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The hood is definitely mandatory in addition to being a very important element in the design of the area of the house devoted to the preparation and cooking of food.

Choose the hood
Arch. Maria Chiara Piano
Arch. Maria Chiara Piano

Type of hoods

cucina moderna One of the most important accessories in a kitchen but that is too often overlooked is the kitchen hood. In addition to being required by law in Italy, this is certainly a very important aspect in the design of the area of the house devoted to the preparation and cooking of food.

The type you choose depends on many factors: first, by the type of kitchen, whether modern or traditional, whether visible or not, whether external or built-in appliances, finish etc..; then obviously depends on the type of space, also because according to the size of this choice will be a more or less powerful hood and with certain characteristics.

schema aspirazione The characteristics of the appliance must then combine those of the tube that carries externally vapors aspirated from the hood, this fact will be sized in length and diameter depending on the volume of the room and the number of air changes required. It would always be good that this tube would come out outside the room to ensure maximum suction and air exchange and it should have the fewest number of bends as possible.

The kitchen hoods can be operated in two ways: they can be aspiring or filtering. The hoods bring outside vapors and odors, take the air from the outside and thus allow proper air circulation and proper ventilation of the environment where you are cooking.

The filter hoods instead only purify the air coming from the kitchen, through special filters, and then re-enter the room purest.

Of course, the best are the aspiranting, but they do not always have the ability to install a pipe that goes outside, whether for structural and functional aesthetics reasons.
To solve the problem of the tube in sight, wecan use the recesses plasterboard which, besides containing the tubing and hide until its exit to the outside, may be a reason for aesthetic enhancement of the kitchen and it can contain lights, such as the spot lights or neon inside to cuts in drywall.

The tube, as I said, should be as straight as possible and have a diameter of around 15 cm to be truly effective, this also depends on the length of the tube, the longer, the largest will be the diameter.

On the site you can find a very useful guide on the subject.

Hood models

An aesthetic choice is important to decide whether you want the hood to be in view or sunken or inside a cabinet.
There are hoods carefully designed, which become a complement of furniture, some details so as to become the centerpiece of the kitchen.

cappa Legend di Elica Among the latest novelties the is Legend by the famous company Elica, this company for years has put particular attention to the design and refinement of the hoods.
Legend is an island extractor hood, stainless steel, specially shaped ring is available in brushed steel or polished and has touch controls particularly well.

Star on the other hand, again by Elica, a kitchen hood with a totally unique suspension; is made in stainless steel and glass, the crystals light up creating a lot of special effects and making it look like a chandelier.

cappa Lumina di Falmec Elica on the website, guide the choice of the hood step by step according to the needs, the type of life, which will be installed in the space, to the shape of the kitchen, and at the end of the trail offers a series of elements that could be right for you.

Another very important aspect to consider when making your choice is the low noise, the continuous noise of the hood is very annoying indeed, especially if the kitchen is in view or the environment is small.
A particularly quiet hood is Lumina by Falmec; this fact has a particular patented system NRS (Noise Reduction System) that significantly reduces the noise, particularly at low speeds.

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