Bathroom curtains can help you create the right environment

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Bathroom curtains can help you make the environment more intimate and welcoming, you just need to know how to choose the right model, color, fabric and style.

December 21 2020, at 15:50
Arch. Titti Cicchiello
Arch. Titti Cicchiello

How to choose bathroom window curtains

Every single element contributes to the style of a room and, at least if we are talking about a modern house, we must say that the bathroom is no exception.

Bathroom curtains are a decorative, functional and indispensable piece of furniture to give personality to the environment.
In fact, they allow you to fill large spaces, regulate the brightness in an environment and above all create a filter between the internal and external environments: this piece of furniture guarantees security and privacy.

There are many types and price ranges but, very often, putting curtains in all the main rooms of the house can be expensive and bacause of that, if not necessary, they are the first accessory you tend to give up.














In the bathroom, however, curtains are usually placed because it is considered a room in itself and there is no need to combine them with the rest of the house, but above all for the following peculiar aspects of this room:

  • Humidity, one of the essential factors to think about as a curtain made with materials that do not resist to the vapors of the bathroom can lead to mold growth over time;

  • Cleaning, the bathroom is an environment that gets dirty often and very easily, so it is necessary to choose suitable and easy-to-clean materials, while avoiding germs and bacteria and keeping the environment clean and healthy;

  • The bathroom is usually small size and it is often good to opt for a space-saving solution as in the bathroom the windows are often small;

  • Privacy, it is important that the curtains are equipped with a blackout fabric that allows you to experience the bathroom in total intimacy, especially if the window overlooks nearby streets or buildings;

  • Lighting, there is no need for excessive light in the bathroom, so curtains that gently filter the sun's rays are the best choice.

These are the reasons why curtains for small size bathroom windows are almost always preferred, they also can be applied directly to glass.

To give that extra touch you can also decide to enrich them in the upper part with drapes, also because the bathroom curtains, compared to the kitchen ones, get dirty much less, which is why they do not need frequent washing.

Bathroom shower curtains, IKEA, Kinnen
Among the aspects to consider when choosing a bathroom window curtain, privacy is a very important topic and requires different solutions depending on each different case.

One might think that to protect from outside eyes it is better to choose a curtain with a heavier fabric, therefore double, but it would not be a correct choice as a too heavy curtain would take away a lot of light from the room.

It is usually better to choose light or medium fabrics that shield from the outside but also let some of the light through. Otherwise you can choose curtain models with non-straight fabric that show just the shape from the outside.

Models of bathroom curtains

We know that in addition to practicality, aesthetics also play a role. Precisely for this reason the design of the curtains must adapt to the furniture, personality and style you prefer.

There are many models of curtains to choose from.

Rod curtains, a great classic that usually includes full-length curtains that are often associated with a classic style of furniture. They are simply the best curtains: a timeless curled sheet that runs on a rail or rod.
The more the fabric is curled, the more elegant the curtain looks.

The classic curtain is one of the most versatile models since it can be made in any type of fabric, with different types of curling and enriched with various accessories such as tiebacks, drapes and embroidery. Usually people choose them as shower curtains.

Leroy Merlin provides these products, with a wide range of models suitable for every type of need and aesthetic taste, with single-color fabrics or fabrics with decorative textures that give that extra touch of elegance to the environment.

Bath curtain, rod, Leroy Merlin
Roman blinds, the emblem of a classic look and functionality, an elegant and practical solution with vertical opening and closing of the curtain that takes place through a sliding mechanism.

It is one of the most requested solutions because they do not clutter and do not need lateral space to be closed and it is perfect for those who do not want to give up design even in the bathroom area.

The Roman blinds are divided into:

  • Simple or smooth Roman blinds, in which the fabric opens to remain straight and smooth. It is a sober and modern model which has the advantage of showing the design of the fabric.
    Sometimes the smooth package is battened and horizontal slats are inserted into the fabric, at regular intervals: this process is useful to stretch the curtain well when it is open and make it close more orderly.

  • Curled Roman blinds or balloon curtains. They have the same opening and closing system as plain Roman blinds, but here the fabric is not stretched and there are flounces in the final part.
    With the same fabric, the gathered Roman blinds guarantee greater privacy because the movement of the cloth allows you to glimpse the person's shade but not to properly distinguish it.

Bathroom Roman blind, IKEA, Ringblomma
IKEA offers many similar models as well, including the packaged ones of the Ringblomma line, characterized by a variety of colors that give the bathroom that extra touch of liveliness that enlivens the environment and makes it even more pleasant to look at.

Their functionality is enhanced by the fact that the curtain can be locked at different heights thanks to magnets and they are also suitable for more humid environments such as the bathroom.

Roller blinds, a modern solution which, like those with the package system, is very practical because the blinds do not clutter and even when they reach the ground they remain well adherent to the window.
They are equipped with a roller, either visible or hidden inside the ceiling, and can be motorized or manual. This type of curtains is perfect for bathrooms characterized by a minimal and linear style.

Panel curtains, a model made up of one or more panels of smooth fabric that move horizontally on a track. At the bottom of each panel there is a pocket in which a weight is inserted which serves to stretch the fabric, preventing it from flapping.

This solution is used when the window is large and it is preferred to cover it in sections rather than with a single curtain in order to be able to move only the panel that is needed.

Panel curtains are ideal for a modern style bathroom but also suit most styles of furniture, with the exception of those particularly Provencal, elegant or baroque.

Bathroom panel curtain, IKEA, Anno Tupplur
Venetian blinds, perfect for those who love practical and modern furnishings, allow you to modulate the entry of light from the outside, up to completely shielding it.
They are also the easiest to clean because you just need to wipe them with a cloth.

Modern glass curtains are applied directly on the glass or on the frame of the fixtures.
They are mainly used when the windows are small and equipped with an opening.

The convenience of this choice lies in the fact that the curtain always remains fixed even when the windows are open.

Choice of the right color and fabric

When it comes to color we must start from a fundamental premise: the color of the curtains must not annoy or be excessive.

For this reason, there are usually two possible paths to follow: choose a color matched to a characteristic element of the wall and particularly representative of the room or opt for a neutral and natural color that allows you to avoid mistakes.

Once you have chosen the color, you can devote yourself to choosing the decoration that can be plain or slightly decorated, a choice that actually depends on your taste.
However, the advice is to avoid too excessive printing that may not be in harmony with the rest of the environment.

Shower curtain, Samo design
Samo Spa proposes many different models of curtains from the Open series, made of white, green, sand, grey, blue and purple silk.

The material is water repellent, antibacterial and you can also easily wash all of them by end hand. The curtains go very well with the glass plate treated with digital printing, another great accessory, and the maximum height is 210 cm.

When it comes to choosing the fabric it is always better, first of all, to make room for practicality, avoiding to buy an excessively particular fabric which, in most cases, will also be difficult to wash and therefore increases the time spent cleaning the bathroom.

Natural fibers, such as linen and cotton, are more expensive but guarantee a long life, however, synthetic fibers are cheaper and easier to wash. In any case, it is advisable to choose fibers that let the light through, to avoid having a bathroom that is too badly lit.

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