Christmas table decoration matching with the furnitures

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How to make unique and romantic table set for Christmas. Ideas to be copied to customize it with style and color, in harmonious balance with the furnishings.

Christmas table decoration matching with the furnitures
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

Christmas with style

TAVOLINO SERVITORE DI DESIGN Before Christmas, we should think of something original and at the same time useful to decorate our houses, which can make up the Christmas spirit, something harmonious and functional to accommodate, and why not, even amaze our guests, with something unusual.

A first idea certainly elegant, is to think of an alternative to the usual trolley, a serving table, on which to rest a few centerpieces, dishes exchange capacity and some gift packages.

The picture on the side, here is an example of a table of extreme design, the light line, with steel base and top in MDF lacquered silver.

On it you will be able to put, for example, as in the picture, a vase shape from asymmetric semi-helical, and a chandelier in the style of hi-tech, with thin arms, almost invisible, to hold up, as if suspended in the air, simple conic candles.

Therefore, as a whole, we imagined a piece of furniture, for lovers of style pure and simple, almost minimalist.

An alternative, which has the same function, it could be a table of other line, not more modern, but for example in modern art, style or 800, or in a Provencal style, the so-called shabby, or otherwise, which may result in setting the tone with which we want to give our table set for Christmas.

Table festive furnishings combined

In my graph that follows, I imagined a warm and cozy Christmas atmosphere in which our protagonist is stretched round table for the occasion, to become oval, to fully comply with its functions, all in a very refined style, in which the dominating colors are red and blue of Persia.


The table is made of wood lacquered in glossy white, with edges finished with the technique of morciatura cherry, surrounded by 6 chairs made of the same type of wood and finish and two of them are equipped with armrests and therefore assume function of head of the table, chairs and backrests are upholstered in blue satin fabric.

All around is the splendid frame, wood paneling, or the wood paneling of the lower part of the walls, always in glossy white lacquer, trimmed with cherry morciate, which stands out against the dark parquet wenge and lived.
The wall paper in ecru fabric on the walls is of big effect, mounted above the wainscoting, gessolino up to the ceiling, which softens the background of the dining area.

The set of decorative Christmas table, is composed of a table linen made in cotton fabric with red hems in white lace sewn by hand, is excellent pairing with the white porcelain centerpiece, where you can always place poinsettias in two colors of red and white, and seasonal fruits.
Shines on the crystal table service Boheme, suitable for special occasions, along with the decanter for wine tasting, all illuminated by candle holders in copper.

The dinner service to match, will be in white porcelain with decorations in red, while the stainless steel cutlery, with special inserts in white porcelain, if you wish, you can always coordinate saucers placeholder steel with porcelain inserts.

All the scenario for this particular occasion, it is naturally bright thanks to the warm atmosphere created by candles placed on the lamp, and also included in the chandelier and in the two lights, which illuminate the picture hanging on the wall.

In my design I have therefore sought to highlight how important it is the affinity with the decor, which serves as a framework to set table for Christmas, imagining the whole thing, decoration and interiors of furniture, coordinated in a harmonious shade.

TAVOLA DI NATALE IN BROCCATO Another very glamorous example, is supplied from the side picture, where we have chosen a black brocade tablecloth, luminous decorations stitched in silver thread.

The golden pleated cardboard mats where are the crystal plates, which are also pleated, the glasses are crystal goblet from amber.

Moreover, in perfect harmony with the tablecloth, glasses are small port- plug in function placeholder, with golden base and goblet glass antique black, mirror-finish interior.

The magic touch of light, is given by the golden candles placed in wrought iron chandeliers. Two large spheres made of beautiful buds of roses dominate the scene and a touch of red is also given by the finery of cutlery in chromed steel, with burgundy handles, coordinated, each plate is placed on a small sphere made of bakelite transparent with golden decorations, whose glow is reflected in the crystals of dishes and glasses.

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