The garage door

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The garage door must ensure the necessary safety for the garage and security in its inviolability: how to change the garage door without the need for building work

The garage door
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

The garage and the door size

When the opening of the garage is not large enough it can cause many problems for maneuver during the steps to the car park.

On the surface it would seem hard to find a problem, if you take into account newly built housing estates.
In fact, most of the metropolitan condominiums built in the 50s and 60s have been conceived in consideration of the volume of passenger cars built at the time that were equipped with only one mirror.

Porta basculante da garage di Officine Locati
Nowadays these openings are often inadequate to the current needs and the measures of our vehicles, becoming a nightmare for those who have to maneuver, daily risking to damage the car body and unnecessary contortions to get out, often a real challenge for the elderly.

So, how to improve the conformity to standards of the garage without resorting to building work which could be economically costly and give rise to disputes between apartment buildings?

The garage door: more space and zero counterweights

An innovative solution was introduced by Officine Locati, a leading manufacturer of security locks since 1925.
Their door garage door eliminates the counterweight side, earning up to fifteen centimeters of transit space used without having to make any masonry work!

Guida per le porte da garage di Officine Locati

The replacement of the door is a fast operation that ends in a few hours and does not require permission by the condominium.
The new doors are constructed in compliance with the laws on the mandatory ventilation, which all garages must comply, even those of an old building.

Government incentives for the replacement of the garage door

50% riduzione tasse per le porte del garage For work performed on existing buildings exclusively for residential use, therefore, including the replacement or installation of self-stabilizing garage doors of private, you can enjoy the 50% of the income on tax deduction.

In addition, for operations subject to 50% deduction will be applied to the execution of the work, of the VAT rate of 10%. The deduction is distributed only in ten equal annual payments.
This tax credit, with the new Stability Law will be extended until 31 December 2016.

Comfort and safety of the garage door

The convenience of this space-saving overhead door certainly is one of its strengths but not the only one; Also security is more assured that the quality of materials and construction techniques.

The inviolability of the home and all spaces connected to it is a condition that can not be ignored in order to live peacefully in the home at least.

Porta garage basculante, Officine Locati Monza
The self-stabilizing doors by Officine Locati are lockable with security cylinder, a more durable and less breakable system than traditional locks with rotating handle and release lever inside; the lock is protected by a reinforcing plate internal and external, to which you may add a second at the bottom, for a total of four locking points.

Most of the doors are subjected to epoxy coating; Moreover, these doors by Officine Locati are often automated with remote control, for the maximum comfort of the user.
In any case, even manually, the door is easy maneuverable because made light from the compensation mechanism with the torsion spring placed above the door panel.

Garage door: quote in one click!

Evene gaining a few centimeters of passage can be a great advantage for those who suffer the discomfort of having minimal openings access to their garage.

The cost of replacing the door with a self-stabilizing door by Officine Locati is easily quantifiable in a few clicks, via the company portal.

On the web site you can also get all kinds of useful information about the kinds of garage doors as for other products of the same brand (railings and armored shutters, blinds and doors etc.), The history of this manufacturing company, all useful instructions to be able to claim tax deductions, and about the possible opportunity to visit the departments in person.

Who to contact?

Officine Locati Industry leader, this year Officine Locati celebrates its 90 years of activity in the production of safety closures.
It boasts a fully vertically integrated production, the steel tape, the single component to the end product achieved.
Quality, trustworthiness and reliability since 1925 are the adjectives that best summarize the main aspects of this all-Italian brand.

The technical and commercial choices are focused on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, whose relationship with the company often lasts for generations.
The respect for safety and for the continuous technological upgrade only increase the reliability of their products.

Officine Locati
Via Lecco, 55, 20900 Monza MB Italy
For more information and contacts call: 0039.039 322428
or visit:

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