Secure doors and windows

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For adequate protection of our home it is important to make sure doors and windows break-in resistant, with the installation of safety railings.

Secure doors and windows
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

Home security

Security a casaBurglary, with the escalation of the financial crisis has become a growing phenomenon.

The thief assumed to always be able to find, in an apartment, something that is transformable into money, so goods can be sold again as a computer and technology objects of various kinds, cameras, TV, jewelry and even money itself.

An attacker may be discouraged through a few simple steps.
If you choose to install the shutters instead of blinds, you can use elements with locking system and closing.

Even the motorization of blinds adds value in terms of protection, especially if programmable: by setting timetables for closing and opening, you can simulate a presence in the house, even during the holidays.

However, to provide greater security to our homes they should be provided with home security grilles that can effectively prevent a possible burglary.

Security grilles to protect the house

Doors and windows are elements that contribute to give personality to the environment and therefore the individual parts should always be chosen with a little attention from the aesthetic point of view. This criterion, however, can not be the only one that matters: doors and windows need to ensure maximum safety, protecting the interior and making the house break-in resistant.

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Unlike what you might imagine, the statistics show that most of the 80% of burglaries occur by passing through a window or a door window and the front door of the house., with lines Heracles and Exten is the security grilles designed and certified to respond effectively to the problem of security at home.

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The installation does not require to undertake new building work or changes to existing facilities; they provide the impenetrability of each window and doors, through the use of innovative opening systems, cylinders and locks drill.

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The main characteristics of the products at are:
- Ease of use
- Clean and elegant design
- Bright colors, made with polyester powder
- Galvanized steel profiles and sanded, durable
- Hardware made of special self-locking screws
- Systems of openings with joints or hinges.

How to mount security grilles in DIY

The railing safety Hercules is designed to make the installation process really for everyone! Railing Heracles is ingenious because it is able to compensate measurement errors up to 5 cm: to err is virtually impossible.

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In addition, the DIY assembly is done in a few easy steps. No need to have equipment at home as a professional, nor even the great manual dexterity.

The only tools that are necessary to obtain: a pencil, a rotary hammer drill, an electric screwdriver (but you can also use only the drill, changing the tip with an insert).

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The installation must be done as follows:
- Place the low profile
- Drill the ledge on the right and left
- Place the high profile and mark the fixing points
- Drill the wall on the left and right
- Screw the profile on the top right through the brackets provided and repeat on the left
- Take the railing
- Place the hinge pin in the low profile
- Press the hinge pin at the top to fit it
- Release the mobile pin to fit the railing
- Try the lock

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At this point the railing certified in Class 3 is ready to use and give our home a sense of safety and security we need!

Where to go? For adequate protection of the house, is the company to deliver high reliability of its products, at the best value for money.

Specializing in the production, supply and installation in the field of passive safety, active for more than thirty years, It is the portal that welcomes anyone planning to feel secure or who has already been a victim of burglery. A great help to solve the problem of mechanical passive safety of private homes!

Through an easy to use configurator you can work out a free quote to find out what will be the cost to deal with. The company makes customized railings in fact, from any drawing.

The headquarters is in the province of Milan and can be visited by appointment; thanks to a network of installers, is able to operate in a capillary manner on the whole national territory. take shelter has never been easier.
Buy online and wait at home your railings. On the site you can get online and a free quote for door and window security.

For information and help go to the website:
or call the tel: +390240326001

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