal sensor that recognizes your fingerprint that has been pre-registered installer.


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