Choice of skirting

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Among the things to keep in mind in the improvement of the house there is also the choice of skirting; the possibilities are many as are the products on the market.

Choice of skirting
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

Function of skirting

battiscopa When laying a floor in a house generally one must also pose a baseboard, also called skirting, because it will coat the lower part of the wall, in contact with the floor.
The skirting is absolutely necessary when laying a wood floor, for which you need to leave some space from the wall to allow the adjustment of the axes.

The types of baseboards that are on the market are the most different; you first need to decide if you want to give it also another function (eg, sound-absorbing or heat), secondly you choose if you want to show it or even emphasize it or instead if you want to try to camouflage it with the wall to make it almost indiscernible.

Battiscopa in legno The baseboard can then become an interesting complement of furniture and carry an aesthetic value as well as being useful, practical and functional.

The primary function of the skirting is to protect the walls from friction with the furniture or tools for cleaning, also it can be used to hide and repair electrical wiring, but at the same time it can contribute to the furnishing of an apartment.

The choice of the skirting is so important, and the wide range available on the market is able to meet every purchaser's need, both as regards the types and the materials and colors.
The the most classic and the first that usually comes to mind is the wooden skirting, but over the years to this have been added different materials: marble, metal, pvc, to fit all types of flooring.

The wooden skirting can easily be painted in a color of your choice, often painted in the same color as the wall to make it invisible, it is important to use washable paints because the skirting will soon get dirty.

Examples of skirting on the market

Metal Line by Profilpas battiscopa Metal Line di Profilpas is a skirting of high design in metal (steel and aluminum). It is an innovative line, rich in solutions with a wide variety of combinations and colors that can meet different housing needs, from small spaces to large environments.

Metal Line can provide a continuum of profiles that are integrated in different styles and environments and enhance its decor. Metal Line is the result of the Profilpas research, in materials and forms, and of the attention that the company pays to the world of decor and design.

There are also available baseboards in anodized aluminum with an inset in oak, very elegant and well suited to a hardwood floor, silver anodized aluminum and polished titanium as well as stainless steel.

In addition to the battiscopa Metal Line di Profilpas primary function, nowadays the skirting has become an essential component of some innovative heating systems such as modern radiating heating system; designed to replace the heaters with a system that spreads the heat throughout the environment in a homogeneous way.

The radiant baseboard enables an optimal distribution of the heating that rises gradually from the bottom to the top making the environment confortable in a short time, this system generates significant energy savings.

battiscopa Pexaprofile di Pexatherm An example is PexaProfile by Pexatherm that, unlike conventional systems, floor and wall, is easy to install and does not require masonry work simply because it is fixed to the walls as a common baseboard.
PexaProfile is ideal for renovations of historic buildings with architectural constraints, to replace worn out and obsolete equipment.

Its installation does not require masonry work as just a few holes and some dowel to the wall to get a heating system perfectly efficient. The system of baseboard heating Profile is attached along the walls as a base and releases in a linear way, ie along its entire length, a veil of hot air, which attaches directly to the wall and heats it.

From here the heat is transferred in the form of radiation inside. The air enters through the slit in the lower hull of Profile and passes through the heat exchanger that heats it. Then the heated air exits from the upper opening and rises again adhering to the wall upward.

This peculiarity of PexaProfile allows considerable energy savings because it allows you to run the system with water at low temperature. In fact, it is enough that the water circulating in the system reaches 40/45 degrees to optimize the performance to provide the maximum comfort to the environment.
Unlike other heating systems, the quantity of water that circulates is minimal, for an apartment of 100 square meters are enough a little more than 9 liters.

battiscopa Acustop by Tecnorivest The use of a little water at a low temperature makes of PexaProfile the ideal partner for the systems of production of heat energy efficient condensing boilers, solar thermal panels, heat pumps, geothermal pumps, hydro pellet stoves, hydro fireplaces.

A novelty on the market covered by the patent, is Acustop®, a wooden skirting with fono insulation: it is equipped with a sound-absorbing gasket installed at the base, which can reduce the noise caused by footsteps.

battiscopa Acustop di Tecnorivest Acustop, produced by Tecnorivest, is able to make a real contribution to the sound insulation of buildings, combining these requirements with a remarkable ease of installation compared to traditional baseboards, thanks to the seal that adheres perfectly to the floor.

In addition, the painting with water finish and a seal combined with wood, make it an aesthetically elegant profile.

It is available in 75x10 and 85x13 sections; the most common species are always in stock, others are produced on demand.

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