Security gratings

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The security gratings are a retractable vertical a solution for passive protection of the house which provides the packaging within a box.

Security gratings
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Security grilles

To defend the home from intrusion of criminals can be put in place, basically, two systems of protection:

  • passive is the installation of devices that prevent the entry of outsiders;
  • active requires the use of an alarm system and surveillance.

The passive protection system, in addition to being the most traditional and tested, is the least expensive both from the economic point of view and from the point of view of the changes to be made to the property.
This type of system includes security doors, fixtures burglary, security grilles.

grate di sicurezza

The security grilles, as well as a deterrent also visual, are certainly a very good protection, but often result in changes to the facade of the building is not attractive from an aesthetic point of view.
And if the property in question is also subject to architectural or environmental constraints, is even impossible to install railings on sight.

To overcome this problem have been introduced on the market sliding gratings, but this is not always a viable solution. In fact it requires the use of a specific subframe, suitable for new buildings or buildings with non-bearing external walls, but it is impossible to use it in the historical context with the presence of masonry buildings.

Retractable vertical security gratings

A solution instead applicable in any context and really resolutive from the standpoint of the architectural integration is represented by the vertical retractable security gratings.
This is an exclusive patent Sicurlim that presents the peculiarity of being able to use the gratings, electronically operable, only when necessary, remaining for the rest of the time completely hidden from view.

This type of grating is suitable not only in contexts such as residential apartments, penthouses and villas, but also shops, where, in addition to greater security than the traditional gate, also allows greater visibility inside the stores.

The novelty of the system, can be used for doors, windows and skylights, it consists in the possibility of packing the grating within a container.
It is in fact a monoblock made of the container and from the vertical railings, and a motorized grate lockable with double lock map with bilateral horizontal block, by means of rods composed drawn rod 10 mm and the insertion, where provided of vertical reinforcements.
The crankcase is galvanized sheet 12/10, with container provided with frontal inspection and is lined with polyethylene foam adhesive.

Grate di sicurezza: grate esterne, persiane interne So, unlike other systems that clutter and darker environments, the grates Sicurlim let you experience the home enjoying maximum brightness and freedom.

The casing is able to accommodate not only the grating but also the shutter without any hindrance. The mosquito net instead can only be inserted outside the block, recessing it in the frame with a thickness of 5 mm.

The solution request, even for the most deterrent, is that which provides for the grating external and internal shutter.
If during the inspections are highlighted special cases, such as the presence of emerging beams or walls of small thickness, you can resort to the stove with grill outside, box and internal shutter.
Preserves rather more aesthetic appearance of the prospectus, the solution with external shutters and internal grating, but requires a larger box.
Finally, the solution only grating, with riduced container, is suitable to the presence of windows with shutters or blinds.

For a better insulation of the building coating delimited from the windows, you can request an insulated box with thermal coefficient class A.

The safety of the device certificate in class burglarproof 3, is guaranteed by two anti lifting systems: the first is constituted by the engine stop and the second by a lock placed in the lower maneuvering two steel rods that end their run in the uprights places in side of the grate.
The lock can be customized by installing based on the location of the wing of the frame.

Grate di sicurezza: persiane esterne, grate interne The operation is due to the presence of a motor whose rotating part in both directions produces the winding of the grate.
The operation of the grate and motor are guaranteed for 5 years.

The opening and closing occur simply by moving them through a button or remote control, also can be connected to home automation systems. In the absence of electricity you can operate them with emergency operation. The rescue operation is possible with the simple installation of a control unit that allows the movement of the grate in the absence of electric power.

Thanks to its modular system it can be added to any architectural context, without spoiling the prospects, but rather helping to enhance the aesthetics with a distinctive and elegant design.

The security gratings retractable electro-down vertical are available in two different tubular profiles, round and oval, which blend well with the different aesthetic and design.
The profiles are in FE 360 powder varnished to 180° after treatment with primer. This painting treatment, together with the electrolytic treatment of all the components, excluded any need of maintenance.
The size can be even greater than 3 meters and are available in the full range of RAL colors.

Where to go?

Sicurlim is a dynamic, flexible and innovative company, which operates throughout Italy in the security sector, able to create your own product from research to product design and marketing, and support and advice before and after sales.

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