Bedroom in oriental style: project idea

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Freehand project for a Oriental style bedroom, where natural elements create a harmonious architecture that leads to mental and physical wellbeing.

Bedroom in oriental style: project idea
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

Furnish the house in oriental style

Oriental style: the Oriental style for furniture is based on a philosophy that aims to harmonious balance between man and nature, expressed through minimalist and soft atmospheres which give an intimate and spiritual layout to the house environments.

One of the peculiar aspects of the oriental style consists in so-called floor living, ie literally live on the floor, by means of furnishings essential forms that tend to develop typically horizontally, to give the sense of the material contact with the natural habitat.

Arredamento in stile orientale

The image in the picture is an example of such a horizontal state in the configuration of a living room decor, where prevail short pieces of furniture, as the wooden coffee table that can be used for representation to welcome guests in a relaxed and informal way.

The feeling of physical contact with the floor is accentuated by the presence of cushions positioned directly on the ground and used as seats, which can be stabilized by wooden support structures, with or without a backrest.
The bright colors of fabrics and natural wood essences help to create a bright and peaceful mood that invite to the wellness of body and mind.

Plant design for the bedroom

The underlying plant project illustrates the distribution of space in the sleeping area of a medium size residential apartment.
According to the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, it is essential the position of the bedroom in the house plant, or its distance and displacement with respect to the main entrance door, even more than it might be relevant the cardinal position of the bed itself.

Pianta zona notte con tragitto entrata letto

For this reason, I highlighted with the red line the route starting from the entrance, to the bed of the master bedroom.
A route entry-bed that includes at least three or four right angles, is the spatial configuration more favorable to increase the feeling of protection from danger or threats from outside of the house, causing the need for mental and physical comfort of a peaceful and balanced sleep.

The various steps starting from the entrance, through the hallway to the functional areas of the sleeping area, are governed by features sliding doors: they move parallel to the walls, thus functioning as a typical decoration of oriental taste, as well as curtains can filter and enhance the natural luminosity.
Adjacent to the master bedroom, we see a door opening that is used as a hall locker, interpreted as an equivalent of the wardrobe of more purely Western conception.

Perspective drawing for bedroom in oriental style

In my freehand representation, we have the global perspective of the bedroom, reinterpreted in a typical oriental style furniture.

Design per camera da letto in stile orientale

The flooring consists of longitudinally disposed wooden boards, that give a warm and natural atmosphere to the sleeping area.
In the background, we see a glimpse of the antechamber angular dressing room, furnished with closets whose fronts with wooden strips that define a checkerboard geometry.

The ceiling is structured in coffers, drawn with crosses of thin wooden beams, creating a contrast with the longitudinal arrangement of the floor.
On the wall, a series of vertical, rectangular panels are the interconnection between the floor and the ceiling, since they are typically extended so as to redefine the structure of the room, acting both as a wall covering, either by sliding doors, and by shielding curtains.

These panels are composed of a interwined wooden structure, which is covered with rice paper or fabric.
When you take on the function of dividing doors, these panels are designated by the term fusuma, which indicates one of the distinctive and dominant components of the typical Japanese architecture.
The fusuma run on two wooden tracks: a lower rail embedded in the floor and a top rail on the lintel ceiling.

As a whole, in the setting that I conceived, it creates a geometric design in which the wooden strips intersect in vertical and horizontal, with distances differentiated so as to give an overall effect of optical amplification.

A floor, is lying in a large wicker mat, which rests on a carpet in soft burgundy, which directly receives the futon, which is the characteristic of cotton mattress rolled up.

The headboard is composed of two flag cushions, supported by a wooden stick fixed to the wall.
Two coffee wooden tables are the essential look bed side tables, on which are suspended two spherical lamps made of rice paper, to illuminate the bed area.

In the foreground, a small but wider table, can be used both as support for prayer books, both as a coffee table to enjoy a relaxing herbal tea.
The seats are simply pillows en rouge placed directly on the floor, combined with the color of the bedside rugs.

Scented candles, essential oils and incense are scattered around and complete the oriental mood; in angular position, well lit by French doors, makes a fine show a bonsai, impeccable testimonial of nature at home, according to the most authentic oriental tradition.

The result is an environment characterized by night natural materials such as wood, rice paper, bamboo, fabrics, to create a set iridescent where alternate intersections wooden wall and ceiling, defining a bright space that induces a feeling of spacious comfort and relaxation.

Our online service freehand design on offers the privilege to reconfigure the interior, through creative and functional solutions, giving rise to new locations in the architectural style that faithfully interpret the specific housing needs.

Post: Bedroom in oriental style: project idea
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