Safety Gates at Home

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To protect your home effectively, we recommend to install safety gates fixed or extensible, elegant, safe and against forced entry!

Safety Gates at Home
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

Feeling safe at home

Safety at home With the arrival of summer, we are inclined to take a break, perhaps for a day out or a long weekend.
Meanwhile, you program the summer vacation, in need to recharge from the accumulation of work stress of a whole year and find the energy to start over again with determination and enthusiasm.

It is good, however, to have everything under control, with the assurance that our home is safe from external intrusions of evil-minded people. One thing not to forget before you leave for your trip, then, is to make sure that the house should be placed in appropriate conditions of protection.

The homes, especially the most isolated or located in large cities, are often at risk of offenses and burglary. Some measures may be needed to avoid unpleasant situations, such as the installation of safety gates anti burglary.

Protection at home, with safety gates

The home burglary has become a growing phenomenon; the thief assumed to always be able to find, within the walls of the house, valuable or even cash or something that is transformable into cash.

Thief in house
Before taking the necessary measures, it is necessary to assess how our house is exposed to the risk of burglary, by the following considerations:

- If the house is a villa or an apartment
- The level where it is located
- The presence of an adjoining balcony or structures that facilitate climbing
- The presence and type of doors or gates
- The safety of the neighborhood housing

Exten gate extensible galvanized, of
The areas of the house most exposed to risk are the windows of the stairs, very close to the balconies; Another problem faced by the dwellings, especially those located on the lower floors, are the forests and gas lines, that being installed almost always close to the balconies and windows, are a good path that the thief can do to achieve the nearest window or balcony.
To solve the problem an idea might be to think of mounting the safety gates fixed or extensible making inaccessible the entrance from the balcony or window.

Safety Gates for the Protection of the house

Doors and windows are elements which add to the personality in the interior; They must also ensure maximum safety, protecting the interior and making the house theft-proof!

To guard against unwanted visitors without compromising the aesthetics of our fixtures, the market offers elegant railings systems and safe solutions with fixed or extensible grate, galvanized metal or painted.

Exten gate extensible painted of
The extensible gates made by are universal safety devices which can easily be applied to each type of frame exterior, ensuring the inviolability of the entrance.
This type of passive protection for the home, also possible with solutions for fixtures that do not fit the standard, does not hinder the passage of light in the environment, because the windows are so protected, can be freely left open.

This type of retractable grilles is formed by double uprights U-profiles, connected by diagonal sectional steel. The correct movement of the gate is via ball bearings, inside the top rail of 45x40 mm.

Exten gate extensible painted of
The lock of the gate may be of two different types: a double clasp or reinforced. The closing system, assembled in the abutment jamb, provides a safety lock to two or even three locking points, for heights of at least 1.5 m.

The distance between the profiled grooves has been designed to withstand multiple attempts of theft.
The guide can be raised by 90 degrees with magnetic latch, to simplify operations of cleaning the floor.

Exten gate extensible painted of
The gate, available in the version extensible or fixed, may have two finishes: galvanized or painted. Moreover, it can be applied with guides received or not, with collection rotatable or fixed and can be built to measure up to a maximum size of 5 x 3 mt of height.

You can order security grilles on-line after a free quote to be made more directly from the site!

Once you received the product, it may require the support of a technical or install railings do it yourself by following the instructions, simple and comprehensive, available directly on the site. To install a gate drive must be a person; for those stretch it is preferable to be in two and in each case have appropriate tools base of DIY.

Who to contact? is the Italian expert in the sector, guaranteeing quality and reliability of its products. All at the best value for money as possible!

For those who want to secure their homes, specializes in the manufacture, supply and installation of railings and safety gates.

On the company website, you can use a handy service for the development of a free and without commitment, through the use of an easy and intuitive system.

For those with oversized home fixtures , realizes tailored safety gates, fixed and extensible, from any drawing.

The experts of the DIY website provides valuable support through the timely explanation of all steps to be carried out, for the installation of railings in DIY.

The headquarters is in the province of Milan but thanks to a network of installers, is able to operate efficiently throughout the country.
You can visit the factory on appointment. maximum security and competitive prices!

Buy on-line and wait your railings concealed from the comfort of home!
On the site you can get online and a free quote for the doors and windows of safety.

For information and help go to:
or call at tel: +390240326001

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