Contemporary wooden kitchens

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The manufacturers of kitchens now aim on the wood as the main material for their products. We see patterns in modern style all made in wood.

Contemporary wooden kitchens
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Wood only for classic kitchens?

Manufacturers of furniture for modern kitchens now aim on the wood as the main material for the realization of their articles. Thus definitively debunked the myth that it is only the classic style that can use this material. All trade fairs in recent years have confirmed, in fact, that is precisely the rediscovery of wood in its less processed and natural versions to be the real distinctiveness also for models of modern and contemporary kitchens.

Cucine contemporanee in legno: Old Line Once the lovers of minimalist style appreciated overall materials as alternative laminate or polymerglass or metals, or lacquered panels in various colors made in MDF. The wood was preferred instead in the classic models and the main reason was because it is definitely easier to work, where the classic style of the furniture, in general, provides special processes such as inlays, bosses and various moldings, ornamental frames.

Another reason for choosing this material was definitely for the atmosphere more warm and intimate that, undoubtedly, a piece of furniture made in wood helps to create. Once you explore all possible variants of ultra-modern finishes and evaluated all the results at times, actually, in wanting to express extreme minimalism of shapes and colors, has slowly returned to the evaluation of natural materials.

It is here that the wood has come back powerfully in vogue even in the world of modern and contemporary style, not only in the outdoor decorative part, or in the production of doors and drawers, but also in the structure itself.

Modern kitchens with wood structure

Cucine contemporanee in legno: Old Line particular The passion for wood has always accompanied the production of Old Line, a Venetian company that manufactures furniture for kitchens and living rooms in solid wood, meaning the whole cabinet, including the structure and even the base of the closure of the bases and their angular.

The company's history is clear: at the beginning the production was focused mainly on the furnishings for basement rooms and rustic, always environments characterized by the massive presence of wood, not only for the furniture but very often also in the colors of flooring, walls and ceilings.

Later we moved to the production of modern furniture, retaining the initial production characteristics, or craftsmanship and use of solid wood.

Cucine contemporanee in legno: Old Line, particolare The latter is used for the structures, as written before, and also for the internal shelves, where the joints are slot-in both vertically and horizontally. The sides of the structures, unlike similar products on the market, are 20 mm thick, while the sides of the drawers, which are also all in wood, are set into the feather. The finishes and colors of the wood for the interior are the same as those for the outside of the cabinet.

On the other hand all the stylistic tendencies confirm the presence of wood as the preferred finish on an aesthetic level and even at the conceptual level, as a sign of attention to the nature and environment. Old Line can only feel perfectly in tune with this philosophy of life, before production, continuing the path already taken early.

Contemporary wooden kitchens and Nordic atmospheres

Wood as a material for furniture was first used mainly in the Nordic countries, and Old Line seems to recognize this primacy with the homage of the names chosen for the new models of wooden kitchens in the catalog dedicated to the modern style: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Dusseldorf, Vancouver.

Cucine contemporanee in legno: Old Line, Copenhagen
These programs are set for the kitchen space according to aesthetic criteria that do remember the typical atmosphere of these places. It so happens that Stockholm is characterized by the elements and Clip Type finishes Graphite and Mialite Cement, as well as Copenhagen is the combination of Antique Oak and Metal Cross, in a satin finish and push-pull opening.

More austere versions Düsseldorf and Vancouver, respectively, with the elements Move and Loop in the finishes Canaletto walnut and glass Type the first, while it has the elements Nodus and Loop Oak Tranchè the second.

Contemporary wooden kitchens banner of environmental sustainability

Use of wood and environmental sustainability: terms fixed by now the new way of producing furniture and furnishings in general. The kitchens are no exception, as they represent, as a percentage, the majority of the product placed on the market in the field of home furniture.

It is exactly the environmental sustainability the theme that has influenced, as always, the production of Team7, Austrian company that takes care of the wood used starting from the tree. The availability of resources in the future can only be guaranteed with a careful and punctual safeguarding of forests currently treated. For this reason it is good that the number of trees felled for the exploitation is such as to be effectively covered by the same number of trees that will grow back.

Cucine contemporanee in legno: Team 7, Loft
All products by Team7 are entirely made according to this production philosophy and completely recyclable at end of life. Not only that, but the entire production process is based on the respect of these parameters on a sustainable level ecologically, economically and socially. For this reason the company has earned the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

The wood used comes strictly from the European forests which are assured the best conditions of re-growth of the trees, and then it undergoes internal controls to ensure that there is no radioactivity, pesticides and other harmful substances. The panels are made using formaldehyde and finished with natural oils, no paints, stains or other chemicals. All this to the benefit of comfort and well-being even within the living space.

Furthermore, it is ensured in this way the possibility, for example, to easily restore the original appearance of the surfaces of top and doors with simple carpentry work, thanks to the use of solid wood not treated if not with natural materials suitable to keep intact the characteristics of stability over time.

All this productive attentions result in kitchens made in wood easy to maintain over time, as it is easy to keep the natural wood, or with the application, occasionally, of natural oil on the surfaces. The wood is, in itself, a breathable material that is able to neutralize odors and to absorb the moisture then released into the environment, such as in the presence of air exchanger. The antibacterial action of the wood rounds to finally call it a noble material and suitable for maintaining the right comfort in a work environment so delicate as the kitchen is.

Kitchens and sustainable technological innovations

Not only environmental sustainability: the kitchens Team7, plus award-winning design and the ability to customize the type taylor made, have particular solutions and technical innovations, such as the islands of cooking with floor height adjustment for improved ergonomics, touch mechanisms for drawers, doors and flaps, button closures for wall units and more.

Among the most representative models of kitchens we mark Linee and Loft. Loft is the urban version of the country kitchen (cited above), in the version in oak and walnut in which the wood is left in natural finish. It is designed to function blocks open, where everything can be reached easily and sections are independent: fires, block tools and sink.

Cucine contemporanee in legno: Team 7, Linee
The kitchen Linee is designed aesthetically to enlarge the space visually thanks to the horizontal orientation of the wood used for the front doors and drawers and it is the craftsmanship to allow the precise selection of the wood to be taken for each implementation.

Even the internal divisions of the drawers are made in wood, while the interior fittings are new generation, very functional, as fitted in the pantry shelves or removable swivel mechanism Le Mans and the non-slip bases.

The combination of sustainability and innovative technologies is the basis of the production philosophies of the best companies in the kitchen furniture, because the kitchen environment requires special attention because it must ensure well-being and comfort of living and at the same time be functional, practical and based on maximum efficiency.

Cucine contemporanee in legno: Asso Cucine, Synthesis 13 special Even Asso Cucine is fully part of companies sensitive to the problem, in particular, of deforestation. In fact, despite having chosen the wood for his ability to convey warmth and feelings that report directly to nature, their supplies from controlled areas. The choice of this material for the kitchen environment, as we have seen, is due to the desire to recreate solid spaces, along with beauty and the wood allows all of this, thanks to the inherent capacity to be able to be worked easily to create custom furnishings, even with entries of other materials.

The kitchen model Synthesis 13, for example, is the perfect combination between the warmth of wood, the purity of modern lines, the rigor of the inserts and top lacquered in other precious materials such as travertine or marble. Each of these elements is enhanced by the other, in perfect harmony, in fact. Even the handles are made in wood, so that the formal typical rigor of the modern style is damped by the softness to the eye and touch.

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