Sliding doors on the outer rail in glass

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Decorate with style means choosing precisely all the elements that make up a house, even the doors, in fact, contribute to the final effect.

Sliding doors on the outer rail in glass
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

The sliding doors represent the evolution of the traditional system of closure formed by the classical swing door.
In addition to the traditional function of closure and separation of environments, the sliding door is functional and aesthetically distinctive, as it eliminates the 'size of the panel and decorate.

How does a sliding door

porta scorrevole interna A sliding door is constituted by a classic frame to which is coupled a rail on which is slid l 'door.

It can slide inside the masonry, retractable, if the thickness and size permits, or on the outside, thus making the leaf a real piece of furniture.
The sash, in both cases, can be constituted by a structure made ??of wood, aluminum or glass, and in the latter case, with the sliding outside, the door is not a simple partition but a design object. All this is thanks to the new sliding systems, light, almost invisible.

Sliding doors on the outer rail

particolare aggancio The sliding doors in the outer rail need not subframe and are constituted by a paneling flowing within a true binary closed at the top and consists of a C-profile, or by a 'rod to which are literally hooked through the doors of bolting or hooks spider, like the ones we see in the facades made ??of structural glass.

Are available on the market in a lot of possibilities of personalization, so as to adapt perfectly to any type of furniture. In fact, they are real pieces of furniture.

Above the glass doors offer endless possibilities for decoration, serigraphs and prints. Of course, are much more delicate than any other type of door, but the aesthetic result is guaranteed.

Let's see some.

Glass doors

casali The Crystal
, Sicilian company specializing in glass processing, offers a line of sliding doors to the house with different slip systems: on demand or within the track. That proposed in the image in the gallery is a door with a system view, opaque glass worked with simple decorations. When complete vertical handles for hooking in security of the panels.

Casali , the endless catalog of proposals, offers Virgo, the classical sliding door with a glass door, but shaped-hence the name of the same-and equipped with stainless steel handle, but covered with leather.
The same company also presents a line of doors inspired by some of the most important motion picture, music, like James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, adaptable clearly more youthful and dynamic contexts.

a-tipiko A system that, instead, reverses the classical operation: the collection of sliding doors Independent realized by A-tipiko Doors consists of wheels attached to the wall in place of the track and the track is attached to the leaf.

All with the maximum customization: different essences of wood, patterns and colors of decorative glass.

Finally, use of the sliding doors external means also have the possibility of shielding environments with large doors of binary.

The module, in fact, a swing door can range from simple 70-80 cm of classic doors until you get to the real walls with sliding systems qualitatively more. The wider the form of the leaf, the more the system performance must be equipped with silencers and dampers that make the door secure, quiet and durable.

longhi An example is given by the doors Longhi , a line of all Cristal, doors with sliding system superimposed crystal glass available in various customizations: clear glass, lacquered, satin, decorated with patterns, with aluminum structure and the possibility of coating also in wood.

This type, which constitutes a real partition wall, clearly, can also be used as a separation element for wardrobes.

So, take a sliding door rail outer glass is an excellent solution for those who need to give a greater feeling of openness to environment: in this way we obtain the dual function of decorating the environment and give the uminosit?.

Post: Sliding doors on the outer rail in glass
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