Comfortable and innovative latex pillow

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Soft, fresh and extremely hygienic, the latex pillows ensure a comfortable rest and are the ideal solution for those suffering of neck pain.

Comfortable and innovative latex pillow
Tiziana Loprete
Tiziana Loprete

Features of latex pillows

The latex pillows are always good allies for a good rest and proper posture. Thanks to the hypoallergenic qualities of the completely natural material and special processing, these pillows provide high breathability and have antibacterial properties that make them especially suited to those who suffer from asthma or respiratory diseases in general.

Maxi cervical pillow with pillowcase Falomo
For their softness and adaptability to all the postures without being deformed, the latex pillows are also able to offer excellent support to relieving any cervical pain and bringing benefits to the joints and back.

Models of latex pillows

To enhance and at the same time strengthen the beneficial qualities of latex pillows, were formulated types of vanguard pillows that ensure maximum comfort and extreme hygiene of the product.

An example, fine blend of ergonomics and freshness, is the cervical Ergo Elmo pillow by Fabricatore.

Made of 100% pure natural latex, this pillow comes with different forms on both sides to ensure a dual function: on the one hand, the refined double wave form acts specifically on the cervical allowing an ergonomic support and welcoming the head with maximum softness while, on the other hand, the soap shape enables you to rest on the lateral positions in comfort.

Ergo pillow Elmo Fabricatore
Completely hypoallergenic, it provides a great freshness and excellent breathability while the longitudinal holes, designed to make the rounded bands softer, create a very pleasant feeling of relaxation and softness.

Ideal for all postures, including the supine one, and for those who suffer from allergies, this pillow is also equipped with a removable pillowcase in pure cotton with zip, completely breathable and machine washable.

Cushion Double Wave Fabricatore
Fresh and completely hypoallergenic due to the composition in latex foam is extremely breathable also the pillow Double Wave.

The special shape of two waves is in fact particularly suitable for those suffering from pain in the neck and is accustomed to rest in supine position.

The pillow Double Wave favors in fact a correct posture and supports to perfection both the neck and the spine.

Cushion Voyager Falomo
Innovative and of an extremely intelligent design is Voyager, the latex pillow by Manufacture Falomo.

Supplied with reversible pillowcase in fabric Pelle Ovo and equipped with zipper on both sides, Voyager has a shape that follows in a perfect way the shape of the body.

The area of the pillow that support the shoulders and the neck gives support to the head without compressing it, offering in this way a proper rest.

Cushion Blue Dream by Falomo
The padding layer of hypoallergenic polyester washable at 60°C in the washing machine makes this pillow perfect for even the most delicate skin and prevents the formation of mites.

Hemmed on the sides with rat tail cord on the perimeter, Voyager is ideal for frequent travelers.

Practical and reversible, this pillow can in fact be carried comfortably in a pocket or folded in the suitcase.

Cervical pillow Talaly maxi by Falomo
Again from the laboratories of the Manufacture Falomo arrive the latex pillows Blue Dream that, equipped of an exceptional ergonomics and excellent breathability, are particularly convenient and cosy.

Born after two years of study in collaboration with qualified research institutes, these pillows are designed in detail to provide to the neck and the whole cervical area more correct support in all positions, both supine and lateral.

The secret of Blue Dream pillows is in the used materials that follow high quality standards.

Maxi cushion Soap of Falomo

The latex of Innergetic quality in soya memory, soft, hypoallergenic and the Memory fresh blue, well-conjugated create a perfect and refreshing reception of the body.

Again by the laboratories Manifattura Falomo, the series of pillows Talaly, made in 100% natural latex Innergetic, offers a range of pillows to suit the individual needs of rest and posture.

The cervical pillow Talaly, for example, has a special shape which ensures optimal support to the cervical area while minimizing the effort of the muscles and nerves.

Natural Latex Pillow Adaptive Dormilattice
The pillow is in fact pressed only at the point of contact with the back of the head providing an immediate and proper elastic response.

Even the version Talaly Maxi cervical, extremely breathable thanks to the holes in the solid and suitable for people with wide shoulders, has an exceptional ability to adapt to the head and neck, thus promoting the relaxation of the cervical vertebrae in any position.

The version Talaly Maxi Saponetta, however, suitable for people with average width of shoulders, follows the contour of the neck thus giving an extreme rest to the cervical vertebrae that will be able to resume their natural position, is in a supine posture and on the side.

All the pillows of the Series Talaly have an external and removable pillowcase thanks to a convenient zip made in Actisystem fabric and machine washable.

Equipped with a new technology and made of pure 100% natural latex, is the pillow Latex Natural Adaptive by Dormilattice.

Thanks to the particular elliptical soap shape and to the mix completely natural of the latex quality Sri Lankan-Malaysian White Natural Latex worked with 3000 thin micro holes, 1500 on each side, this pillow offers extreme convenience and comfort for all ages, from three years up.

Latex Natural Adaptive has been created following the same technology used by Dormilattice for the mattresses.

The sheets of latex that make up the cushion are in fact formed by millions of microscopic air elastic and latex cells that allow an uninterrupted air exchange during rest, while the effective breathability system Air Vortex allows an optimal ventilation of the pillow also under the pressure of the body's slightest movement.

The pillow Latex Natural Adaptive fits also with extreme elasticity at any weight and shape of the neck and nape, offering a pleasant relaxing effect, anatomical and massaging.

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