Bergere armchair

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The Bergere armchair is among the most popular for design lovers because it is well suited to various style, giving a touch of refinement to the environments.

Bergere armchair
Arch. Caterina Scamardella
Arch. Caterina Scamardella

Timeless Bergere armchair

The Bergere armchair is not world-wide famous yet but this design object is very well known and present in many modern homes. Someone is looking for it as an armchair with ears, because as we will see this is one of its characteristics.










Let's see together the history of this armchair, how it has evolved over time and how it can help us to give refinement to our environments even if of different styles.

Bergere armchair history

The Bergere armchair was created in the eighteenth century in France and was therefore very much in use at the court of King Louis XV. It was in the homes of the French nobles and was an element of distinction between the rich and the poor, in short, it communicated a social status.

It accompanied the evenings of festivities in the aristocratic salons and in the dining and dance halls.

In its most classic form this armchair is still suitable for the homes of lovers of a romantic and luxurious style.

Bergere classic armchair

The classic shape, in fact, has sinuous lines and highly sought-after materials.
It looks almost like a throne.

It is very low, with the armrests slightly apart and padded, thus providing a very comfortable seat for moments of relaxation and reading lovers.

The padding extends along the back and along the armrests and is often also equipped with a movable cushion.

Poltrene Bergere classiche - Pinterest

Originally, however, while the seat was very padded, the backrest and armrests were thinner, to show the beauty of the beech of which the armchair was made.

Finally, the backrest is strongly characterized by the presence of two lateral protrusions, headrests that look like two ears.

Modern bergere armchair

Over time this armchair has undergone many imitations, variations and declinations.
Rivisitazione Poltrona Frau della Bergere, la 1919Revisiting Poltrona Frau of Bergere, 1919

One of the most famous is the Bergere Poltrona Frau armchair, the 1919, designed for the Duke of Pistoia, in which the capitonnè effect for the backrest was added to the original model.

Another characteristic element is the duke's ashtray, a very sui generis accessory. The material used for the upholstery in this case is leather.
Poltrona Bergere Chelsea di Molteni&C.Bergere Chelsea armchair by Molteni & C.

Another more recent example is Chelsea by Molteni & C, an armchair with a high back in removable fabric available in various finishes including leather.
The structure is in stained solid wood, of various kinds: walnut, oak, eucalyptus.

Mandrague di Molteni&C. rivisitazione della BergereMandrague by Molteni & C. reinterpretation of the Bergere

This brand also offers a very fun variant of the Bergere armchair.
We're talking about the Mandrague, an armchair halfway between the classic Bergere and a sixties pop art armchair. The structure here is in tubular steel and the covering in various finishes is always removable.

Ikea vintage armchair

There are some cheaper versions of the Bergere armchair.

Versione in pelle della Strandmon di IKEA Leather version of IKEA's Strandmon

Among these is the Strandmon model by IKEA, available in various finishes, from the most pop and economical in yellow fabric to the most elegant and refined ones in velvet or leather, suitable for a classic style or in the second case for an industrial environment.

Maison du Monde bedroom armchairs

Maisons Du Monde also has its own version of the Bergere armchair.
Manoir is an armchair suitable for the most pompous and shabby-style environments for its elegant and sinuous shapes.
Poltrona Manoir di Maisons du Monde Manoir armchair by Maisons du Monde

The structure is in wood while the upholstery is in linen. Particularly suitable for the bedroom or a conversation area.

Where you can put a Bergere armchair

At its origins the Bergere armchair was a seat for the dining area and the living room, but today it has conquered new positions.
It is particularly suitable for furnishing a conversation area in the living room, paired with another armchair or as an accompaniment to a sofa for larger rooms.

Una zona conversazione con poltrone Bergere rivisitate - Pinterest
Alternatively, also in the living room you can create a private relaxation area, completing it with a pouf from the same series, a very minimal coffee table, so as not to lose the central role of the armchair, and a reading floor lamp.

Momento di relax sulla poltrona Bergere - Pinterest
Another right place for the Bergere armchair is the bedroom, where its style can be echoed in the headboard of the bed. This model, on the other hand, can also be the only classic element in a modern context, breaking the monotony and becoming a real protagonist of the house.

Poltrona Bergere T-Vision di TwilsBergere T-Vision armchair by Twils

Even more enveloping is T-Vision by Twils, a very comfortable wingchair with a metal structure, padded with polyurethane foam, covered in anatomic viscoelastic rubber and with various finishes.

A refined exterior

Can an armchair created for interiors become a must have also for the outodoor?
The Bergere armchair has won this challenge thanks to some models created specifically for the outdoors.
Poltrona Bergere per esterno Knit di EthimoBergere outdoor armchair Knit by Ethimo

The first one that I show you is Knit by Ethimo, an outdoor armchair, also a rocking chair, designed by Patrick Norguet, with natural teak structure and covering in waterproof material.
Summer Set di Varaschin, una Bergere da esterno
Summer Set by Varaschin, an outdoor Bergere

The second model is Summer Set, a wingchair by Varaschin SpA designed by Cristophe Pillet. In this case we have an armchair with essential lines made with a recyclable powder coated steel structure and customizable and waterproof covering.

An armchair for different styles

The classic style is the one that first and foremost goes along with the Bergere armchair, but it is not the only one, as I have already said. This type of armchair, precisely because it looks like a king's throne, is perfect for luxury environments, especially with the most refined and precious coverings such as velvet or silk.

Versione in velluto di Strandmon di IKEAVelvet version of IKEA's Strandmon

Staying on the classic, the shabby style will want a Bergere armchair with a pickled wood structure and light colors, which recall the romanticism of this style.

Poltrona Bergere in un contesto dallo stile eclettico - Pinterest

In houses with a more contemporary style, you can choose a reinterpretation in a more modern key, adapting it to the context. Alternatively, the Bergere armchair in a more classic version can become the voice out of the chorus that gives character to the space.

The more colorful reinterpretations go very well in contemporary or pop contexts.

Stile Japandi per questa ambientazione della bergere - Pinterest

Those with simplified lines and neutral colors, like the IKEA classic, recall the Scandinavian style, even in its more current variants Japandi and Scandifornian.

Also, the leather versions go well with an industrial style, which features vintage elements like this one.

How much does a Bergere armchair cost?

Costs vary depending on the brand you choose and the finishes with which a Bergere armchair is made.

It starts with the cheapest IKEA Strandmon which is around 200 euros to also exceed 6,000 euros and more for the most famous brands.

Sometimes Bergere armchairs can also be found in antiques markets and in that case, if the structure is in good condition, you can opt for a restoration with upholstery.

To understand how much it costs to cover a Bergere armchair, it is necessary to consider a series of factors. First, the state of the padding and then the type of fabric you want to use to cover it. To this we must then add the cost of the labor of the craftsman who will take care of it.

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