Bike rack for apartment

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From means of transport to a piece of furniture: now we can park the bike and expose it at home, thanks to design solutions that enhance the bike rack.

Bike rack for apartment
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Bike rack design

The days are getting longer, increasing daylight hours and the temperature of the beginning of spring is becoming more enjoyable. For those who travel in the city is high time to dust off your bike, ecological means of transport and useful tool to move, stay healthy and physically fit.

porta bici appartamento
The bike, whether you choose to use it for commuting, leisure to enjoy rides in nature or to do sports, is a valuable partner which can find space in the house.

The habit of storing the bike at rest at home and not in the garage, imported from foreign countries, can be a choice or a necessity which fortunately is often coupled with the design, with solutions especially designed to accommodate the bike in the home space, making it a piece of furniture to be valued and not to hide.

Combined solutions: bike racks and wardrobe

An excellent proposal designed to emphasize the bike, giving it a neat space inside the house, is the project Ciao by Bastian Hoges, a designer who has decided to create a wall structure that would meet more functions.

Ciao porta bici Formabilio
In the first place it is a bike rack, but also a useful wardrobe to hang jackets, bags and storing shoes and other objects that accompany us in our hectic days.

Back home everything will have its own place and the next morning everything will be close at hand: ready to saddle up. Project Ciao was realized by modeling a long metal tube steel, accompanied by leather parts, to create a dynamic mix: a perfect coat rack and bike rack ideal for the entrance.

Ciao is a design project submitted for a competition Formabilio.

Meets the same need also the bike rack by which incorporates in its frame structure spaces designed to contain objects of daily use as a backpack, books, jackets, etc. ...

Portabici Postfossil This storage-wardrobe has a large area dedicated to the guest of honor: the frame of the bicycle, which is proudly exposed to view in the house.

The entire structure is made in simple materials: fir wood, coconut fiber and steel.

The effect is that of a wall system, no frills and very masculine, very useful in the home: the dimensions are 280 mm x 1975 mm x 1665 mm.
The designer is Thomas Walde.

Bike racks wall hanging

It's called Dock Bike by The.Flxble the wall rack designed for those who like clean lines and minimal.
The body of the bike rack that hangs on the wall is made in wood, while the part that houses the bike frame is made in soft wool felt, for a total protection of the bike.

porta bici
The support in birch is foldable and is obtained through a precise cutting technique, which provides stability to the bike, thanks to the pair of super-resistant tape that creates the flap.
Dock Bike also includes a double function tape: it protects the wall from the free wheel and works as belt lock for the pants, to be used during the ride.

A very simple solution to a small encumbrance and a perfected output is represented by Cycloc Solo by, a hook to be fixed on the wall in a few moves used to hold the bike.

porta bici gancio Cycloc Three easy pieces to anchor the carrier to the wall, available in four colors (white, black, green and red), and that's it.

This hook will be very useful to hang at the desired height, the bike in a wall of your home or office, for air parking that will make your bike a piece of furniture, at least when not in use.

The support is designed to accommodate all types of bikes: from the walk kind to the sport models. Feature and color to the function of practicality.

Bike rack shelf

porta bici appartamento
Slit is called the bike rack by stylish and practical use, almost invisible when closed.

Slit employs a sophisticated folding mechanism which becomes retractable.
The result, at sight, appears to be that of a flap frame that protrudes from the wall specially to fix the bike.

The same model is available in several versions depending on the type of bike you want to store, with massive wheels in the case of mountain bikes or high circles.

porta bici a mensola
The design wall bike rack weighs 4 pounds and its dimensions are: 45 cm wide x 45 cm high x 3 cm (when closed) deep x 35 cm (when the flap is open).

In addition to serving as a bike rack, the shelf can be used as a useful shelf for keys, lock, coin trays, etc ...

Slit is available in white, elegant for those who want a perfect camouflage against the wall, and in black.

Woodly instead has decided to turn to cyclists, offering two different models of bike rack as a solution in one of two young and very pleasant.

portabici Woodly
Frog II,
the novelty, is the new wall bike support for interiors which makes use of a very light fabric bag, a sort of large pocket, which serves to contain miscellaneous items.

The supports of the bicycle are individually adjustable in height, so as to adapt also to the frames with the barrel tilted, and not only to sports bike.

Frog I is rather the classical model that has a small, compact console ready to accommodate, with a soft support lined with pure wool felt, the barrel of the bike.

portabici Woodly
Like all items made by Woodly, attention to the materials used is very high.
This bike rack shelf is made of solid beech, which comes from certified sources.

More than one shelf can be mmounted, exploiting the space both in vertical (height permitting), and horizontal, obtaining a support for each of the home bike.

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