Carpets for children

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The carpet in the children's room has several functions: not only the aesthetic but also those aimed at the game and the development of imagination.

Carpets for children
Vito De Natale
Vito De Natale

What makes the distinctive decor of children's bedrooms are the forms and cheerful bright and vibrant colors, in all the elements that compose it:

tappeti per bambini

among them also the carpets specially designed for the little ones.

The carpet in the bedroom plays important functions:
not only the aesthetic but also those aimed at the game and the development of imagination.
The children are very fond of the fact that they can play games on the floor, because they feel free and safe at all ages, since the first years.

The carpet if it is of good quality and maintains its characteristics over time can follow the children at different stages of their growth: on the softer ones babies can crawl freely because they soften the falls and when they get bigger you can play in peace .
The important thing is that the carpet is bright and colorful to stimulate games and imagination, but also non-allergenic and anti-mite to ensure hygiene and safety.

Another key feature of children's rugs is that they are easy to maintain: it is important that you can quickly clean with a vacuum cleaner or wash more thoroughly by hand or machine.

Decorate the children's room

tappeto per bambini The children's room is one of the rooms of the home environment in which you can indulge often with colors and decorative choices a bit out of the box.

Even those who are reluctant, despite being armed with the most well minimal intentions, often goes beyond the usual guidelines, choosing, if not the furniture, at least some accessory a bit colorful and unconventional, especially in the early stages of growth of the children.

Among the products of this kind, the rug certainly is the master. Zoo
Surely, in addition to being a product of the decor, it is also often a functional element, as it allows to obtain a surface warm to the touch, practical and comfortable even when younger children are still struggling with various crowling.

Over time the carpet also becomes something more.
If accompanied by floor cushions, for example, it becomes a sitting alternative for games, reading, etc..
Finally, from a strictly decorative, it allows in some cases to give a color tone where the walls, furniture and furnishings not act properly, sure, amongst other things that, in the case, the removal is very quick and painless.

Soft carpets for children

Tappeto per bambini: Lorena Canals If you are looking for a simple and elegant carpet, I suggest you take a look at the products of the brand Lorena Canals, a Spanish brand was born 20 years ago in that time it has specialized in the production of textiles for child and especially in carpets.

The collection is rich and divided into three types, ranging from wool versions, all acrylic, washable up to carpets, 100% cotton. A leading product not only because among the first to be actually washable, but also because they are made with dyes with control of pollutants.

Among the most popular and entertaining versions such as for use in a child's room, there is a carpet Galleta, available in multiple colors, remind in the shape of a biscuit, or the carpets of various shapes, such as the Casita, in the form of a stylized cottage, wings, angel wings or even the teddy bear and the little boat, the latter also reversible and accompanied by a mini version.

In order to buy the products of the brand Lorena Canals you can visit the online shop for children's li*l Market or Petit home.

Colorful rugs for children

Tappeto per bambini: Hey sign If you want something more decorative and less soft, then the right brand is Hey sign. The German brand is specialized in working with felt and has a number of products in the catalog really colorful and original, intended both for adults and children.

Among the most original carpets and decor for a baby's room, we find the figures, or elephants, pigs, dogs, crowns, frogs, and more, in different bright colors.
In coordination with the cushions of various shapes and sizes, chair or the floor.
For a colorful design, for example, you can choose a shade of textile clear and simple, to be accompanied, however, with multiple pillows and rugs, in various colors, perhaps with different animal shapes.

Original carpets for children

Tappeto per bambini: Katvig Rugs Finally, a hint of something truly original, born from a collaboration between a company specializing in modern rugs and a brand of children's clothing.
It's called Katvig Rugs and it is a collection of rugs designed especially for children's rooms, designed in collaboration with EGE.

They are all certified products and produced according to Danish standards of ecological production, but they are mostly very colorful and lovely objects, created by combining new colors, very decorative and with rounded shapes, easy to insert in different contexts as well, especially thanks to the measures contained. Today you can buy directly online this type of carpet, since there are now several sites that offer a wide range of choice in the collections designed for children.

Among these sites are with several lines that have something for everyone, including for example the collection featured a series of zoo animals that keep the child company, Walt Disney with the classic fantasy characters beloved by the little ones; Daisy shaped like a daisy in various colors resembling the color of the meadows in spring.

happy Also on we can find several interesting ideas for carpets for kids, such as the original Happy Kids collection, which is distinguished from the more classical because it offers contoured forms: the perimeter instead of being rectangular pattern follows the interior, becoming a decorative element of the room.

The internal forms are then always in relief against the background of the base and it is funny to play with three-dimensional effect.

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