Curtains for the kitchen: style and color

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The curtains in the kitchen, thanks to original patterns and the various patterns and colors available, are able to embellish one of the most important rooms of the house

Curtains for the kitchen: style and color
Tiziana Loprete
Tiziana Loprete

Choose the curtains for the kitchen

Classic, modern, colored or with Provencal embroidery, the curtains for the kitchen are a real piece of furniture that is essential to make the environment warm and comfortable.

To choose the most suitable curtains for all kinds of kitchen, you need to think about the model, color and style, to be matching the rest of the interior design or to create interesting contrasts.

Models of curtains for the kitchen

Among the various models of curtains, the window coverings, roman blinds, or panel curtains, are the most suitable for modern kitchens and for not very spacious environments.

Tenda a pannello Akerkulla Ikea
Clean lines, the panel curtains match a certain elegance with a remarkable ease of dismantling and cleaning.

The panel curtain Akerkulla by Ikea (all the photos were taken by Fabio Bartone), for example, made entirely in polyester and designed by the Swedish designer Eva Lundgreen, have a very delicate decoration on minimal lines, and it is the ideal choice to add traditional details to a modern context.

Tenda avvolgibile Belleri
The Roman blinds as well can match the style of a kitchen occupying a minimal space and ensuring the utmost convenience.

Belleri Tende offers in this regard various solutions: from a standard model decorated with a colorful striped fabric, a curtain with slats with a webbing to match the furniture.

Ideal for extremely modern kitchens with large windows are the roller blinds, whose mechanism is based on a support on which is wound up the fabric.

Tenda ad anelli Mariam Ikea
Very functional and decorative are the roller blinds by Belleri. Thanks to their particular structure, the steel cover that forms the support, decorates at the same time also the roller which remains hidden, thus ensuring the maximum effect in terms of aesthetics.

The roller blind Liselott by Ikea, instead, with polyester fabric and devoid of rope for a greater safety in the presence of children, offers extreme practicality with its fixing both inside and outside of the frame.

The delicate floral decoration in relief makes it also suitable to modern yet elegant spaces.

For big kitchens with wide windows, are advisable finally soft curtains with rings or stick, able to fill and make the most of the space around the windows.

The ring curtains Mariam by Ikea in cotton, for example, in addition to creating an elegant effect, is also able to attenuate the intensity of light and simultaneously prevents to look inside the environment.

Very practical and easy to assemble, Mariam has eyelets on the upper edge that enable you to hang the curtain on a special stick.

Patterns and colors of kitchen curtains

Key elements in choosing the curtains are definitely the patterns and colors, that recall the style of furniture complement and personalize the kitchen all the way.

Tenda a pannello Astruc Mon Amour Bright colors and cheerful decorations are definitely essential to create a modern and youthful character.

The kitchen curtains Astruc by Mon Amour, proposed by Equipe Riccio, offer a wide choice of models: a package, panel or rings, made in different materials such as organza and linen blends, able to decorate the windows in a funny and colorful way.

Also the minimal lines of a panel curtain can give personality to a modern kitchen.

The panel curtain Semine by Ikea, made in blended polyester and nylon, offers a modern look circles decoration that is suitable for contemporary style spaces.

Furthermore, in a modern context, in order to get elegant contrasts, all the window covers, panel or roller, can be combined with a soft curtain rings, making sure to adequately match the colors.

Tenda a pannello Semine Ikea combinata con tenda ad anelli
If you want to give an original touch to a minimal style kitchen you can choose hand-drawn curtains with modern decoration.

Belleri offers a wide range of hand-painted curtains by the designer Enzo Bertazzo, that since the seventies has made theme subjects with different colors according to the needs of furniture. One example is the original panel curtain which depicts the city of Milan.

Tenda a pannello Belleri con Milano dipinta a mano
The curtain Langor by Ikea, in polyester and cotton, created by the Swedish designer Niina Aalto puts instead on the stage a love story depicting two lovers who can be together or apart approaching or moving away the two sides of the curtains.

Traditional style kitchens can also be embellished with curtains in warm colors, refined fantasies and with hand-decorated fabrics.

Tenda Langor Ikea
For a discrete effect, you can choose panel curtains with delicate decorations, as Aderblad by Ikea, made in polyester and with a decorative pattern in slight relief from the background which creates an elegant game of lights and shadows.

Colored floral patterns can instead complete perfectly the Provencal style kitchens.
The soft curtain with rings Ingmarie Ikea presents a delicate decoration with flowers in warm colors and enriched with fabrics in cotton and ramiè, a natural material that gives to the curtain a slightly irregular plot.

Tenda Aderblad Ikea
Furthermore, Ingmarie, can be mounted in a very simple way with a specific stick, exploiting both the rings and the hidden eyelets.

To make the curtain even more elegant, you can apply the hanging star Strala in bleached paper that filter the light and creates cozy and light lighting.

Tende ricamate a mano Belleri
Finally, to further enhance your kitchen and create a unique style detail you can choose hand-embroidered and customized curtains as those by Belleri, made of fine fabrics and decorated with elegant carvings.

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