Sliding doors and security doors for interiors

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The doors are the filter between two indoors or between the inner and the outer space, so they must first be functional but not at the expense of aesthetics.

Sliding doors and security doors for interiors
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Dierre: Silence con rivestim. laccato The doors are the filters between two interior spaces or between the interior and the outer space, they must first of all be functional. Moreover, in the second case, to this feature we must add security.

This does not necessarily mean that the aesthetic is not important, in fact, it should simply not be the only parameter to refer to when you are facing the choice of interior doors.

There are products that, in addition to being functional and safe, are certainly very aesthetically refined. Let's see some.

Sliding doors center wall

L'Invisibile: particolare pannello e maniglietta
Among the latest models of sliding doors on the market today, it is certainly worth keeping an eye on the latest from The Invisible, a company specialized in the production of sliding doors that focuses on more innovative technologies to lighten the appearance and simplify the mechanisms for opening and closing of these doors, without that the functionality and comfort of use are affected, to the advantage of the final performance.

The result is of extremely clean lines of all the models. The latest addition is a sliding door center wall, really innovative compared to other similar products with respect to the assembly, the movement and also the maintenance system.

Its main feature is that it is extremely easy to assemble: it only operates on 2 screws placed in proximity of the upper corner (always accessible even during use of the door), both for the installation and for adjusting the panel, without ever touching the door. The structure is very rigid and solid, as the aluminum walls of the subframe have the same consistency of the wall.

The cart inserted in the guide of the shock absorbers that allow softly to restrain the action of opening and closing of the door, no vibration or movements that can create damage to the plaster, nor lateral oscillations during opening/ closing.

The visible surfaces of the leaf are absolutely devoid of milled bypasses, thanks to the directional system of the base, to which the door itself is aesthetically very elegant in its linearity. Even the handles are invisible, as are flush panel and matching with it.
The Invisible center wall is available in different sizes and the real news is that with this new technology you can make a snap back like that in the crystal. Available for the designer there is also a multimedia interactive catalog that allows the preview of the chosen solution, in 3d, easy to to show to the client.

Design interior armored doors

Another leading brand of doors for interior is Oikos, which has iDoor, an armored door for interiors that stands out for its clean design and customizable according to the most diverse needs. Either version of the same plane in which the recessed wall fitting has neither screws nor hinges on sight.

It is the architect or the designer to Oikos: iDoor in finitura pelle dorata choose the finish, the dress that the door will wear, depending on whether it should be coordinated with the other doors of the house or if it will have an indipendent presence of its own.

There are, in this regard, nine variations of color lacquer, many in open pore lacquered or brushed larch, oak six variants, nine different woods other eight variants of glass, six different finishes of leather, mirror, stone acrylic or, even, with the same finish color of plaster of the wall.

iDoor is certified in Class 3 for burglary, has sound reduction index between 36 and 40 dB, as well as fire resistance class EI30. Very particular the iDoor in the picture, with leather trim and golden flush mounting inside. Specifically, it is designed to connect the two living/ sleeping areas, adding a special touch to furniture.

Armored oors, but you do not see itDierre: Silence, particolare cerniera

Speaking about doors for interiors, Dierre presents Silence, apparently a normal internal door, actually a real barrier, whose elegant finishes hide the true soul of this impenetrable door. Silence is a closed armored designed to provide peace of mind to the residents of the house.

It is ideal for the bedroom, to close the passage between the house and the garage, in short, more generally, to really make sure every room where objects are kept and memories are treasured.

The system adopted to operate the security door Silence is very simple and intuitive to use: to close both inside and outside, simply rotate the handle upward, in order to snap the bolts.

Dierre: Silence rasomuro You will use the key to open only from outside, as from inside is sufficient to operate the handle in a normal way.

More specifically, the hinges are hidden from the leaf and the frame, the door is shatterproof in Class 3 ENV1627, in just 57 mm thick. It is well-equipped with shatterproof 3 fixed bolts, the soul of the swing plate and double foil hood.

It isperfectly coplanar to the wall and the frame is made with a special profile in aluminum, it can be bricked or anchored to existing structures in wood.

Post: Sliding doors and security doors for interiors
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