Closets with glass doors

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The closets with glass doors make the structure lighter and less intrusive, while the transparency allows you to have the clothes and accessories always in view.

Closets with glass doors
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Put clothes and objects in the closet

armadio con ante in vetro molteni The closets that are in our rooms, have the function to contain items, clothes, leather goods and accessories, as well as to furnish.
Choosing a closet means playing with the size, with finishes and colors, with interior accessories that will conform to the structure and that will contain objects that will be stored inside: shelves, drawers and hangers are the basic elements, arranged according to your needs.

As a structure the closets are divided into various modules, which differ depending on the space at your disposal: the number of doors and their width may vary and this allows an adaptation of the enclosure to the space available.

If it is necessary to adapt it to a wall that has a particular length or angle, giving the appearance of a solid wall, you may require the design of a tailored wardrobe.

Finally, if you have a room in which to place clothes and shoes, we resort to the walk-in closet.

What catches the eye in a closet is the finish of the doors; in recent years there has been a trend towards increasingly large doors, with modules that start from 90 cm up to larger sizes, available in various types of wood, veneer and non-colored lacquered surfaces, or with glass doors.
The presence of the glass gives you a chance to have a greater sense of depth and make sure that all the objects inside are featured: be careful, however, in this case is required the highest order!

Whether it's a simple closet or a fitted wall, the container almost disappears to make way for the content.
Here are some examples of closets with glass doors with swing or sliding doors.

Closets with glass swing and sliding doors

armadio con ante in vetro polifom

The first product that we describe is Ego by Poliform, signed by the designer Giuseppe Bavuso: it is a closet with glass doors, whose modules are mapped into the system Senzafine, which allows you to modulate the closet or wardrobe according to the needs. The doors with four types of openings, swing, folding, sliding or coplanar, are available in clear glass, tinted or reflective; finishes for aluminum matt painted in 27 colors or bronze.
The structure and the internal fittings are available in 6 finishes of melamine, ie panel of chipboard or plywood coated with melamine paper.

armadio con ante in vetro STAINO STAINO Although the company Staino and Staino offers a line of walk-in closets with glass doors: the ability to leverage an entire wall gives way to install full-height doors and very large.
An example is given by Versus PA01, walk-in closet with sliding doors reflective glass but also available in lacquered glass with decorations or satin.
Completing the range a wide choice of finishes for the frame and handles.

Gliss Quick of Molteni is a line of closets made with cutting-edge materials and technologies: with sliding or swing doors, with five different types of handles and it is available in frosted or colored glass and mirror. The aluminum frame, the opening and closing systems designed to be functiona, quiet and durable, make the product reliable and in line with the needs and trends of the moment.

Accessories with glass doors

Finally, a proposal always in the name of transparency and lightness: who has a lot of space for storing clothes and accessories, as we mentioned above, can devote a whole room to the realization of a walk-in closet.
Be it linear, L or C size, or even along the entire perimeter of the room, the walk-in closet allows you to play with the space and make a small showroom within your own house.

accessori con ante in vetro porro For those who want originality, Porro, among the novelties of 2014, proposes, signed by Piero Lissoni, Acquario, a chest of drawers to be placed in the center of the room with clear glass and metal profiles and wood structure.
Divided into three shelves, it has the dimensions of 185x60 cm and 80 cm in height. The chest of drawers allows you to organize on shelves and in drawers, accessories, knitwears, in addition to a system of closets based on lightness and simplicity, but certainly of a strong impact.

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