Curtains to separate

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The curtains, in addition to being used to create atmosphere and to cover from the light, are also very useful to split open space and small environments.

Curtains to separate
Tiziana Loprete
Tiziana Loprete

Choose curtains to separate

The curtains can perform various functions in the sphere of our house. In addition to playing a decorative and aesthetic role by creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the curtains protect our privacy by preventing the view from the outside and are able to cover the rooms from light. One of the many practical functions of the curtains is also to separate and divide the space in a simple and above all economic way. Traditionally, in open spaces but also in normal apartments, spaces are divided by use of a low wall, raising a perforated plasterboard wall, or through a glass partition brick or tiles of colored glass, in case you want to give a touch of liveliness.

Tende Plisse Hortus Furniture All these solutions are optimal when the spaces to be managed are large and you have a good budget. However, when environments to be divided are very small, as in the case of a studio apartment or two rooms apartments, and you want to save from the economic point of view, the use of curtains to divide the space is without a doubt the ideal solution.

Thanks to the curtains, for example, you can get in a corner of the room to use as a storage room, a kitchenette or a useful walk-in closet and get even the closure of the mezzanine. In any case, the curtains represent a dividing element-looking light and impalpable as well as an important element of furniture, a real wall of fabric. Obviously the curtains partition should be chosen according to the style of furniture in the room where they are used.

The forms can be different: simple, panels, venetian, pleated or draped. Modern curtains and with minimalist lines, without embroidery and lace, for example, will go perfectly with contemporary styles and design. To get instead an extremely elegant, suited to classic style, you can opt for draped curtains, which provide an important aesthetic effect, especially for the play of colors created by the tissues. The drapery, then, can also be used to enrich and customize a modern room.

Curtain Dream Laupa2000 For ethnic or country-style environments, are ideal curtains in natural fabrics such as linen and cotton, maybe embellished with decorative laces. The pleated curtain, finally, halfway between the modern and the more classical solutions, offer a transparency effect with a very special play of light and color diffusion.

This type of curtain, in addition to possessing an undeniable elegance, it is at the same time very practical and easy to use and turns out to be appropriate for both liven up a classic-style room or to embellish a purely modern one.

Curtains to separate on the market

On the market, there are all kinds of curtains, able to satisfy every taste and need. Hortusarredo for example, offers Plissè, a curtain designed for all environments, public and domestic, and suitable to separate spaces. Very simple to install and very economical, it is available in different colors and it is equipped with manual packaging system. The curtain also has several features to guarantee extreme security, such as the ability to insert the side guides windproof, the wall mounts and fire-retardant fabric.

Tende Marzocchi provides a wide range of curtains both classic and modern style, to buy online, along with appropriate accessories such as magnets and buckles. All products are available in various colors and patterns.

If you are looking for unusual and innovative solutions, Laupa2000 offers the curtain Dream, which can be used in both its original purpose, namely to dress the windows, and as cheerful divider. With its bright and lively colors, Dream is a curtain especially suited for environments from with a contemporary and modern character, of lightweight construction, formed by a combination of floating organza ribbons of different length, 6.5 cm wide, can reach also a height of 300 cm.

Tende decorate, Tende Marzocchi The effect offered by Dream is innovative and special thanks to the combination of ribbons in different colors, twenty-four. For this, all the curtains Dream are tailored according to the needs of the customer, both as regards the colors and the size.

The curtain can also be washed in the washing machine, using programs suitable for delicate garments. All information regarding prices and conditions for the implementation of the size are available on the company's website.

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