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The double bed container can use the space under the net in a rational manner, like a closed container. Let's see some solutions.

Bed container
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Double bed box, a modern selection: measures and dimensions

The double bed is a kind of container typically modern.
Everything seems to be initiated by the need to be able to store, in the holiday homes on the mountain, skis, boots and other related items in a holding area in the bed, rather than under the bed, as it commonly was.

Urban myth or truth that is, the fact is that really the idea of being able to use rationally the space below the net, like a closed container, took more and more ground. And it also includes the reason, given the size of the rooms in modern houses.

This extra space appears to be really useful, just think of the possibility of being able to exploit either for storing duvets and blankets during the change of season. Or it could be the space in which to place pillows and bedding for more guests, or bulky sweaters and winter jackets.

In short, depending on the latitude or personal habits or sports played (remember skis and boots!) Or, more simply, for lack of space, the idea of the bed container is gaining more and more approval.

However, it is to consider that also the double container, as all the other types of beds, has specific measures to be taken into account during the interior design.

The measures relate to the minimum/ maximum external dimensions of the structure, or the headboard and bed frame, taking into account the inside of these elements that should allow the housing of mattresses with a precise bulck, because the nets are already part of the bed frame itself .

These measures, generally ranging from 140x190 cm of a solution net/ double mattress so-called French, to 180x200 cm, more modern and traditional, for example, of beds upholstered only with the bed frame. Betweenthese two extreme measures there are other intermediate, depending of the producer.

In such cases for the same internal measures for the net and the mattress, the final footprint of the complete bed is different. This diversity is well taken into account immediately, to avoid getting into a room where it will be problematic, for example, to open the doors of a wardrobe at the foot of the bed, or provide immediate solution with sliding doors.

But let's focus now on the bed container type, let's see some interesting model both in the production of high range furniture, and in the large-scale distribution.

Guide to the choice of the bed container, between technique and aesthetics

So let's see some of these beds, fishing among the best known brands in the most interesting from the aesthetic point of view and, above all, from the technical. Obviously with the term bed container we mean one that has the pull-up slats which represents the closure of the container.

There are models of the bed, in fact, that have drawers under the net, and that, erroneously, are defined by some people, also, beds containers.

It is since 1988 that Oggioni designs and builds container beds, becoming a full one of the industry leaders. The opening mechanism of these products is guaranteed 15 years, while the gas springs are for 5 years.
Letto contenitore: Oggioni meccanismo Levitec
There are some technical details on which is really worth lingering to appreciate this type of container bed, starting precisely from the opening mechanism with gas springs attached near the headboard, so as to leave free the side and thus allow an optimal side accessibility to occupy all the space of the compartment.

Also interesting is the device Levitec® applied to this type of structure and that allows the simultaneous management of opening and lifting for continuous use, without problems.

Another special feature is the presence of ventilated angular Air System that allows optimum air circulation in the container compartment, thus avoiding the danger of stagnation of humidity.

Letto contenitore: Oggioni il meccanismo arretrato
The tops of all the Oggioni beds with container are removable, to allow a thorough cleaning while the dirt-repellent coating applied on the slatted base, in addition to guaranteeing a right grip of the mattress, ensures even more tightness to the compartment.

As an option, in these structures you can also place a security box to store values and important documents.

Among the various models of upholstered beds, completely removable and customizable choosing among the many fabrics and colors in the catalog of Oggioni, I point out the Bravo Combi model, in the version Combi Castle, which adds to the storage unit itself, a functional pull out bed to use in case of emergency or a pair of practical extractable box. The storage space of the double bed (mattress 165 cm wide and 200 long) is 18 cm high, with a capacity of 400 liters.

The model Bravo Combi is customizable, as well as coatings and colors, also the headboard, being able to choose, as well as the version Combi Castle, among other 4: Combi Kay, Kiros Combi, Combi Kelly and the classic Combi A with only bedframe.

Another feature of the beds Oggioni container is the possibility to choose the type of bed frame, or the standard type and round type, so it is difficult to talk about models of beds, rather it is better to use the definition bed system.

The range to choose from is rich, ranging from classic modern twist as in the Opera system, the most modern systems Force Plus or Premium, including all three different versions, depending on the headboard choice.

Storage bed version GDO

It is suitable for a French solution the double bed container Herdla, by Ikea, with its external measurements of maximum overall dimension of 201 cm in length and 152 cm in width, for a mattress of 140x200 cm. The net is supported directly on the base container slats of birch plywood shaped.

Letto contenitore: Ikea, Herdla
The main parts of this bed are made of chipboard decorated surface in sheets of melamine effect bleached oak, while the base frame is steel coated with epoxy. The upper cross slat and the base are made of lacquered wood fiber in embossed acrylic.

Letto contenitore: Ikea Gressvik
Gressvik, again from Ikea, have the measures to accommodate a classic double mattress, size 160x200 cm. It is a model of bed suitable for any style of furniture, both classic and modern, as was the entire hotel and upholstered headboard covered in fabric, in the colors gray or sand, removable and machine washable at 40°C (not bleach or put in the dryer).

The structure of the bed with headboard is also made in chipboard, upholstered with polyurethane foam density 18 kg/ m3.
The cover with volant/ 2 cushions is made of polyester 65% and cotton for the remaining 35%.
The padding of the head restraint is coated in TNT (non-woven fabric, and then not put in water) and is made of polyester fibers.

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