Cushions for sofas: a decorative touch in the house

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If studied in detail and combined with graphics and special fabrics, pillows are able to change things and reading corner in the living room.

Cushions for sofas: a decorative touch in the house
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Relaxation and comfort in the living room

The living room is the place of the house par excellence dedicated to relaxation; couches, sofas and armchairs decorate the sitting room, and often are used in different ways depending on the time of day. One of the strengths of these pieces of furnishing are the pillows.
Born as a support for the head, in the living room it acquires different powers, becoming a decorative element during the day and offering increased comfort if necessary.

Pillows for the conversation corner

Choosing the pillows for the sofa is a little like deciding which accessories match with a beautiful dress. Although it seems simple, in reality it is not. Because the pillows have the power to modify the aesthetics of a room giving, according to the fabric, to graphics and form, a very different idea.

This is a great advantage when the space in which there is the sofa, or more in general the area of conversation, is neutral. Only changing a few pieces, you get a different effect.
People who have a different outfit for their house depending on the season know this well. Stripes, colors inspired by the sea, or even Christmas graphics and patterns.
But you don't need only fixed appointments to change look to the couch.

Choosing the right pillow

The reasons why we add a cushion in a seat are many: to embellish, to decorate, to increase comfort. The latter is a good method, especially if the sofa is used as a reading area, daybed or nap corner.

cuscini da divano Maisons du Monde
A good pillow that supports your head and bring comfort to your back when sitting in a regular way, is what it takes.

Aesthetic power to the pillow!

The modern pillows have immense power. Necessary on occasion, it is perfectly suited to personal tastes and different styles that each of us has at home.
For this, many shops offer long lists of products in this section, embracing modern styles, Shabby chic and sometimes in full color.

Yes, color! Even in minimal and rigorous spaces, often the pillow is different and colored with bright tones. It is sometimes one of the only objects in which one indulges and even with some humor. But at times they also vary depending on the type of room. Soft colors predominate in the living room, but often accompanied by graphics in different style.

If the living room is decorated in Shabby chic style, pillows will be in light colors, matching fabrics and romantic patterns, with mignon elements and pleasant altogether, often combined with the style of the lamps. For a mini apartment, modern and for a couple who have little space, sometimes the sofa is a sofa bed, to open at night.

This saves space, but in this case the cushions are mixed with real night pillow. To have a pleasant and organized effect, shapes and graphics can be matched, also through the use of pillowcases of different shapes.

Cushions for the living room to match the fabrics in the house

The trend in the choice of the pillow for the sofa is to match the fabrics with the rest of the house. A classic are the curtains: using combinations, shades, gradations, which recall the curtains and their aesthetics, not so much in the graphic, as in color.

This is why many pillows on sale even online, from Nordic brands, have often soft colors, also multiple, but with a basic neutral color, easily reconcilable with the colors of the curtains that one usually has at home.

Cuscini da relax Nobodinoz
The choice of mixing but with shades is also to give the idea of a study on the prevalent color palette, which gives at a glance a feeling of order and systematic style of the house.

Not only curtains, though! Often pillows can also be designed with fabrics that recall other pieces of furniture and household included in the living room.

Magazines racks, ottomans, chairs, where, even for smaller size, you can indulge with more fanciful graphics. Very common are those inspired by the cinema, the symbols of the city and modern patterns, which on a large items may be out of tune.

Pillows with applique decoration

Not only the graphics have the power to furnish: a pillow can be very decorative for the couch, also thanks to additional applications which often these objects have, and which make them modern and funny, as well, especially when it comes to brand from Scandinavia, design.

In this case, better to opt for a small number, with the classic dimensions, square, which are around 45 cm per side. In this case simply put two or three at the sides and move them where necessary.

The arrangement of cushions seems to be random but is not

The pillows on the couch always seem randomly arranged, but if you notice, every time you reorder them, you think about it! The arrangement of the pillows on the sofa should go hand in hand with the choice of colors and graphics.

Cuscini Shabby chic
Not for everyone is enough to just pick one, but overall the final result must be homogeneous. So green light to color combinations and solid color combined with graphic effects, as long as they have a common denominator.

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