Design coat hangers

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The coat rack can make a difference in an environment. It can give refinement and character to even the most anonymous space.

Design coat hangers
Arch. Caterina Scamardella
Arch. Caterina Scamardella

The design coat hanger improves the room

In the past, the coat rack was very neglected and destined to the background but, over time, has acquired its own important place when it comes to interior design. And it has done so in order to become in some cases the undisputed protagonist of the spaces it is used.

Coat-hangers-can-liven-up- kartell-high-voltage-space

Coat-hangers-can-liven-up- kartell-high-voltage-space

Coat-hangers-can-liven-up- kartell-high-voltage-space







There are various types, floor and wall, storage, multifunction, with or without mirror.

Let's do a quick overview of some of the most popular coat hangers and let's see on the basis of which parameters to choose the one that's right for us.

How to choose the right coat rack?

First of all, in order to choose the right coat rack, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the style of your home, so that this element becomes the protagonist without disrupting everything else. Style and color palette, in fact, must guide each of our selection of furnishings and accessories.

The evaluation then moves on to the space available. If you don't have much, you will obviously opt for reduced solutions, mostly on the wall, or even from the ground but multitasking, in order to optimize space.

In this case, for example, you can opt for a coat rack, which is both open or closed coat hanger, container, empty pocket, hatbox, mirror and so on.

Regarding the choice of open / closed, a lot depends on us, on how we prefer to organize the clothes to put away.
Recently I happened to design a custom-made coat hanger for an entrance and of the two proposed solutions the customer chose the closed one because, he said, open hangers give him a sense of disorder.

Famous design coat hangers

Over time, designers and manufacturers have indulged themselves around this piece of furniture that has become a real design object.

Appendiabiti Nymphenburg - foto credit / Elias HassosNymphenburg coat rack - photo credit / Elias Hassos

Some have become cult objects, such as the Nymphenburg coat hanger, designed in 1908 by Otto Blümel. It is a classic example of the Jugendstil current, the corresponding German current of Art Nouveau.

This model does not take up the most convoluted decorative aspects, but has simpler and more minimal lines.

It is made of nickel-coated brass, is 1.80 m high and is still one of the flagship items of the Classicon company today.

Design floor coat rack

In addition to the one already mentioned, there are many older and more recent floor hangers that can embellish our rooms.

Among these is the witty Cactus coat rack by Gufram. Designed by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello in 1972, of the Seventies represents color and spirit well.
With this design object, the two have reinterpreted the static and rigid image of the coat rack, inserting an outdoor element such as a cactus inside the living spaces. It is the landscape that enters inside and gives it a different image.

Appendiabiti di design Cactus di GuframCactus design coat rack by Gufram

Since its first edition there have been new reinterpretations that have absorbed the colors and styles of the moment over time. For example, the white version is from 2007, while in 2010 the red and black versions were introduced.

Cactus has become so iconic that it is in the permanent exhibitions of important contemporary art museums, such as the MUDE in Lisbon, the ADAM - Brussels Design Museum - in Brussels and, finally, the Beyeler Foundation in Basel.

A floor hanger from Compasso d'Oro

Another highlight of Italian design is Kartell's High Voltage coat stand, designed by Enzo Mari in 1996. The project, among other things, was also nominated for the Compasso d'Oro ADI in 1998.

Alta Tensione, attaccapanni di KartellHigh Voltage, coat hanger by Kartell

It has an aluminum structure and terminals consisting of caps of different colors.
The caps are in scratch-resistant painted colored PMMA. The height of this coat rack is 1.70 cm for a diameter of only 40 cm.

Design wall coat hanger

Wall hangers are particularly suitable when there is little space available and you want to make the most of it, optimizing it.

Attaccapanni di design Hang it all di VitraVitra Hang it all design coat rack

Among the design wall hangers there is Hang it all produced by Vitra.
It was designed by Ray Eames in 1912 and is still among the most popular today.

Suitable for a pop style, it consists of colored wooden balls mounted on metal hooks. It has a certain capacity thanks to the fact that there are 14 hooks available.

On the occasion of the centenary, in 2012, versions were made with fresh colors, natural wood and black.

Attaccapanni da parete Dots di MuutoDots wall coat rack by Muuto

Another must have are the Dots by Muuto, wooden hooks in the shape of flattened spheres of various sizes and colors. They are a very fun way to animate environments, mixing different colors or giving a more refined character to the composition thanks to the combination with Dots Ceramic and Dots Metal.

In addition to the originals, there are various imitations from various brands that allow us to obtain a similar result but at a lower cost.

A coat rack for each room

Among those proposed there are different solutions suitable for various places, but in the following I propose some that I have selected for a specific environment, thanks to their functionality and their particular characteristics.

Modern hall hanger

A multifunctional solution suitable for an elegant entrance is Vista by Natuzzi Spa, designed by Claudio Bellini. It is a piece of furniture that contains a wardrobe, an exposed hanger, a mirror and a very comfortable chest of drawers for smaller items.

Attaccapanni Vista di Natuzzi ItaliaVista coat stand by Natuzzi Italia

The structure is enriched with solid wood details finished in walnut and details in leather and brushed metal.

Hanger for bedroom

Continuum by Natevo, designed by Matteo Nunziati, is an excellent coat hanger solution for a bedroom.

Appendiabiti Continuum di NatevoContinuum coat hanger by Natevo

It is both a mirror and a valet stand. Furthermore, there are two variants. In the first there are small drawers arranged on the side of the mirror, while in the second there are a coat hanger and a tray for emptying pockets. It does not end there, because this elegant piece of furniture also contains an LED that can also be controlled remotely.

Hang it all di VitraHang it all by Vitra

If the bedroom is made by Hang or Dots, which I mentioned earlier, these are the most suitable solution for their simplicity and liveliness.

Design coat stand for office

In an office it is good to place a free floor coat hanger, which can be easily moved given the flexibility often required by these environments.

However, the entrance to an office must make a good first impression on the customers who enter it. It is good, therefore, for the image of the company that this space is well equipped even with furniture of a certain thickness.

Sideview di CaccaroSideview by Caccaro

Sideview by CACCARO, designed by Monica Graffeo, is an entrance furniture that has a coat hanger on one side and a cupboard on the other. Suitable for all environments but particularly in an office, it can also act as a partition between the reception and a first work space.

The beauty of this furniture is given by its sinuous lines and the variety of finishes in which it can be available.

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