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The radiators: objects that were once only functional are now the testing ground of the most creative designers and a must have for a furnishing of sucess!

Design radiators
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

The heated towel rails: a cult that can not be waived

The home fashion as for clothing is evolving. Objects that once had a reason for being only by virtue of their functionality, have now become the testing ground for the most creative designers and a must have for the realization of a furniture of sucess.

This is the case of radiators, heating elements in different shapes that have supplanted the old cast iron radiators, heavy, subject to wear and definitely not very pleasing to the eye.

radiatore Cross Brem
The modern radiators are innovative both in form, both in size and materials used: from aluminum to steel, from wood to veneer stone.

The operation of the radiators can be mixed; water-filled radiators, normally connected with the heating system independent or centralized, can also be equipped with an electrical resistance and a thermostat with timer for switching on and off automatically.

Also the installation is variable: the cutting edge radiators, in addition to the traditional wall mounting, in parallel to the wall, may also have a flag attachment, that is perpendicular to the wall, or freestanding assuming in this case also the function of room divider.

Radiators as works of art

In modern radiators aesthetic conformation starts from classical art forms until you get to the function that hide behind the heating elements that could be well placed in an art gallery or a museum of contemporary art.
The study of innovative tools, research associate of contemporary art, has enabled the company Brem to make products that decorate and characterize the everyday spaces.

radiatore Strop di Brem'Art
Real works of art inspired by the paintings of the French artist Jean Dubuffet, by the Spaniard Antoni Tàpies, without neglecting some trick of the Italian Alberto Burri.
The line is characterized by power of expression, where the material is mixed with the functional structure of the radiators.

Raffaele Cioffi, Stefano Soddu, Ettore Muskets, Steven Lavagna, Mario De Leo, are the artists called for the creation of the new line Brem'Art.

Inspired by the moon, by nature, by universe, by volcanoes and by the light, using special inks resistant to high temperatures, stainless steel panels and predominant colors, these artists express with great connotation and personality the new conception of the heater.

From an intuition of Steven Cavagna was created Strop: a large rectangle steel irregular surface like a wrinkled fabric, on which the light bounces create unexpected and variable game.

Strop is part of the series of designer radiators signed by Brem'Art; it is available in many colors and versions with a height of 180, 200 or 220 cm, and variable widths from 35 to 70 cm.

radiatori collezione Cinier di Brem'Art
By the same brand we include also the collection Cinier, developed in collaboration with Michel Cinier. He marked a revolution in the world of heating, inventing stone Olycale.
We speak of a stone from the Pyrenees crushed and then rebuilt to contain copper pipes, conductors of hot water or electric probes, so as to radiate heat uniformly through the stone.
Each piece is different because handmade, carved, shaped and finished with natural pigments.
Some models are numbered and signed, just like real works of art!

Design radiators for a trendy home

He and she, stylized silhouettes, funny and original. Apparently a sort of contemporary sculptures, actually Oreste and Emma are the pair of radiators that Andrea Crosetta conceived for Antrax .

radiatori Oreste ed Emma, Antrax
Made of sheet steel, they are particularly suitable for installation in bath area and inside public places. Apart from the radiator function, the two models can adequately perform the function of bathrobes or towel heaters.

They are available with heating system with hot water, and electrical.

radiatore Blade Antrax
Again by Antrax is the minimal design proposal inspired by nature, science and the works of the great artist Lucio Fontana.
Let's talk about Blade, a product designed to solve the technical problem of the radiator fixing in confined spaces; its main features are the extreme functionality combined with a refined and unusual appearance.

It is connected to the heating system completely camouflaged, in order to be visually only one element of great furniture. It can also be used as a towel heater, with the addition of the chrome handle, Blade is available in different shades of color.

radiatore Milan Tubs
Serpentine forms characterize the radiator Milan by Tubs: a radiator with free installation, characterized by a sinuous and sculptural body available in black and in the new coated steel transparent finish.

Projected in wall, floor or ceiling version, in different sizes, operating by water, electric and mixed.

radiatore elettrico scaletta, di Tubs The latest born at Tubs home is Scaletta, one electric towel with an iconic shape that does not need much explanation!

Far from the traditional shapes of the radiato0sr, Scaletta lends itself to be placed in any environment, since it does not require an installation.

This cute electric radiator is made of aluminum and is available in two versions wall and freestanding, both equipped by a pulley that wraps around the cable.

Scaletta can be enriched with a number of optional accessories, such as hangers and sponge holder.

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