Design inspired by nature

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Between design and nature there is a constant exchange. Furniture and furnishings draw from the vegetation and landscapes. Leaves, flowers and wood become protagonists.

Design inspired by nature
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Nature as the muse of designers

cuscini tributo alla natura di pam weinstock
The force of nature, perfect, wild and unspoiled, has many followers, not least the creative spirits who can grasp the essence and its spectacular character. The designers, in fact, have repeatedly demonstrated their talent by creating objects or creating art projects related to nature.

chair birch From this suggestion were born many tributes to the beauty of the landscapes (often admired and then reported on fabrics and furnishings) or the beauty of vegetation, that changes appearance depending on the season, taking on more reflections on or turning yellow like the leaves of the trees in autumn.

Nature thus remains a world of infinite possibilities, ready to be copied and reworked by artists. The result of many experiments, in different directions, is the massive number of proposals for design-realized to be inserted in the house, but inspired by nature.

The charm of wood: experimental design

arredamento da esterno ispirato alla natura, bleu nature
Many designers have made of nature the heart of their work, such as Bleu Nature, a reality that was born from the work of Frank Lefebvre based on a natural raw material: wood.

paravento ispirato alla natura Since 1995, his mission is to bring nature into the internal spaces and contemporary. Today Bleu Nature is among the leaders in the design of wooden furniture.

His work is structured on research of different kinds of wood, their transformation and production, as the final step, the items of furniture and biological hybrid.

The Outdoor Outline collection is dedicated to the creation of objects in wood and steel designed for relaxation, in this case in the open air.

tavolino ispirato alla natura Sofas and armchairs seem to recreate a sort of nest postmodern thought to welcome and relax.

A netting of branches form a whole between the backrest and coverage, effective to create light and shelter from the sun's rays, blending with the vegetation outside.

The collection for outdoor consists of tables, chairs, sofas and very stylish and natural couches, as the materials used.

Great is also the shield Tikibaq in stainless steel and lacquered wood proposed in this collection that draws a set of branches.

Also interesting is the table - pouf Crusoe made of transparent acrylic with sections of wood inside.

Leaves as seats

divano a forma di foglia
Very charming collection of sofas and armchairs Foglie designed by Alida Cappellini and Giovanni Licheri. The seats Sicis take inspiration and make a faithful homage to the characteristics of different plants: red maple, walnut, birch, oak and magnolia.

tavolo in forma di noce
Gloss, deep green or red vibrant are the elements that characterize every single seat. The leaves have created a kind of still life and, in spite of its name, show great liveliness and warmth to those who choose to place them in their own house.

Admiring and touching them, the feeling is that of being truly immersed in a shady and fragrant secular garden.

A part of the collection, a series of tables of design that make the objects true masterpieces of the field of luxury amenities, and therefore often inserted in the furnishing of facilities related to the hospitality, hotel and showroom.

Nature in the house thanks to the design

tavolo ispirato alla natura Modern materials and vegetation outside seem to get closer in the table created by Emily Wettstein.

Here wood and metal of the table leave a space for the installation of a sort of transparent planter that houses a real green plant.

The project seems to have also the importance of bringing to the table the products of the earth, giving a reflection both on experiments performed on that inspirational message.

Landscapes and gardens: images of nature on fabric

poltrona ispirata al paesaggio montano
The sofa Montanara by Gaetano Pesce has a visible peculiarity: its lining, cotton digitally printed, depicts a mountain landscape characterized by snowy peaks, ice and water surfaces.

The image looks like a painting, a photograph or even better given the likelihood.

divano joie de vivre di pam weinstock
This model, definitely unconventional both in its shape almost rocky and for the pattern used, pays homage to the spectacular landscape of winter.

With all its majesty, seems almost a reality in motion, like the gushes of water that flow from the rock.

Inspiration is somewhat similar to the first furniture collection by Pam Weinstock entitled All roads lead home.

Hibernazione, Joie de Vivre and Reawaken are the three subjects photographed and transported on fabric to decorate the sofas and armchair that are part of the trilogy.

At the base of the collection is a story that traces the evolution of the artist in time, with the passing of the seasons. The trees change, bloom, are emptied and take sunlight: beautiful and very scenic solutions for interior design.

Vertical Garden

And to finish the digression between design and nature and mutual contamination, we offer another idea with a very strong impact and high rate of originality: MOSS Wall®.

giardino verticale in casa moss wall
The need to experiment with new ways to introduce the nature, also in the house, brought the designer Stefano Laprocina to employ a natural material, stabilized moss, as a coating of any surface indoors. MOSS Wall® is patented and distributed by Verde Profilo.

Made in Italy and produced respecting the environment, is a revolutionary solution because it does not limit the creativity and gives no maintenance problems.

Originally used in the creation of MOSStile®, ecological resin tiles covered with stabilized moss thought for the realization of indoor vertical gardens, moss covered MDF panels, taylored cut and easy to lay with screws, clips or glue.

The application of MOSS on a more ductile support therefore pioneered MOSS Wall®, the new generation of customizable indoor vertical gardens in shape, size and color.

Once installed, the vertical garden requires no maintenance and is kept intact over the years in all environments with a minimum rate of humidity of 40%.

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