Soundproofing doors

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In the case of property used as a residence and also to work, the best way to ensure the privacy you get with soundproof doors.

Soundproofing doors
Arch. Silvio Indaco
Arch. Silvio Indaco

The serenity of living space is a condition that goes through the achievement of certain performance livability of the common areas and those where activities promiscuous or possibly annoying. One of the factors that most affect the tranquility of the home is definitely noise pollution, the set of noise and emissions of various types that represent a real attack on the quiet life.

It 's true that the problem is greater when it comes to the workplace with noisy activities, but it is also true that now the quantity and type of activities that take place at home, especially when a family is large, may provide leisure occupations that are enjoyable, for those who place, but a little 'less for those who suffered. And therein lies the problem of noise reduction through a series of actions and the use of elements specifically designed for this function.

Inquinamento acustico If the bulk of the work focuses on improving sound insulation sound insulation between the inner and outer walls of a home, not always works on the interior doors, because it is not usually considered necessary. It 's true, however, that some activities in the kitchen, as well as in the case of the simultaneous presence of home and office in the same building, suggest the installation of this type, to ensure privacy and tranquility.

Special doors soundproofing

In special cases, then, it happens that those who work in the field of music has the need to live together with the home recording studio / rehearsal space, and beyond the necessary special works of soundproofing the walls need to install soundproofing doors exceptionally efficient : for cases like this Hormann door HS75 offers highly soundproof a swing type hinged prominent.

Hormann: Porta Insonorizzante HS75 These doors are equipped with a coefficient of soundproofing up to 61dB, obtained, in particular, thanks to a structure of the door carefully designed with abutment on 4 sides with a gasket. To provide a comprehensive service tailored to the various needs of customers, including the highly soundproof doors Hormann, like all those of his extensive catalog are available on request, with amenities such as additional anti-theft equipment that allows the two closures to ensure the requirements of strength class 2 seconds UNIV NV 1627.

For the transition to the ground, because of the needs and demands of the customer, are possible alternatives to 'running joke on all 4 sides: for example, a' run with two seals retractable floor, or two lip seals made ??of synthetic material with feedback to threshold, which ensures a coefficient of soundproofing equal to 59dB. For optimal performance of the function soundproofing we recommend mounting on concrete and masonry, is not recommended, however, in the case of aerated concrete masonry.

In some special cases, always related to the simultaneous presence of home and place of work, it may be useful and necessary to match the performance characteristics of sound absorption of partition door, a surface finish of particular value that enhances the door and give luster to the image and professionalism of those who work: in some cases, a pleasant and optimal solution can be represented by an insulated door with leather upholstery of Leatherdoor , which offers a variety of models with different designs padding.

Leatherdoor: Porta insonorizzante imbottita Minister A particular model is Testudo, characterized by a drawing of the padding simple and straightforward, clean and simple, regular and compact squares, to recall, as the same manufacturer declares, a design inspired by medieval times, when life is often led in fortified towns, where doors and entrance doors should be solid and durable. With a design far more worked and deliberately sought, the Minister door has a diagram that looks like a little 'pattern of some coffered ceilings. Classic and elegant, this door features a distinctive style that combines geometry and linearity, adaptable, therefore, to the tastes and demands of many.

Both of these ports, as well as other Leatherdoor of the catalog, which is a special section of the Milan company Steeltech, can be realized with structure and wood frame, which ensures a reduction of 32/37 dB, or with steel frame structure and coated wood, can achieve sound damping levels of 40/45/50 dB, with multi-point lock, with double or triple lines and gaskets double or triple.

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