Characteristics of sisal carpets

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If you love natural materials and look for a carpet that is practical and durable at the same time, for the home as for the outdoor sisal fibers are an excellent choice!

Characteristics of sisal carpets
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Natural sisal carpets

Tappeto in sisal If you look for a practical carpet for your home, a new material to consider for your choice is sisal, which comes from agave, a succulent plant belonging to the family Agavaceae, native to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

The textile fiber, obtained from its leaves and called precisely sisal, is used for the construction of ropes, twine, baskets, but also of resistant carpets.

At home the carpet decorates and warms the room, it gives color and a practical surface to decorate and protect the most delicate floors.

But if you do not like traditional carpets and prefer to glean into the world of natural materials of ethnic inspiration, such as wicker or coconut, sisal is an excellent alternative, and a trendy choice in furniture.

The advantages of sisal carpets

If you love simplicity in the house, then the choice of the sisal carpet wins.

This material has nothing to do with the soft carpets in cotton or wool, perhaps embellished with silk threads. But the resistance and ease in cleaning make the sisal fibers ideal, especially in transit areas such as the entrance of the house or the hallway.

Its robust fibers imprison dust and mud and their adherence will lend itself well to coat stairs and steps, without the risk of slipping.

It does not recommended instead the use of sisal rugs in the bathroom or as a bedside, since the fibers, being rather harsh, could be annoying if you walk barefoot.

It is important to know that, although resistant, sisal suffers the continuous movement of the wheels, such as those of office chairs.
Never place therefore a sisal rug under a work chair, because the wheels of the chairs could eventually ruin the fibers.

If you look then for a carpet for your study, it is preferable to opt for softer materials, such as cotton.

The sisal rugs lend themselves instead to be used in homes inhabited by animals.
The hairs
, in fact, do not get caught in the carpet, it is a smooth surface and not with a long and dense mantle, and the cats will play without pulling wires.

Other advantages of these natural rugs are the cost, generally very accessible, the possibility to be able to position it both at home and for example in environments which face on the outdoor, such as terraces and patios (sisal is highly tolerant to atmospheric agents without damage), and finally the already mentioned ease of cleaning, given by the smooth surface of the fibers, which can also be made on a daily basis by passing a vacuum cleaner.

If you want to buy a carpet of this kind, you can find it at, which sells carpets made of natural fibers such as sisal, but also coconut, bamboo, seagrass and jute.

Tappeto in sisal
From their combination were born tailored carpets with an ethnic soul, which are well suited to environments with both classic or modern furniture.

The web site also allows you to order customized carpets, providing the size, shape, colors and favorite finishes and best suited to the available space.

Moreover, the traditional techniques of processing it will enhance even more the charm: the carpets produced in this way will also be environmentally friendly.

The web site allows the user to choose his tailored carpet and immediately get the quote with the final price. Just follow these steps:
- Chose the color between 13 variants
- Shape, regular, rounded or custom
- Size
- Edging, which can be flush, slim, cotton, polyesters, synthetic or eco leather

If you have no particular need for customization, you can contact the site that boasts a range of sisal rugs, proposed in an equally wide color scale.

Tappeto in sisal
Finally, if you want to opt for low cost solutions, Ikea offers the flat weaving carpet Osted, size 230 cmx160 cm.

Tappeto in sisal naturale Ikea Osted This carpet is very strong and durable thanks to its natural material and the edge in polyester.

It will last a long time thanks to the fact that it can be used on both sides, equal identical and finished in detail.

Versatile and comfortable is suitable to be placed in the living room and in all living areas, including the kitchen and the dining room, where you eat, as the flat woven surface is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. Just one pass after the meal to remove dust and crumbs from the floor.

Tappeto Ikea. Osted Sisal The carpet is machine woven: for maintenance just turn it and clean it with the vacuum cleaner, using the standard nozzle and not the-rotating brush, while to remove immediately dry stains, you can gently scrape the surface towards the center of the spots.

For greater safety, especially if there are children in the home, it is recommended to use the non-slip felt Stopp filt under the entire surface of the carpet, to secure it to the ground.

If the stains are wet, do not rub but absorb them with paper towel and wipe with a cloth and mild detergent.

The professional cleaning is recommended only when really necessary.

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